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Cblogs of 02/08/13 and Mangasms


Well hello there again, boys and ghouls!

It's been a long time since I did this thing. And it might be a bit confusing now that we have another MAN who does GASMS. But I was the first Man to ever gasm, and hopefully some of you remember me.

I am here to take over for Phil temporarily until he gets things straightened out with the greatest video game of them all; real life. I left for similar reasons early this year, and it has been a long haul to get things straightened out to the point where I felt comfortable gaming, blogging, and capping again. Sometimes life throws lemons at your face and the only way to stop it is to catch them in your mouth and spit them back, or something. I wish life was just me playing video games all the time and nothing else, but there are distractions abound, like pooping, and raising children. It's tough out there.

I'll be covering today and tomorrow's caps so I hope you don't mind dealing with me for awhile while I GUSH over how amazing Shadowrun Returns is.

I just beat the main campaign last night, with my wife by my side as a witness. The storyline is the main attraction, and I clocked in at around 14 hours of play before the credits finally rolled. It has taken some people less time, some more, but the general consensus is that the game is short; but brevity is the soul of wit. And what the game does deliver in terms of characters and plot is fantastic. My only gripe would be the someone abrupt way in which it concludes. I had really come to love some of the more ancillary background characters, making sure to frequently converse with them whenever I had a chance, and there was no opportunity to follow up with my favorites at the end.

It's interesting because for a game that offers so many dialogue choices, yet which has such little impact on the actual direction of the very linear story, I felt more immersed from a roleplaying perspective than any game that throws in the "moral choice" thing and reflects the result of my interactions within the core mechanics. The dialogue is almost purely designated as fluff apart from some instances where you can gain more karma for choosing the "right" option, but I found myself wrestling with the choices regardless, just because I wanted to accurately represent the character I had molded over the course of my adventure. The game relies exclusively on the fact that you, as the player, will be invested in the story; and if you aren't, if you skip dialogue, and if roleplaying doesn't matter to you in the slightest, it will be a disappointing experience for you. But for me, it's the best RPG I've played in years, and I've already dived headfirst into the user created content.

Which, to be honest, is already pithy in comparison to the main scenario. It's fun, don't get me wrong; Life on a Limb has some decent dialogue, but the fact that it plays more like an open world game in a sense, with seemingly random encounters for no real reason, some decent exploration, actually hurts the overall experience rather than helping it. The diamond bullet of focus that was Dead Man's Switch is what makes the Shadowrun system such a unique one, and really, one of the ONLY RPG's out there that accurately emulates the feeling of playing a pen and paper RPG.

I won't say too much more, because I am writing a thing about it. But it's a great experience so far, and I'm happy I dove into it.

Also, there is a new Rise of a Triad. It's a thing that just happened. And if you like FPS games like DOOM, you will probably love it as much as I do.

Onto the caps.

* - Awesome blog is awesome. Let's see more INSPIRATION and less FRUSTRATION. In other words, burn all copies of Colonial Marines for fuck sakes, that game is turd.

* - This is the best part of a community like Destructoid. We may not always agree with eachother, we may have conflicting opinions; but when someone is in need, it's all about real people coming together and giving a helping hand. We can't all be winning all the time, and sometimes we need a little help back onto our feet. Godspeed, buddy, and thanks to everyone who helped the man out. You guys are gold.

A - Some ponderings on the potential of Limbo to do stuff what smart people like.

A - It's really hard for me to completely dislike Phil Fish. The guy definitely has balls. But this exchange itself is quickly becoming a tired subject.

A - An argument in favor of Nintendo buying Atlus...probably not gonna happen.

F - The Friday Night Fights Banner? Yeah, it's kind of a big deal. Get in on it now while you are still able too!

F - FNF is a thing that happened! Get the DeLorean ready if you wanna get in on last nights action! I played Rise of the Triad with Andy Dixon for about five minutes before I had to go make sleepy time.

F - More FNF!


T - A retrospective on Half-Life 2. Sifting through backlogs has become a meta game for lots of people, it seems.

T - The best thing about games is that we can have all types, without one type necessarily threatening another. I'm glad to see variety, even if I prefer some genres over others.

$ - UK Releases and Bargains. Save some money you blimey old chaps! Crikey! Shrimp on the barby and wot other stereotypes, innit?

C - To be fair, I guess it would be tough to write an entire blog about D-Pads. But then again, there are a lot of D-Pads out there, and now I'm curious to see a fleshed out version of this ultrashort blog.

R - An interesting, if somewhat rushed blog about the cultural influence on games. (If you won't even look up the proper spelling of someones name out of "laziness", you should probably reconsider posting when you have a little more time to flesh out your ideas, in my opinion.)

R - PopetheRevXXVIII talks about, well...a ton of different stuff. Wrestlings! Animu! Vidya Games!

F - Honestly, I have no idea.

S - Hooray.

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