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Cblog Recaps of 10/24 + Striderisms!


It's been a while since I broke out this bad boy. So let's put down some Late Night Thoughts with my Striderisms!

I'm proud that we managed to finish the first episode of the Fapcast. If you're wondering about the sound quality, it's because we've never podcasted before and I just recorded through Audacity during a normal Skype call. This meant my voice naturally came out higher than the people I was talking to. But now I have Callburner, which will record the call itself, so all the voice sources should come out even.

I'm also extremely antsy about recording the next episode. I need to know how and where to optimize the sound output and file size because I can't decide on a host for our podcast until I know how big our average show will be. I'm hoping to keeping the show below an hour and a half in terms of length but I still need to see how the quality turns out after choosing an output. Will we be fine at 96kb/s? Maybe we can go with 128kb/s. But a lot of hosts have different storage rates that are just driving me up the wall. Starting storage of 1GB and monthly growth of 350MB? A monthly allowance of 250MB? Unlimited data for a month but a cap of 4 hours?

Jesus, editing a damn hour and a half of audio is cake compared to finding an optimal host. And normally paying hosting costs is like buying an extra lunch you don't eat per month. But I just finishing changing my car's oil and buying it a new goddamn battery and I still need to change it's tires apparently. My car is becoming a black hole, my girlfriend is coming down for her birthday, so I don't know how much money that will be, and there are still the normal expenses like Internet, gas, and food.

Speaking of my girlfriend, I simply cannot find the right backpack for my Finn costume. And I'm pretty sure I won't because even a simple green Jansport backpack is $30. $30 for something I'm never gonna use again because I already have three other bags I use for separate occasions. I've decided to go a different route and make my Finn a little different. Maybe find a Captain America shield and wear on my back with a toy sword? I dunno, but I know I don't want my costume to be crazy expensive. I already have jean shorts, bought a blue shirt for $5, and the most expensive part was a Finn hat at $20. But that's ok because it came with 16 episodes of Adventure Time for free. Or maybe I bought 16 episodes of Adventure Time for $20 and the Finn hat came free. Either way, it was a deal and I'm going to Disneyland as Finn while my girlfriend will be Fire Princess. I've already made reservations at a classy restaurant on the park called the Blue Bayou, literally a restaurant by a Southern, moonlit swamp with candlelight adorned tables and scrumptious foods like juicey chicken and chopped steak.

My Finn hat!

It's also worth mentioning that for those of you who couldn't download the first episode of the Fapcast, my Dropbox account had its rights to public downloads revoked after generating excessive traffic. Well, I guess Dropbox is just a file syncing service and not some public file hosting site. Don't worry though because I've updated the original blog's links to reflect the new hosting site I have it uploaded on, mediafire. That should last until we (or maybe just I) decide on where we want to host our podcasts on, which I remind you, I can't decide on until we record episode 2 so I can get a handle on how our average episode turns out in terms of file size and length.

And so we come to my last bit of Late Night Thoughts: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus.

The grand daddy of Arc System Works fighters has released their most competent version digitally. For those of you who don't know, I started taking fighting games to the next level when Street Fighter IV released back in 2008. But I didn't start on SFIV; I started on a lesser known variable called Blazblue: Calamity Trigger.

The sprites were big, beautiful, HD, and incredibly well animated. Most of all, they were spites. Not 3D characters but honest to god sprites and animated for HD too! Everyone was airdashing everywhere (except Tager of course), doing flashy moves, freezing the screen for supers, and generally filling the screen with visual noise casual fans just can't understand. If you think Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is crazy with three-vee-three, Arc System Works can achieve that level of crazy in one-on-one fights. And while I started on Blazblue, BB wouldn't have gotten where it is without its predecessor, Guilty Gear.

There's crazy airdashing, extra defenses, meter canceling, and okizeme out the wazoo. And most of all, it's greatest strength is also a big weakness amongst the mainstream crowd: the characters were batshit insane. We have a man who fights while possessed by an actual poltergeist, complete with Grudge lady. There's a bounty hunter who's a nun, but not really because it's actually a boy. There's a one-armed female samurai. There's an assassin who fights with a pool cue and pool balls. There's another assassin who fights with her goddamn hair. Then there's the character I want to unfortunately learn with her high technical curve: I-no, the guitar playing rock chick who fights with her trusty electric guitar. There's an additional plus that her idle animation is simply sublime. Utterly awesome.

But goddamn, it really feels like a game from the 90's. For some reason, half-circles don't register as well here as they do in games like MvC3 or even Blazblue. GG is here to stay, so I hope to see you guys online and get some practice with my rocker chick. We're gonna need it!

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~ StriderHoang

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