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Cblog Recaps of 8/17/17 + Limit Breaking


This is the first Cblog Recap I have done in a few weeks. That's pretty dreadful. It isn't because I don't care, or that I'm lazy, no-one can accuse me of either such crime when it comes to Destructoid. No, it's simply because I have, as per usual, run myself off of my feet with tasks, work, chores, favours and jobs. It's the way I tend to live my life, aware of my limits, but often foolishly running past them in an attempt to keep everyone happy and give myself a constant sense of purpose, lest I stop moving and take time to think about.. well.. shitty life.

I've always pushed myself, it's the reason my body is so beat up at such an early age, but I just don't like doing nothing. I also am really bad at saying "No", even when my physical and mental health could do with the break. It's not a healthy way to live, and I've been doing it now for over thirty years. I'm always reminded by the line in Blade Runner, when Tyrell says to Roy "The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very brightly, Roy"

I swear I'm not being a matyr here, I'm not looking for any sympathy. I bring this on myself and it's just all I know. I guess I'm both apologising to my fellow reservists for letting them down recently, whilst also musing on the concept of filling your schedule, busting your ass, and perhaps setting your bar a little too high. That then becomes your new standard, then you push it further and further, until eventually you've got a ton on your plate and you forgot how it all got there. On top of all the hours I've poured into the site, I've also been putting together three Community Interviews over the last fortnight. Never stop never stopping, I guess.

No real point to this, perhaps just a heads-up, when you're younger you have all the energy and drive in the world, plus the mindset to constantly defeat your own limits. As you age, the mindset and drive do remain, but the mechanical parts start to break down, less energy, more sleep, tired eyes etc. That's when the balance becomes harder. But it can be done, and no-one should ever resign themselves to any less of a life than the one they want for themselves. Just take care of yourself as you do it. Know where the line is between pushing yourself and burning out, so that your candle may burn brightly forever more.

Apologies to my fellow reservists for my absence, I'm sure you're all aware I didn't just wander off disinterested, I was just too busy with life, though I should've communicated that better, and for that I'm very sorry. Let's take a look at Thursday's blogs, yo!

S - absolutfreak regales us with another thrilling tale of the Destructoid Community's efforts to survive RimWorld. Pour a forty for GreenHornet. Come to think of it, things are looking pretty rough for Dere, too.

T - Shoggoth2588 puts down his extensive thoughts on the mammoth adventure that is Final Fantasy XV, featuring cute boys, fast cars, and fishing. Lots and lots of fishing.

S - CoruptAI's great series of Backlog Reviews continues with the exceptionally cool Wolfenstein: The New Order. Even if you aren't a shooter fan, it's definitely a sombre journey worth taking.

V - EricWeichart's somewhat crassly titled post shows us a batshit, glitch-filled, Sonic Mania speedrun.

C - Panda20XX's interesting interview with Sonic producer's Shun Nakamura and Takashi Iizuka was only saved because community members enjoyed it and responded well. The Cblogs is not for reposting articles written for other sites, especially if you appear to make an account just for that purpose. This has been stated time and again.

Push it to the Limit.

Have a safe, happy and wonderful weekend everyone. On a completely different note, Did you all see what the community did for Dere? It was beautiful. We are so lucky to have one other.

Until next time...


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