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Cblogs of 01/23/14 + Oberon the Sylveon-isms


Sorry for being a tad on the late side, everyone. I was busy. Busy playing VIDEO GAMES, that is! After all this time, Iím finally done with all of my schoolwork, at least for the moment. I only have to make some minor adjustments to one final paper and after that Iím going to have a week of FREEDUMZ again, followed by a semester that by all accounts will be far less exhausting than the one I just finished. Itís easy to see why.

At any rate, finalizing my last few papers didnít come a moment too soon, because I bought myself a new game for my nice shiny 3DS I told you about a few weeks ago. By now I beat Super Mario 3D Land and Iím nearing the end of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, so it was high time to get myself my first physical game. In a move that surely wonít come back to bite me in the ass something fierce in a couple of weeks, I went for the most addicting game I could find: Pokťmon X.

I donít have hugely sophisticated reasons for choosing X over Y. Considering how easy it has become to trade Pokťmon over the Internet, the differences between the two version are more minimal than ever. Hell, I only have to capture a Ditto somewhere down the line and I could easily breed a spare Fennekin so I can trade him for a Chespin and/or a Froakie. Nonetheless, Pokťmon X was the version that had Houndoom in it, which I havenít seen in ages but always liked, it is the version with the badass Charizard X, and itís the version that has a crab with a giant fuck-off canon for an arm. More than anything, though, it is the version with the Legendary deer Pokťmon that got me to watch the Studio Ghibli films about a year ago, and seeing how much I loved those, I figured I owed Xerneas one. So might as well catch him, right?! That seems fair.

At any rate, Iíve been playing this game for about 12-ish hours now, and Iím totally in love with it. I chose Fennekin as my starter because of course I did as heís the best Fire-starter in ages. I promptly named him Mithrandir, under the assumption that if heís going to turn into a badass wizard somewhere down the line, he might as well turn into the badass wizard. The rest of my team is still mostly undetermined. At one point I was considering taking JoyfulSanityís advice to play through the entire game with an entire team of Eeveelutions, but ultimately decided against it. Part of the fun for me in playing Pokťmon games is the whole teambuilding aspect of it. I want to play through the game catching new Pokťmon where I go and building my team out of new and exciting creatures I just so happen to meet. So if I come across a cutesy liíl Tyrannosaurus whoíll turn into a badass Rock/Dragon dinosaur, you bet your ass Iím taking it with me! Getting six Eeveelutions, which you can do rather early, before the second gym even, would kind of spoil the fun for me. Although Iím sure that after Iíve beaten the game ďlegitĒ Iím definitely raising myself a Team Eevee just to show that I can.

So, what does my team look like now?
- First of all, like Iíve said, thereís Mithrandir the Braixen (but close to evolving into Delphox). Heís been holding his own pretty well, but I canít wait until he evolves so he can finally make decent use of that Psybeam heís been sitting on for a while now.

- Secondly, thereís a Sylveon. Because while I might not feel like making an all-Eevee team just yet, thereís no way in hell Iím playing through the game without at least one Eeveelution on my team. Sylveon, being the new addition and seeming a very decent Pokťmon of the new Fairy type, seemed like the obvious choice. Also, you can high-five Sylveon in Pokťmon-Amie. It is the best thing. Since he is a male I named him ďOberonĒ, because if heís going to be a Fairy, he might as well be the king of the Fairies. (Had he been female, I wouldíve named it Titania)

- Third, thereís a Honedge nicknamed Glamdring (spotting a theme?). I liked him because heís a badass ghost-sword thing, learning all sorts of appropriate slashing moves. Plus, heís going to turn into a ghost sword-and-shield which can switch on the fly between being a defensive wall and an offensive powerhouse. Canít go wrong there!

- Finally, thereís a Tyrunt, which is the cutesy liíl Tyrannosaurus I mentioned before. I donít have a nickname for him, unfortunately, but by the time he finally evolves Iím sure I will have thought of something. Iím not entirely sure WHY exactly Iím bringing him along, but heís still a cool Dragon type so I figured there was no reason not to. I donít know, this spot may be given to something else if it turns out he canít hold his own.

The other two spots are still completely up for grabs. Right now theyíre being filled up by an Ivysaur (I choose Bulbasaur as my second ďstarterĒ purely for nostalgic reasons; the original Pokťmon Red was my first game ever, and I chose Bulbasaur as my starter back then as well. We go way back), who is still doing a very decent job, but it kind of feels like cheating to have two starter Pokťmon in my party at the same time. His spot will probably be given to someone else, although Iím not sure what yet. But like I said, thatís part of the fun! And thereís a Gyarados, who at the moment is basically just filling up space. At this point, I would still like to have a Fighting type added to the group, but I havenít come across any particularly worthy ones yet. Lucario is usually a safe bet, but I already used a Lucario during my Black 2 playthrough, so Iíd like to switch it up. Someone who can make good use of Earthquake is also very welcome at this point, as is an Electric type as are many other things, come to think of it.

At any rate, itís safe to say that Iíve been enjoying my time in Kalos a heck of a lot. I donít know why, but seeing all those Pokťmon fully modeled makes the game come to life much more than the sprites of old. While they had their charm too, they just donít hold up anymore. Also you can high-five Sylveon now. Iím not that far into the game yet, as Iím standing right in front of the third Gym, but I can already tell that Iím in for some great Pokťmonning goodness in the next couple dozen hours itís going to take me to beat the Elite Four. And who know, maybe Iíll even start to play Pokťmon X moderately competitively once Iím finished. Iíve never done that before, but since trading and EV-training has been made so much easier now, maybe Iíll take a shot at me.

Look out Pokťmon trainers of the world; Oberon the Sylveon is going to fuck you up.

* - While the riot grrrl movement was before my time, Adam McDonald writes a great blog on it and how we're starting to see some of the movements in video games as well.

* - The Cblogs are about to get a hell of a lot weirder. Occam's is our new Cblog manager! Hooray and congratulations!

* - Lord Spencer offers a lengthy but well made analysis of Nintendo's current position.

A - When video game publishers and developers are giving you shit, start voting with your wallet.

P - Go For Rainbow interviews the guy who did the Team Fortress 2 Sniper, so have a listen!

A - AND Go For Rainbow is interviewing Ellen McLain of Portal fame, so ask your questions!

R - A quick review for GTA V.

V - Finally, here is more help on coding.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

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