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CBlog Recaps of 10/17/2017 & 10/18/2017 - Eazy Dance



I was completing my current games dutifully. Then my brother happened.

My sibling, 6 years younger than I, grew from sprout to stout in a residence abundant with video game hardware, from consoles and handhelds to plucky PC (MS-DOS, woo!). Needless to say, he latched onto the medium as rapidly as I'd affixed myself, back in the day. (1987's likely the first year I played a video game; does that date me as dilapidated?) Anyway, once we ventured our separate ways in young adulthood, our gaming paths rarely crossed as frequently as they had growing up. His interests skewed more AAA than mine did. Nonetheless, he returned to the AA-to-B-grade crop often enough that he could still savor a gallant round of Time Crisis 4 or Rocket League. Hence, when he most recently visited, I expected some level of connection. I did not expect he'd drop off a temptation for me to borrow - perhaps permanently.


 [Hello and goodbye, 200 hours...]

The musou genre isn't quite my #1 favorite, but it rapidly engrosses me in an instant in a manner scarce other genres can. It's just drop 'n' go, plug 'n' play, dash 'n' slash - zip, zoom, swaths of armies fall. This would be totally fine and without regret were I playing no other games at the moment. