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Cblogs - Halloween Edition


F- HMM FINAL: Who you gonna call?
F- Celebrate Halloween with a Resident Evil...COMEDY SONG?!
F- New ringtones
F- Destructoid Printable Masks
F- American RPG As The Myth of the Atomic Individual: Ridiculously Long Post Warning!
F- The week in PSN updates: Mirror's Edge
F- October 31th UK Bargains
F- European VC Update: Things That Go Bump in the Night
F- 10 things I learned this week: Happy Halloween Edition
F- Some thoughts on second hand games and BONUS things
F- The Fear: Atmosphere.
F- My Halloween Costume - Rorschach (NVGR)
F- Seriously, don't mess with Samus!
F- In honor of Nick Chester...
F- Hands-On: Killzone 2 (Part 2 - the proper one)
F- The holiday rush is here
F- The scariest pumpkin you will EVER see!
F- Mirror's Edge Demo Impressions
F- The Greatest Scene In the History of Animated Film
F- I'm on Atlus's website, woot!
F- Pandemic = FAIL: Play as the presidential candidates
F- (NVGR) For the season...what's your fav. horror movie?
F- Fable II Favorably Impresses.
F- Gaming with killatia: Resident evil 4
F- FNF 2008/10/31 - (not so) SpoOoOoOoOoky edition
F- Agreed: Sterling Edition
F- Recycled Thoughts #1 - Child murder in video games
F- PSA: This Halloween Remember, DON'T BE THAT GUY!
F- BEARD-OFF Final Day To Sign Up!!!!
F- Halloween: Watchmen Edition
F- Jimmy Hopkins, gay crusader
F- Dragon Quest ringtones
F- Happy Halloween! Also, I hit kids in the face. (NVGR)
F- The Tuba Man is Impressed: Impressions of Wii Music
F- Have yourself a very Metroid Halloween!
F- The FEAR: Dark Rooms and Good Ole Captain LeChuck
F- Meh... A Link to the Past!
F- Illustrated Review: Fable II Limited Collector's Edition
F- FNF: Resistance 2 Beta lives on!
F- PS3 Friday Night Fights: Halloween Edition!!
F- Board Gamers' Cred on Halloween
F- I Put the Fear in Introductions
F- Impressions of Dead Space.
F- Left 4 Dead intro movie
F- Mirror's Edge Demo: I'm Kind Of Dizzy Now
F- Refrickendiculous: Video Game Website Reviews
F- The Fear of Sequels
F- Free Game: Turning Gears: La Divina Commedia.
F- Mega64: Final Fantasy Xbox
F- Today, I did one of the most IMPORTANT things I've done in years. (NVGR)
F- Japan Now! #8 - Halloween Special 08'
F- Left 4 Dead intro movie (uploaded)
F- Mirror's Edge - Demo Impressions
F- Strange Fallout 3 graphical glitch I discovered ( video)
F- Evil Dead 2 and Wicked City TONITE
F- Wii dog and Wii dog-remote
F- Zombie Apocalypse Buddy Flick
F- Moth3r Alive...
F- Fallout POS 2: First Impressions
F- Happy Halloween Dtoiders! Here's some Silent Hill: Homecoming commentary
F- dTunes, the community-controlled music blog #15 HALLOWEEN WEEK! [NVGR]
F- Install The New Xbox Experience Now On Your Xbox 360
F- Asian Film thoughts- Which Country does what best?
F- Steam Weekend Deals: "Hot Vampire" edition
F- Darkair's Video Games and Happy Halloween

I be out, bitches!

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This month's bloggers wanted prompt is something we stole. You see, by stealing this idea, you have no idea how truly inept I actually am. By pretending to know what I'm doing, I have clearly used my ill-gotten status to meet such big-time celebrities as Darlington Woolie "Pie Stealer" Madden or Sara from [insert pixel indie game studio here].

This month's bloggers wanted was inspired by the internal enjoyment we had at reading TheBlondeBass' promoted blog on faking conversational anime knowledge. And now it seems as good a time as ever to pretend to know what's going on since the new Fate/Grand Order game launched and qtoid is talking about it. I am a big fan of the character design of Artoria in the blue dress, or Artoria in the suit, or Artoria in the red dress. But seriously, we enjoyed the format so much that we want to ask the community for their own ideas at faking it at all sorts of things.

But this prompt is not just for anime, of course. The video game industry is fractured with all sorts of niche interests that only an insane rich person with no job could realistically know everything about. This month's bloggers wanted is about taking a subject you want to offer advice on faking knowledge about in order to help the greater community, for better or for worse. If this doesn't sound serious, don't worry, you're not supposed to take it seriously. You don't have to be an expert in whatever you talk about any more than Bass is an expert in anime.

I seriously don't know if that was a compliment or an insult.

Offer advice on anything you can expand your mind on. Want to help people get into character action games? The more Ss you put into its grading system, the cooler it is! Want to convince people to get into the Neptunia series? Just say "Nep-Nep!" and you're all set to convince people of your technical knowledge! Can you get someone into RTS game by just talking about your APM? Someone's bound to believe some random technical jargon you made up!

To get started, start a blog and title it "Faking it: [your blog title here]." Then you can be as serious or facetious as you want as you provide advice on any number of things: learning how to play fighting games, trying a long-running franchise you've probably neglected, or even explaining a game's timeline. Heck, you can probably seriously try on that last one and we still wouldn't believe you.

Good luck this month. Only true cowards rely on facts. Real heroes pretend to know what they're doing!

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PREPARE TO CONTEST - The Master Gaming List Birthday Giveaway!

Good Morning/Evening/Yesterday, my Friends/Robots/INSERT WAIFU HERE,

More or less a week ago, the Master Gaming List turned one year old. I had a speech prepared, but the blog editor ate it four or five times over the last few days, so I'm kind of winging it now.

Despite all of the threatening and cajoling I initially made to get you all on the list, I never imagined I'd still be adding names a year later (and by "you all", I mostly mean GajKnight). It was kind of a ridiculous undertaking at first, trying to make a semi-permanent, easily-updatable list of everyone's contact info. I'm not even sure what everyone was being hyped over last year that got me to do this.

That said, I'm glad it came together, and this list has lead to many other things for me on Destructoid; whether it was me becoming our laziest, cuddliest Community Manager, or our laziest, cuddliest Reviews-type-person, I have always enjoyed the full love and support of this community.

In thanks, and with the assistance of quite a few others, I've gathered up a number of game keys to give away to you all.

The Contest

I've never run a contest before, so let's keep things simple. Write me a haiku about your favorite game.


1. The haiku must not include the title of the game.

2. I will accept any other form of structured poetry if you are unable to haiku but can iambic pantameter (you monster).

3. Please state what key you are going for, and a backup if that one is taken (admittedly, it's quantity over variety here)

4. The tentative end date of the contest will be August 13th, and will be bumped at least once during that time.

Available Keys

-Aporia: Beyond The Valley (Multiple Keys)
-The Witness
-Citadel: Forged With Fire (Multiple Keys)

Thank you to all 282 of you who have made the Master List a successful project over the past year! I will continue updating it into the forseeable future.

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