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Cblog Recaps of 11/28, and in this corner! Striderisms!


So I went a while not playing the multiplayer of Black Ops 2. I was spending it getting through my first play through of the campaign with my first choices and getting used to Zombies. I've never been a very good Call of Duty multiplayer warrior if good players have good win ratios and ridiculous K/D ratios. To put it another way, I've never been able to achieve consistent streaks in any CoD multiplayer. But the scorestreak system seems to work in my favor a bit. Plus the Pick 10 system really let's me play the way I want to, or at least, have always liked to play.

First, the scorestreaks. Medal of Honor did it last year or so but we all know how that game turned out. The concept now makes a spiritual return in Blops 2 and it feels pretty good. Being able to get higher end killstreaks that would normally go for 6 or 7 kills on average, I'd never be able to get with any regularity. Nowadays in Blops 2 though, I can get them every other game if I get a good Mercenary objective game type (Mercenary meaning no stacked parties allowed). Capture an enemy flag, a hardpoint, a headquarters, or what have you and you get a beavy of points to go towards your streak, not to mention all the ancillary point bonuses such as getting kills while carrying a flag or while defending a point.

Which brings me to my playstyle, how it hasn't changed a whole lot from other CoD games, and how Pick 10 enhances it. Whenever I make a custom class, I want to use my primary gun and stick with it. I want to shoot it efficiently and juggle smart reloads as opposed to switching to a pistol or something. A lot of my classes carry the Primary Gunfighter wildcard, which let's me pack three attachments on my gun. Put good old fashioned Scavenger on the class and I get to use my reliable gun however long I want. Secondaries? Secondaries are for wishy-washy chumps who can't decide on one gun.

If I'm not concerned with putting a lot of effort in my primary though, I often times just skip the second perk altogether since it usually doesn't have anything I think is terribly detrimental to my playstyle like reduced flinch against damage or resistance to electronic targeting systems. I have a class that packs the Perk 1 Greed wildcard and I just keep Hardline on (because I'm bad, so I need all the help I can get in getting streaks) and slap on Flak Jacket too. Run around with Extreme Conditioning and an SMG and pick up the first gun I find and boom! I'm ready to run around and be an ass, giving zero fucks about grenades as I run around capturing stuff with Hardline boosting those delicious points. Guns? Disposable. I pick that shit up off the ground like quarters.

One of my favorite combos is the Black Hat hacking PDA with the Engineer perk off tree 3. See, I have complete awareness of enemy electronics on the map with Engineer. And I have a PDA that let's me not only hack stuff from far away but through walls and in relative safety. I once hacked C4 and detonated it myself and that kill was probably the original owner of the C4. Sentry Guns and Guardian dishes are free points with this combo. Everyone and their mother is running around with Bouncing Betties and Shock Charges for me to steal. It has limited range on normal equipment but for some reason I can also hack and destroy air support with unlimited range. Stinger missile launchers? That cute. I practically hold an iPod up to it and it blows up after a few seconds. Did I mention I run Hardline with this combo too? Points everywhere!

It also makes Care Packages relevant again. Hate how they bounce everywhere after they airdrop in? The Black Hat can grab it. It even hacks and steals enemy care packages with the greatest of ease. I stole one in a second when stealing it normally would've been 3 seconds.

I really want to make a YouTube commentary montage with the Black Hat. I think a lot of people really overlook the Black Hat in favor of Shock Charges or Concussions. Hell, EMP grenades are starting to gain popularity and they're just Black Hats that explode instantly. It might be faster than hacking but it's not as fun as stealing Bouncing Betties and watching snipers walk in their own mines.

Of course, I need a month to really see how I'll feel. This happens with every CoD and I've had the misfortune of playing every CoD since CoD4. Everything is so damn exciting at first then everyone hits the wall where reality sets in and all the bells and whistles of this new thing wears off and we all know how we really feel. CoD4 has real staying power. It was fun for a long time. Black Ops was ok. It felt awful bland but people like it when everything makes sense, beyond people bitching how strong the Famas and AK-74u were. Every Modern Warfare after the first one though is crazy and unpredictable and not in the fun way. Take how random Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 can be and throw in guns and that's what I mean.

