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Cblogs of 01/31/13 + Long live the king!-isms


In a bit of news that is unlikely to interest anyone but myself (but I like telling you about this stuff regardless), last Monday Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced her abdication from the throne as per next April.

Beatrix addressing the nation last Monday

On April 30th, ďKoninginnedagĒ (ďQueenís DayĒ), she will hand over her royal duties to the current crown prince Willem-Alexander, who will become the first king of the Netherlands in over 120 years. (The husband of the queen is called a ďprinceĒ, assumedly to emphasize that the queen is the monarch rather than her husband). His wife MŠxima, who won the hearts of the Dutch people at an extraordinary rate back in 2001 (it was the smile), will become queen but will not have any official duties like Beatrix had. Their first-born daughter, princess Catharina-Amalia, will become crown princess. Finally, as of next year Queenís Day will be redated and redubbed ďKingís DayĒ.

Itís a strange thing to see Beatrix go. See has been on the throne for exactly 33 years when her abdication date comes around, so she has literally longer been queen than I have been alive. Since we are a constitutional monarchy, the queen holds little political power (note that I say ďlittleĒ, not ďnoĒ, she does do a few important things), but to me she is a symbol, and a valuable one at that. She has been there for us through good times and bad, has always had a good head on her shoulders and unites us in a way that a President could never hope to match. Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau is the Netherlands. Sheís the Dutch people and the Dutch culture. Sheís all of us.

Fortunately, she chose the best possible date to abdicate. Today was her 75th birthday, and on top of that 2013 marks the 200-year anniversary of the Netherlands becoming a kingdom after gaining our independence from Napoleonís France. Finally, I have all the faith that our new king will perform his duties, both political and symbolic, admirably. So to close this topic off Iím going to say a line that I donít believe any of you have ever heard said legitimately. Youíll have heard it in fantasy movies or video games, and perhaps you have said it ironically to your boss or your parents at one point or another. But Iím going to say it now in all seriousness:

Long live the king.

Okay, so itís not actually anywhere near this awesome.

With that little tidbit of news out of the way: video games. The past week Iíve been spending lots of time with my WiiU, and weíre quickly becoming the best of friends. Whereas last week my options were limited to demos and Nintendo Land, now Iíve been able to play some actual games, which is good. To be fair though, those demos were all fantastic and Nintendo Land is surprisingly fun in short bursts.

The two games I got with my WiiU are New Super Mario Bros. U and Darksiders II, both of which Iíve been playing quite a lot of. What I find most interesting about these games is the different ways they make me feel about the GamePad. Both can be played off-TV, but Iíve found that it doesnít really work for Darksiders. And yet I actually prefer playing Mario on the controller, because youíre much closer to the action and can judge jumps more accurately. Which, to my surprise, you actually need. Itís not the most difficult game Iíve ever seen, but it still offers a decent challenge, and having the game in your hands actually gives you a nice little advantage. Props to Nintendo for that. Thereís some clever level design in here too, as well as nice new powerups, and it says something about the strengths of WiiU that, in a sense, theyíre best experienced on the controller.

Thomas knows what heís talking about

Darksiders on the controller doesnít work as well, I find. Itís a more mature game, and much more epic in scale, and I donít feel that translates very well to the GamePad. You do lose out a little bit of you canít play this on a TV. Luckily, I donít share my TV with anyone, so playing it on the GamePad was more of an experiment than anything in the first place. I do like that it gives you the option to keep it simple. You can opt to have some of the more important menus on the GamePad, and honestly thatís all I need, although I do wish you could turn off the on-screen minimap. For some reason thatís still there despite the fact that you have the option of having the map on the controller; not sure what thatís about.

Other than that Iíve been really enjoying the game. Deathís a nice character, thereís good exploration (to the point that from the get-go I could already reach an optional boss I had no chance of beating yet; havenít seen that since Xenoblade), the item system is a neat little addition to the formula and the combat is at the very least decent. As far as graphics go, my roommate tells me that itís not all that, but I honestly wouldnít know, because ďgraphicsĒ do little for me. The gameís got good character design and art direction, and I donít give a shit about anything else. It couldíve run on Gamecube and I wouldíve been fine with it. But for what itís worth, the game does look good to me. Finally, so far Iím getting the sneaking suspicion that Darksiders II wonít feature the angels and stuff, which would be a huge shame because I loved them in the original. Hopefully Iím wrong and theyíll show up later somehow. At least I hope to see other characters than the Makers, because all the cool races and characters and the design on these guys is definitely where the Darksiders IP shines.

