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Cblog Recaps of June 2+9+16+23, 2018 - Going to Apologize



Wowie, alright well this one got away from me, a thousand apologies once again. To say that my last month and a halfhas been hectic would be an understatement. On top of finding out that my roommate would be moving out, leaving my girlfriend and myself in a house we can't afford. Pile on top of that a bunch of weddings and usual work and Flixist/Destructoid stuff and I've barely had any time to work on these recaps.

I apologize for this and it's becoming very clear to me now that I'm hitting a point where I won't be able to stay on as a recapper for much longer. I've tried to keep it up but it's not fair to you the bloggers that I lapse in my coverage so much so because of this I will be stepping down from my recapper position over the next few weeks. My plan is to catch up with June this week then next week catch up with July up to that point. Again I apologize to all the bloggers as I know you all put so much effort into your blogs.

I'll have a big blowout -gasm before I leave so until then keep on doing what you guys do best, which is make this community the best on the internet through all of your great and funny writing and amazing sense of camaraderie. I'll see you next week for July's cap.


* - I've been falling back into tabletop RPG's over the past few months but unforunately I work a completely messed up schedule and all of my friends are hours away, so I'm left to find my way through the murky world of the computer tabletop inspired games. Enter Baldur's Gate which I've heard so much about for year but never played, thanks to Aurachad I now know that if I want a decent single player DnD 3rd edition experience that this could be a good substitute. Groovy.

* - Boxed Swine wrote a nice and concise article about the dangers of cutting yourself off from the world too much through games. In a way Swine is kinda talking to me as I prefer politics to stay out of gaming for the most part. I don't mind them in an indie game that bases its entire game around it or more importantly in a strategy game where politics is literally the mechanic. My problem comes when politics are shoved into a game in such a milquetoast "say nothing" way that it serves no purpose. I truly don't understand Swine's example of people being reminded that breast cancer exists in the world through the Mercy Charity Skin, but like they said it's a bottom of the barrel type of thing. Good stuff all around Swine and thanks for making me think on my own beliefs.


P - The degenerates over at PSToid are back with episode 88 of their podcast, and in it they recap and discuss E3 2018.

S - MightyMagikarp finishes up their series on all of the characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the only two (as of now) new characters for the upcoming Switch game. Ridley all day every day baby!

A - Chris "Cedi" Hovermale writes about one of the odder licensced games from recent years, Rocket Power: Beach Bandits. He did mispell the title as Rocker Power which makes me think about a group of seniors in a nursing home talking about shoobies and gnarly waves. Ahhhh to make it to that age. It's an interesting read about a game that doesn't go the way you would think it would so do it up.

A - Shoggoth took the time and went through the effort of recapping all of the E3 conferences for you to read and now that it's been almost a month since it's like looking back on a distant memory Also you could think about the fact that these games are now one month closer to release. It's all about finding the silver linings in life.

A - Mordeth Kai wrote a blog about player agency and how that somehow connects to the illuminati.

A - Sai Titters offers a second opinion on the indie game Whispering Willows, and makes some suggestions as to how they feel the game should have been done. As I haven't played it nor am I a fan of 2D horror, I really can't add much to this blog but if that sorta thing is your bag then here's your mecca.

A - TricksterX shared with us their hopes and expectations for E3 and overall it looks like a lot of what they hoped for came true. The lack of a credible Splinter Cell announcement does hurt me in my stealth loving heart but with how the last game fared I fear I wouldn't even recognize Sam if I saw him in a crowd.



E - I apologize deeply for this being so late, Dephoenix picked out a book that I'm now going to get for ym girlfriend because it looks right up her alley. You can still write about reading the book if you'd like as unfortunately the book of the month for July was postponed due to injury. Again, I apologize.


T - ScrubbyBubbles is here to tell you all why Agony is actually a good game that while yes is a little dark is obviously not for everyone. Personally I never saw bibilical stories as dark but then again I might be kinda messed up in the head.

T - Whenever I need my fighting game information and Chris Moyse isn't around I know I can always turn to Viruta Kazama. In this blog they look at the upcoming Dead or Alive 6 and recap all that is known about it and speculates a little bit on what could be around the corner.

N - I missed most of the E3 conferences because as stated above I was away from the internet for much of E3 week, so it's nice when people like Monkey830 recap the conferences I missed. I can now say that I'm kinda glad I missed the EA conference because it seems like more of the same from previous years with nothing really new that I'm overly interested in.

D - EvilCoGames announced a tournament for their game TERRORHYTHM way back a few weeks ago, I'm sure you can still enter for a *reads note* A copy of TERRORHYTHM. Why do people give out a copy of the game that is needed to enter to the winner of said contest?

T - If you want some silly thoughts about what Pokemon Let's Go could be like from LaTerry then here you go! I also hope for rideable Gyrados because that means I can show up to a town and siege the hell out of them until they just give me the badge. Peace through superior firepower and all that.



Best grill


Can you tell that I'm going to miss the World Cup? Until next time we meet, stay good people and if you aren't a good person, fix that.

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