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Cblog recaps of 10/21/17 - Going to Ransack a Bee's Nest in a Sculpture Garden



Dilligent readers might have noticed that Riobux took my recap slot last week as I was away on a bit of a mini-vacation. My best friend from college got married in New Jersey so I decided to make a weekend of it and ended up going back to Storm King Art Center in New York state. For those that have never been it is a vast sculpture installation ground nestled in the Hudson Highlands. It's a beautiful little place that I miss going to since moving away from the area so when I had the chance to go I snapped up the opportunity.

Something very interesting occured while I was there though.

Among all the sculptures and artistic installations there was a group of beehives that was a part of a previous exhibit. The beehives were designed by an artist and were such a hit with the visitors that the grounds continued to keep the hives on site despite the exhibit that it was a part of ending years ago. My girlfriend and I love bees and one day hope to maintain a hive of our own so of course we wanted to go see the hives.

When we got there things were a bit more hectic than any other hive that we've ever seen. There were thousands of bees bustling about from hive to hive with one of the hives laying open on the ground. The beekeeper came over and explained to us that during the week one of the hives of bees just up and left their hive in search of another shelter. Because they left, all of the honey that they had been building up had been left unguarded. So the other three hives that were left over began to ransack the unguarded hive of the precious honey for the coming cold season.

Because of this an evolutionary switch was flipped in the worker bees and they suddenly thought that all the other hives were also open for the taking.

They weren't.

So what we witnessed was basically a turf war, with worker bees trying to gain access into what they thought was an empty hive but really was still fully active. They were met at the door by defender bees who would quite literally wrestle the invading bees to the ground. All the while the empty hive was buzzing with hundreds of drones trying to grab as much as they could for their own hive.

It was an amazing site to see. A little microcosm of rival societies playing out before my eyes. And yet the one thing I couldn't stop thinking about was the fact that the hive that absoncded would surely be dead soon as the coming winter would be too much for them with so little honey.

What's the point of this? I don't know, it was an interesting little story I experienced this week so take from it what you will.


* - Despite some Waluigi heresy in this blog I can't help but love Khalid's little ode to the classic Mario foil, Wario. Even though my friend is an annoying little shit with Wario in Smash brothers...but that's besides the point. It's a nice little concise blog that looks at the doppelganger trope in gaming and why Wario transcends the trope he was born from and went on to become as lovable as any other Nintendo character.

* - Celica has crafted one of the more creative and involved blogs I have ever read on here, it's best read without any foresight. Even if you are turned off by the Life is Strange theme, just read it. It's great.




E - The Destructoid book club has risen from the dead, quickly! Remove the head or destroy the brain! Or conversely you could keep your head and expand your brain by joining in with Dephoenix and others as they read books inspired by or dealing with video games.


D - It's the homestretch for Donley Time and the team making Boss 101, they detail the next two weeks before launch and also show off some streamers playing their game. I gotta admit my life is gonna feel a little empty without these blogs to recap each week.


M - Resident musician Alphadeus has another album release to share with us. Available for free to listen to but it's always good to support your local artist. So why not pitch a few bucks Alpha's way, he always does a great job making music.

M - Agent9's October blog series where they post a song from a horror game continued with entry 21 from Among the Sleep.


? - uwat m8?


Alright then, have a good week and remember take care of yourself and those around you.


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