Pictured: Character design. But mostly boobs.

So thatís it for my time with the WiiU. My belief that itís a very solid console stands more than ever. Right now Iím still considering buying a few more games, either retail or smaller downloadable games on the eShop: mostly, Iím thinking about Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed, ZombiU, Mighty Switch Force and Trine 2: Directorís Cut. Iím especially surprised by how much I like the Sonic demo. SEGA characters have never been my bread and butter, but the racing actually feels much more fun to me than Mario Kart has in a long time. I think itís really the emphasis on actual racing, rather than hoping that you get lucky with items, that serves to make this game much more fun than I thought itíd be. The fact that you get to play as Vyse and Wreck-it Ralph may very well be the final nudge I need for the purchase (although what the hell is up with including Danica Patrick? Oh. Right. Well never mind then). If anyoneís got opinions on this game, by all means share them, because Iím still a little on the fence. The same goes for the other titles, actually. Shoot!

* - After yesterday's heartfelt blog, it turns out that Tiger isn't the only one Nanbu lost recently. Today Nanbu remembers her best friend through Mega Man, Dragonball Z and more; the bond between the two survived even Mario Kart. Our deepest condolences once again.

* - DerangedGamer put a lot of work into a blog on that sweetest of feelings, love.

* - Strider continues his series on the Pokťmon metagame, this time talking about the big changes of Diamond and Pearl: the physical/special split for individual moves, and Stealth Rock.

* - In his latest Community Chat, Phil hates racism, and the Dutch. It's okay, I know he does these things just to spite me, dirty American that he is.

M - This man speaks common sense: sex in video games should be done meaningfully, rather than being pure titillation....I say after shamelessly posting Darksiders boobs.

P - Pancake Space Marine is the new Super Meat Boy. You heard it first at the Scary Granules Podcast!

A - Panza looks back on the Aliens vs. Predator game series. For the record: Predators > Aliens.

S - A look at the Collector's Editions of Borderlands 2, Black Ops 2 and Dark Souls. There's cool stuff in here, so check it out!

A - Does English have a term for "luxeprobleem" (lit. "luxury problem")? It's like "first world problem", but less mean-spirited and more serious; a legitimate problem arising from a luxury situation. I ask this because having so many games and consoles that it's impossible to keep up (mentally and financially) sounds like one to me.

Holy shit! 0.0
This is the future king wielding a bow and arrow and looking fucking badass while doing it. Well I'll be damned, maybe he is that awesome after all! Top that, Obama!

C - Everyone's favorite....vampire, I guess? Werewolf? I don't know, it's not very clear. Either way, he listed some blogs that definitely exist, and exist hard.

C - Pixielated doesn't feel too well, talks bad behind GameStop's back, and appreciates the Dtoid response to her recent promoted blog. I was very relieved about that last one too.

F - Well what are the odds? Just a week after I finished my quest through Studio Ghibli, Swishiee of the PC Friday Night Fights also decides to dive deeper into it.

T - Groupthink claimed another victim. Fortunately, moblin managed to turn it around and now sees EA's positive side.

R - A mini review for a mini game. Proteus is good, but short.

T - Before there was Darksiders, there was already Death. Back then, he was called Manuel Calavera. Barricus makes the case for Grim Fandango's artistic merit.

R - Make your "Warfighter" jokes here; lordscar reviews the latest Medal of Honor, and came out disappointed.

S - BRB, stealing that Kristen Schaal door sign.

A - How did the monkey cross the lake? Well, he used bubblegum and a Loch Ness monster, obviously. The drawing by MeanderBot shows us exactly how they do it Earthbound style.

V - One day I will know what to think of these. One day...

F - You don't like annoying ads cluttering your page, I don't like annoying five-line blogs cluttering my page. See how that works?

S - We got this up on the front page. Either way, February 20th's going to be interesting, I bet.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

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