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Cblogs of 01/03/13 + First 2013 Shadeisms!


Happy 2013 everyone! I hope everyone still has all of their fingers? Or did you blow one off on purpose just so you could pull off a convincing AltaÔr? I know how you people think.

Either way, Iíve still been studying my ass off, because Iíve got an important exam like RIGHT NOW, so the Shadeisms are going to be on the short side today. Next week will be my last exam, fortunately; I could really use the rest right about now. Hopefully that exam will also earn me my Bachelorís degree in Law! Iím excited, and just a little bit nervous, because if I pass these last exams with a 7/10 or higher, chances are very good that I will even graduate cum laude. Iíve worked very hard for that, so I hope I can bring home the gold and/or bacon!
I am getting incredibly nervous though...
Either way, thatís stuff to worry about later. If all goes well, Iíve also been thinking about doing a special blog (series?) for you guys, but for now Iím not going to say any more about that. Sorry about leaving you with that little tease. Letís just say I hope you donít find it...ĒobjectionableĒ.

This week Iíve participated in one of those newyear dives. You know the ones, where people jump in damn near freezing water to show that theyíre tough, only to have their penis shrivel up from the cold, losing them any sort of confidence in their manhood they once had? Yeah, those. I have yet to confirm if vaginas also shrivel up during these, so for now Iím forced to assume that they do. Donít tell me the answer though, personal investigation will be much more fun while at the same time potentially netting me a restraining order. (Donít all the good things in life?)

Anyway, Iíve done this dive for the past six years now or so, and the one I participate in gets sponsors for the event, the proceeds of which go to charity. Some of my friends are staff members of this particular charity, so they basically drag me to the dive every year. I donít mind it, though. Iíve actually been brainwashed enough to think that itís fun, although there is always that one moment when youíre waiting for the start signal and you think ďOkay, what the hell am I doing here?!Ē In all honesty though, itís always a very short trip, and this year the water wasnít even all that cold to begin with. Besides, itís also a great way to get back together with people I donít see all year (or havenít seen in years, plural). Even the friends who drag me along can only meet up with me once every several months, so itís definitely nice to see them, too. I wish I could see them more often (one in particular, but thatís a whole other story entirely), so this is one event I wouldnít miss for the world.

I would show you guys some pictures of me taking the dive. However, participating in this dive for the past six years has led me to conclude that I am in fact a mutant, and my mutant power is the uncanny ability to dodge any and all cameras on January 1st (so Iím slightly better than Jubilee, is what Iím saying). For some reason, Iím never in any of the pictures, despite the fact that they take at least a hundred every year. My friends donít have this problem at all, theyíre always in several, and Iím always close to them too, but nope, Iím always out of shot. Mutant, Iím telling you. This year was no different; there are only a maximum of two pictures with me in it, one of which has me half covered and the other was taken from far away and you can barely see me among the crowd.

HOWEVER. Last year, during one vital instant, it seems that my mutant powers failed me, and someone managed to snap a picture of me. Avert your eyes; Ridiculously Photogenic Guy I am not. I am much sexier, obviously.

Look at how much fun Iím having!

* - Well will you look at this rebel, with his alternative opinions and his liking a game few others do. Surely, he must be purged. TriplZer0 has obviously tricked himself into believing that he likes Dragon Age II, and something must be done. For his sake.

A - A top 10? What about a top 10 and 7 indie games? What about a top 10, 7 indie games Šnd 9 disappointments (What the hell is Awesomenauts doing on there, though)? Zer0t0nin's got all of this and more.

A - Everybody's favorite robotic JRPG character recognizes that he may not have actually played that many games this year, but still manages to put the spotlight on a few good ones.

A - Barring used games isn't the answer, video game industry. Focus on making your games good and for the love of god try to be satisfied with a game that doesn't reach CoD-like numbers.

A - Bibbly shares some predictions for the future of video games during the "Renaissance" of sorts. As long as Nintendo's willing to stay "crazy and quirky and fun", it's alright with me.

C - A cry for help: If you wanted to have a job in the video game industry, what courses would you need to follow?

F - Okay, you didn't hear this from me, but I think the FNF crew was saying bad stuff about your mom behind your back.

R - GlowBear reviews Hitman: Absolution, this time sans boobs. Judging from that header though, I was expecting more ass.

P - Isshak Ferdjani (seriously dude, go by de5gravity) went to the Comiket 83 fair in Tokyo (through the magic of the internet) and shows us his favorite, and totally Japanese, games of the show. Astebreed looks friggin' sweet!

T - Travis Touchdown (no, not that one) didn't like Super Mario Galaxy 2 very much because it didn't innovate. Personally, I though that it had enough new gameplay IDEAS to make up for the fact that it didn't really have new gameplay MECHANICS.

C - In what he calls the Import Spotlight, Stealth is revealed to like Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki (<- I had to copy and paste this)

V - I have no clue what to do with this, but I kind of liked his The War Z video, so I'm giving this the benefit of the doubt.

- Are you keeping the fails out of my day on purpose? Oh you guys <3

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

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