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Cblog Recaps of 4/8/17 and 4/15/17 - Requiem for an Aerial Goal



For those who have not seen or heard I relapsed on Rocket League last week, and since then I have reconsidered uninstalling the game again out of sheer frustration. I feel like a senile old man, I know what I have to do but when I try to do it my reflexes and muscle memory is all blurgled to hell. It's like torture to watch myself suck so bad and then see my teammate be let down. Thankfully in the past few days my skill seems to be coming back, but with how far I've slipped and how much the skill spread has progressed since I took my leave of absence I don't think I'll be as addicted this time around. But that doesn't mean I won't be liable to drop a few overly angry mouth frothing QPs about d-bags I encounter when I do ocassionally play.

There is always the chance I relapse super hard and end up having to do terrible things to feed my Rocket League addiction.

I wouldn't mind being as beautiful as Jennifer Connelly while we're at it

Other than my handbrake slide back into the world of Rocket League I bit on a game I've been hesitating for months to finally sink my teeth into. Stellaris. Oh you beautiful bastard you were made just for me. Combining 4X gameplay with Crusader Kings 2 like diplomacy, political and event roleplay; Stellaris feels like the culmination of every one of Paradox's work. From what I've seen and heard the mid-game does drag on a little bit, especially if you are going for the pacifist thing but then again show me a grand strat that doesn't drag in the mid-game. Still even with that I've loved what I have played with it so far and after I get through my initial human run to learn the specific mechanics of this game I'm sure I'll be off to be a strict religious capitalist that worships the almight dollar.

Don't get me wrong Harem of Iron IV, I still love you but only when I want to do my war gaming thing, Stellaris offers so much more in terms of different means to "victory." Oh come on, don't be like that. How about this, you slip into a nice UI Overhaul mod and we'll take back Alta California from America through an Axis Backed Blitzkrieg? Great now I'm gonna need to buy Together to Victory to get out of the doghouse...


* - An odd choice for topsauce I'm sure but these types of blogs about progress of a game over its development please me in ways that I would have to pay someone to do for me in a dark alley behind the seedy motel that I used to work at. So why not look at how far Boss 101 has come over its 3 year development cycle ahead of its release on Steam this year.


A - An indepth and expansive look at why The Luigi Critic loves and still holds the first two Paper Mario RPGs so dear to them. You can almost smell the warm sticky love coming off of this one. Personally I've always wanted to get into the series but just have never found the time, but this blog really pushed me into wanting to find the time to play.

P - Would you believe you were in the right dimension or timeline if this weeks Dtoid's Playstation podcast wasn't about Persona 5? Well rest easy weary traveler, you're in the right timeline and this episode is takin' your heart.




D - A little bit of a light update this week from Boss 101, this update is a general look into progress and the inclusion of train health bars.


S - WOW! An actual opportunity to use the swag category. And since Strider is technically my boss I am obligated to thank him every day for allowing me out of the shed and giving me shelter and warmth in this the dark dark world of Destructoid. Hm? The blog? Oh he got a bunch of Street Fighter swag from Eighty Sixed and then blogged about it. Peep his great comeback in the comments!




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What’s far more interesting to me is when a villain’s motives or actions come across as justified, perhaps leaving you rooting for them to defeat the protagonist [insert Elder God Tier villain meme here].

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