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Cblog Recaps PODGASMS: April 2015


Yo community. We're back to bring you “Podgasms” for April 2015! For those that missed post #1, this is a complement to the new Monthly recaps but with podcasts. The best of the month out of the community that is applied directly to the ears. It really helps the various talented podcasters that Dtoid has to offer.

April is done now. We got to see some pretty cool April fool's jokes and blogs. Then things got a little heavy 'round here. I myself am still sort of taking it all in but it seems to be that every year dtoid has a major shake down. Sadly it means some beloved members will part ways with the green and red robot, those will be missed but their decisions should be respected if they truly believe that's the right thing to do for them. For a second I was going to pack my bags too, and it wouldn't be the first time, I'll be a liar if I tell you I don't have a bad habit of having to "jump communities" from time to time. But I think I'm getting to a point where I just want to have a stable community and I've planted my fat greasy heart right here. That being said, sorry for a semi-rant, here are April's podcasts!

As a disclaimer I’ve only included podcasts that have put up cblogs for their episodes, and for the future, please use the “podcast” tag with your blog to make sure I don’t miss it!

All recaps listed according to Alphabetical order:

P - Error Machine Podcast #50: Tuff E Nuff

For this episode of the EM podcast, Dustin enters a professional wrestling contest, titan souls, NES remix and much more.

Also this month, The Error Machine Podcast sets the bar for most posted in a month by also posting its 47th, 48th and 49th episodes: Lucario: Naked Man, Club Nintendo Buyer's Guide & Flawless Victory

GG Guys!

P - PStoid #21: Nanashi Fails to Deliver

A Pstoid episode in which yet another of the cohosts takes the helms, find out who inside.

P - Scary Granules #28: Let the titties shake free

Listen to Panza and Glowbear talk about Danganronpa, Life is Strange and boob controversey's in what is likely the most titular episode of the podcast.


That's everything from April, look forward to one of these each month. Please Please Please, check out the podcasts that interest you and show them support so that the great people that put them out for you can keep up their labor of love.  

Thanks for reading and leave any feedback for this project in the comments!



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