If I want a break from it, I occasionally jump into Zombies or Campaign again. If I really want to switch it up, I suppose I could always rent Assassin's Creed 3 again. Or I could go out of my way to see what Gravity Falls is all about. I hear that show is really good.

I have been browsing Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu alot more, ignoring normal television in favor of watching shows I really want to follow with the exception of Monday afternoon Regular Show and Adventure Time. I keep forgetting to tune into AT though while I manage to catch RS. Hopefully the taste of finishing Hey Ice King! hasn't worn off into my television habits. Still Sword Art Online is still continuing on strong while I managed to catch up on Bob's Burgers. You should watch Bob's Burgers if you're burnt out by The Simpsons and Family Guy continuing to stay on the air. American Dad is ok but I generally go out of my way to spite Seth Macfarlane in any way I can, even if it means ignoring a genuinely good show.

But if I haven't talked about Bob's Burgers, I do want to say that while it seems like a normal family cartoon comedy, it doesn't follow the annoying formula created by The Simpsons and excreted numerous times by the Macfarlane cartoon machine. The dad is actually a nice guy and get this, he has baseline human intelligence. Bob is a man of simple pleasures and is usually the only sane one in the situations, though he's prone to slipping himself given the situations. His wife, Linda, is the midwestern accented mom with a penchant for theater and the dramatic. While a perfectly lovable mom, she will oftentimes lose herself in fantasy of broadway musicals and lofty stagework. Gene is the hyperactive motor mouth who comes up with the one-liners you'll be quoting or remembering. He does have a thing for carrying around musical instruments like a sound board though he hasn't carried his signature keyboard since season 3 started. Tina is your usual awkward teen. The catch is that she has a lot of weird and strange tastes and fantasies. Like, imagine a teenage having dreams of making out with boys but throw in a zombie in the make out party too. No, I'm serious.

And lastly, we have Louise, who fills in the Bart Simpson role. Except a little more maniacal. A little more malicious. A little more ruthless. She'll say anything to get a reaction to her amusement. Even if it means making her dad's burger joint look bad in front of the health inspector. Or giving her dad a bad impression with the landlord. That kind of thing.

Hey. Way better than the continuous stupid dad, hot mom, awkward kids set up. And not an anthropomorphic pet animal in sight!

Also, Binding of Isaac console remake? Yes please!

* - R Panda reviews what seems to be the equivalent of a slap stick anime in the form of a bad flying shooter game, Hyper Fighters

* - Sephiroth-tacus goes beyond "what is keeping women out of the industry" and goes to "are women even interested in entering the industry? Just saying."

A - Bob of Mainframe goes over his top 10 DS games! 999? Cool, cool, cool

A - Jim started it. Nekobun attempts to finish it. There's no doubt this industry is a sausagefest for all the wrong reasons. Time to take a time out on the subject.

A - Do you like your box art? Esteban likes them too. But unfortunately we must face the issue of being eco-friendly with all that waste at some point.

I - Zer0t0nin pretty much circle jerked his way into saying nostalgia is cool but don't let it blind you. New stuff isn't necessarily better but it can be. Well, ok.

E - Phil versus Smurf. As the Wednesday Recapper, I would like you to know that bets will be taken at an undisclosed location near the wharf

R - Sky Cuevas the beer reviews Tekken 2, in all its mannequin combat glory

D - Tobbi's gonna play every main Final Fantasy game he can get his hands on before 2013 is up. HE'S GONNA DIE.

A - Zanadu's comics for 11/28! Go read Uncanny Avengers #2! Also, Fantastic Four for Marvel NOW is weird.

F - How to rip DVDs and stuff or something

~ StriderHoang

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