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Cblog Recaps of 9/20/17 + Feeling the Burn


We all feel the burn or feel burned out at some point in our lives. Whether that feeling comes from work, school, family, friends, or watching unconventional porn. We all feel it. That feeling can also hit you when you're playing video games. I've recently been going through that burned out feeling with a game that I love dearly.

First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with you when you start feeling burned out with a video game. It also doesn't mean that you don't like the game (it can mean that, but it doesn't have to mean that either). My recent feeling of burnout has been coming from Persona 5. I just have to say that I absolutely love the game! It's fantastic and unlike any other game that I have played in the past. The music, the dungeons, the characters...everything is top notch and I couldn't ask for a much better game. With that said, I've been starting to feel the burn.

Now I usually feel the burn with huge, open world gaming experiences that just have such large maps and so much miscellaneous stuff to do, that I just start feeling overwhelmed and I'm not sure what I want to do next. I'm looking at you Ubisoft. This is one of the reasons I don't like playing you're large open world games. Also, a lot of times, the clutter that is the maps, makes my head hurt. It just becomes not fun for me.

   This hurts my head just looking at it

But back to Persona 5. It's a wonderful game and gaming experience. I love it and will finish it, but I just need a break. It is such a time sink and you have so many things to manage. I've probably reached the halfway point of the game, but I've reached the point where I need a break. I was finding myself at times sitting on the menu screen and almost feeling dread over starting it up. When playing I was trying to rush through sections, that would have had more impact had I been taking my time and savoring the experience. It was recently that I realized I just needed to take a break, when I found myself almost feeling pained to turn it on.

There's nothing wrong with me and this doesn't mean I don't like the game. Quite the contrary. I just think it's important when you start feeling that burning feeling, to take some time away. You do yourself and the game a disservice to just keep pushing through. If you take some time away, you may appreciate the journey that much more. Like me, you may start getting that hankering to jump back in once you've taken your break. If so, you have successfully navigated your burn out. Congratulations!

And now we recap some blogs!

* - Michael Giff gets all nostalgic on us and shows us a time when video games could be a learning tool. He takes a look at the greatest teacher, Carmen Sandiego. I don't have experience myself with the game, but loved the tv show and Michael makes me want to play it! Carmen Sandiego is also best waifu.

B - d bone takes a look at something that we don't always see a lot of with video games. Well, a lot of quality maybe. Of course we are talking about comedy. In our Bloggers wanted series, d bone shows us that games can be funny and shows us what games they feel succeed at this.

B - I love me some Metroid! So does Gamemaniac3434. We get some of Gamemaniac's feelings on the Metroid games and he also explains what he has learned from these wonderful experiences. I couldn't have said it better myself.

     Get out there and play Yakuza 0.  You won't find many better gaming experiences.

C - Dwavenhobble climbs up on his SOPA Box to give us some of his opinions and musings on let's plays, DMCAs, and what he feels are not so intelligent business moves.

T - Kerrik 52 gives us a list of the terminology in the wonderful Bloodborne. This is wonderful information for both new and seasoned Bloodborne players.  The Bloodborne Dictionary as Kerrik 52 calls it.

T - There has been more and more information out there about the XBox One X with regards to its specs and capabilities and comparisons to gaming PCs. Some of this can be confusing and overwhelming. Jinx 01 goes through some of the information and tries to explain the truths about the One X and the differences between a PC.

F - I've never seen either Kingsman movies, but thanks to Rudorlf and his review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, I may need to check both of these films out.

 Carmen Sandiego is and forever will be the best waifu.  No discussion necessary!

Just remember, he who stands on toilet, is high on pot--Dere


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I got this feeling about 3/4 of the way into the game. That is not good.

Modern gaming is great in that developers tend to pack in a metric shit-ton of things to do in their games. Modern gaming is also horrible because developers tend to pack in a metric shit-ton of things to do in their games. This tendency to overstuff their games with content is often overwhelming and can cause an otherwise excellent experience to drag. It was less of a problem when I was 18 and had all the time in the world; at 30 with a day job and a family, it's a complete game-changer.

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