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Cblogs - Halloween Edition


F- HMM FINAL: Who you gonna call?
F- Celebrate Halloween with a Resident Evil...COMEDY SONG?!
F- New ringtones
F- Destructoid Printable Masks
F- American RPG As The Myth of the Atomic Individual: Ridiculously Long Post Warning!
F- The week in PSN updates: Mirror's Edge
F- October 31th UK Bargains
F- European VC Update: Things That Go Bump in the Night
F- 10 things I learned this week: Happy Halloween Edition
F- Some thoughts on second hand games and BONUS things
F- The Fear: Atmosphere.
F- My Halloween Costume - Rorschach (NVGR)
F- Seriously, don't mess with Samus!
F- In honor of Nick Chester...
F- Hands-On: Killzone 2 (Part 2 - the proper one)
F- The holiday rush is here
F- The scariest pumpkin you will EVER see!
F- Mirror's Edge Demo Impressions
F- The Greatest Scene In the History of Animated Film
F- I'm on Atlus's website, woot!
F- Pandemic = FAIL: Play as the presidential candidates
F- (NVGR) For the season...what's your fav. horror movie?
F- Fable II Favorably Impresses.
F- Gaming with killatia: Resident evil 4
F- FNF 2008/10/31 - (not so) SpoOoOoOoOoky edition
F- Agreed: Sterling Edition
F- Recycled Thoughts #1 - Child murder in video games
F- PSA: This Halloween Remember, DON'T BE THAT GUY!
F- BEARD-OFF Final Day To Sign Up!!!!
F- Halloween: Watchmen Edition
F- Jimmy Hopkins, gay crusader
F- Dragon Quest ringtones
F- Happy Halloween! Also, I hit kids in the face. (NVGR)
F- The Tuba Man is Impressed: Impressions of Wii Music
F- Have yourself a very Metroid Halloween!
F- The FEAR: Dark Rooms and Good Ole Captain LeChuck
F- Meh... A Link to the Past!
F- Illustrated Review: Fable II Limited Collector's Edition
F- FNF: Resistance 2 Beta lives on!
F- PS3 Friday Night Fights: Halloween Edition!!
F- Board Gamers' Cred on Halloween
F- I Put the Fear in Introductions
F- Impressions of Dead Space.
F- Left 4 Dead intro movie
F- Mirror's Edge Demo: I'm Kind Of Dizzy Now
F- Refrickendiculous: Video Game Website Reviews
F- The Fear of Sequels
F- Free Game: Turning Gears: La Divina Commedia.
F- Mega64: Final Fantasy Xbox
F- Today, I did one of the most IMPORTANT things I've done in years. (NVGR)
F- Japan Now! #8 - Halloween Special 08'
F- Left 4 Dead intro movie (uploaded)
F- Mirror's Edge - Demo Impressions
F- Strange Fallout 3 graphical glitch I discovered ( video)
F- Evil Dead 2 and Wicked City TONITE
F- Wii dog and Wii dog-remote
F- Zombie Apocalypse Buddy Flick
F- Moth3r Alive...
F- Fallout POS 2: First Impressions
F- Happy Halloween Dtoiders! Here's some Silent Hill: Homecoming commentary
F- dTunes, the community-controlled music blog #15 HALLOWEEN WEEK! [NVGR]
F- Install The New Xbox Experience Now On Your Xbox 360
F- Asian Film thoughts- Which Country does what best?
F- Steam Weekend Deals: "Hot Vampire" edition
F- Darkair's Video Games and Happy Halloween

I be out, bitches!

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Current "Bloggers Wanted" assignment

It feels like it's been a decade since we've seen the rise of the crowdfunded game. I'm always surprised when I remind myself that crowdfunding has been a thing long before the first crowdfunded video game, but nowadays a crowdfunded game seems like a dime a dozen.

Of course such a phrase is an incredible disservice to some of the great games that have come out thanks to websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Games like FTL, Shovel Knight, and even Undertale are around thanks to crowdfunding; thanks to people gathering around and literally putting their money where their mouth is, a game they want gets funded and inevitably the greater landscape of gaming benefits from it. Most of the time the landscape gets to benefit from it anyways.

Don't worry though, this month's bloggers wanted prompt isn't an exploratory thesis on the effects of crowdfunding on video game development. We just want you to talk about your favorite games, as long as they were crowdfunded. This topic can be simultaneously broad and narrow, because you can talk about whatever game you want, however you want, as long as it was crowdfunded.
For me, FTL is the original crowdfunded game, and it was great. It was somehow minimalist and incredibly detailed at the same time, and it was all done because a man wanted to do it, but needed the money, and thousands of other people wanted to see where his idea would go. Shovel Knight to me feels like this natural evolution of the classic 8-bit gaming of yore without also throwing myself back to a time when gaming was honestly comparatively archaic. And everyone's talked to death about Undertale, so we all know where I'd go with that.

To participate in this month's bloggers wanted, just start a blog! Oh, and title it "Crowdfunded: [your blog title here]." I bet this month is going to be pretty diverse, since it's basically writing about your favorite crowdfunded game. So I hope to hear about some good games revisited or amazing games no one has heard about.

Remember: Persona 5 was not crowdfunded, but excuse me as I plow through it.

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