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Cblog Recaps of 11/4/17+11/11/17 - Going to the Nuclear Throne (again)



It's an international break weekend for English soccer, the Eagles are on bye, I'm eating shit in fantasy football this week, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri didn't open up near me this week, and Mother 3 still isn't coming to the west. LOOK OUT!

Nah, all in all it's been a decent week. Busy as always though but I'm sure you all are tired of hearing about that. This week though the final patch of Nuclear Throne was released and it brought back all of the deaths that I faced at the hands of that game. I'm sad I wasn't able to get the article about the final patch as that was and still is a very dear game to me. So instead you all are going to get it here.

I was introduced to the game by my best friend who is a former user of this site when he came over my house and we played co-op together. When the game expanded its early access audience by giving everyone who owned the game a giftable copy my friend made sure I was the one who got it and I don't know whether to thank him or punch him for that. It was both one of the most furtrating games I've ever played but when I finally reached the throne (it does exist I swear) it was one of those glorious moments that bring back the old feeling of beating a game pre-fifth gen.

I did end up breaking my keyboard because of the game though. I have a tendency to Alt-F4 out of a game if I lose badly because I don't wanna see it for another second, so one time I slammed down on the Alt-F4 combo a liiiiiiiiiiiiiitle too hard and snapped my keyboard bracket. Nothing that a little super glue couldn't fix but still Lil hunter can go to hell. No seriously, straigh to hell with you. He is the Ornstein/Smaugh of Nuclear Throne. After you beat him the rest of the game is a cake walk because you feel like you can conquer the world.

So given all the furstration that my 72 hours with the game gave me, would I trade it in for 3 days of happiness? Nope. Because I love that little frustrating game with all my heart.

Thanks so much for a great game Vlambeer! Now onto the recaps.


* - A wise comedian once said that anything can be funny so long as it is more funny than it is mean. with the glut of sexual misconduct allegations being launched all around Hollywood it's been kinda hard to find things to laugh at, thankfully our resident faux beat front page writer is here to show us some of Kevin Spacey's favorite games. You'll laugh, you'll laugh some more, you'll feel dirty, then you'll laugh even more.

* - Kerrik's blog about Silent Hill and Winnie the Pooh was the first one I read for that week and I knew nothing could top it. Kerrik pushed all of my buttons, psychological horror, kids programming, reading too much into things and making a connection as an adult that you wouldn't have before. MWAH. Magnifique!


A - Resident pun producer Gus TT has brought us on a trip down memory lane with a compilation of blurbs about the games they grew up on. It’s interesting to see where we all started and how that helped us become the gamers we all are today.

A - Follwing up a few days after the deadline for the bloggers wanted entry, Major Toms Coffee Cup wrote a blog about overcoming their fear of horror games by playing through the horror masterpiece that is the first Dead Space. I've always observed Dead Space from afar because I too have a massive fear of horror games, but maybe one day I'll walk the same path as this cup of coffee and finally conquer my fear.



Yes I'm reposting this because I've been listening to it all week while I write and it's truly one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard.


T - juice returns again to talk about the Switch port of DOOM and what it might mean for the future of gaming.

R - Terry 309 went back to the Odin Sphere current-gen remake from last year to review it and see if they could improve on the less than stellar version that was put out on PS2. Judging by Terry’s review it does but there’s also something to be said about brevity. A review should give a taste of the game, not the whole kit and kaboodle. IDK semantics and all that.

T - SigfriedLion does a post-mortem/review of the Caligula Effect, an RPG on Vita which with a name like that on the Vita I expected something a bit different. Again might be a bit overly verbose but if the spirit wills you then write to your hearts content.

N - The great Lord Spencer continues their review of Genesis games with a new genre specifiic rating system put in place. This time on the docket is the action adventure game Landstalker.

D - Boss 101 has shipped so Donley decided to post a thank you blog as well as some videos of streamers playing their game. It’s been a long road for them so make sure to support the game and tell them how you felt about the game, but do please be nice.

N - Here I thought the blogs would stop once Donley time launched Boss 101, what a fool I was. This week Donley talks about post-release updates including more difficulties as well as endless mode and some more streamer clips.


F - Japanator author Anthony Redgrave impedes on another Anthony's territory by posting a Destructoid blog about the cosplay and news happenings of RTX London 2017. As a former cosplayer it's always great to see how far the craft has come. IN lieu of these stepping on another Anthony's territory we shall welcome his work with open arms and diplomacy.



Alright folks, that's it for another one of my recaps. As always don't be a dick and take care of each other.


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