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Cblog Recaps of 10/20/17+Going to microbe town and bringing back some Kombucha


 I don't have much gamingwise to say this weekend-I've been replaying some DOOM for fun and some Limbo for something I can hopefully talk more about next weekend but other than that its been more cuphead. I suppose I should mention that Streamtoid is coming back to life and I'll be trying to help keep that rumbling along-I'm also going to get into a streaming schedule going forward to try to be more consistent-feel free to check out my twitch channel if you want (its on my own sidebar) and streamtoid which I will link here. We're also supporting Extra Life so if you want to join our team or donate, feel free to at the link on that blog. 

So to the title then! I am currently making a Kombucha starter-or a SCOBY as its nicknamed. What is Kombucha? Well as my good friend and noted meteorolgist/hippie/fellow craft beer enthusiast Amna Umen turned me onto it I too was introduced to this interesting product-fermented sweet tea (alcohol is in there at trace levels but not enough to get drunk off of). Basically a collection of living microbes from storebought kombucha is added to sweet tea and forms a biofilm. This biofilm takes on a disc shape-which shouldn't be confused with a mushroom as thats an entirely different thing-in which is a community of yeast and bacteria team up to ferment the sweet tea through their own biological processes. This fermentation goes on as long as the person making it wants to within reason, making an acidic and tasty drink or terrible vinegary liquid if you wait too long. I recently decided that as dtoids resident microbiologist and a lover of food that leans heavily on microbes, I should take amnas advice to start my own Kombucha. 

As of right now mine is still taking form, but its getting there slowly but surely and I'm excited to try to make something with it in a few weeks. Its always fun to get into a new facet of cooking and with my sourdough starter sitting in the fridge and my Kombucha starter burbling away on the countertop its taking my passion for microbes and cooking, and smashing them together into one gooey mass. Its going to be a fun time, I think. 

Onto recaps! 

S - Sr.Churros continues his Sisyphean task, chewing through three more games to try to finish what cannot be finished-the eternal backlog.

M - Deadmmoon writes about his poop fetis-I mean answers the call of this months bloggers wanted and discusses his feelings on the COD series as well as how he got a bit more into it in some later entries. I personally don't find the COD games all that engaging, but I don't have a problem with people liking it at all either. I'll just huddle with Titanfall 2 in my corner and let bygones be bygones, as my issues are mostly with the filthy sewer king that makes the games rather than the people who like it.

S - Agent9 continues their series as the hallowed day of Halloween draws ever nearer-just like our own deaths-and discusses Clocktower from 1995. Game looked pretty interesting in a video from a youtuber I don't feel comfortable watching anymore and I think the game looked intriguing in its way. Shame it didn't seem to hit as well as it should have with people at the time or Agent9.

C - Virtual Kazama goes into more fighting game tips and offers a list of Don'ts that you should keep in mind.

T - Kerrik52 brings us their thoughts on Resident Evil Code Veronica X. Looks somewhat interesting, and I'm curious if anything happens with it down the line ala REmake or REmake 2-but only time will tell.

T - whatsacow gives his thoughts on The Evil Within 2 at the 12 hour point and seems to be rather taken with it. For myself I tend to wait until the games done with and then give it some time. Time and the conclusions of a game can change ones thoughts on it overall-though that is a personal quirk. Regardless check it out if you're interested although I might avoid it if you want to go in completely blind.

C - BatesBram writes a bit about Houseboy, a boardgame about trying to win an inheritance from a dying rich person whose name is Glamcock which kind of gives you the general gist of whether or not this game may be interesting to you. I do have a point of contention with the blog though, and shaming people for the games failure is why I'm putting this in could be better-I'm fine with being saddened that the game didn't do well on kickstarter but calling out a group of people out for not supporting a game they might not have heard of or been interested in seems pretty tacky.

R - Charles writes up a bit about Team Rocket and Southern Japans Saga Prefecture.



May your fission be binary and your growth forever exponential.


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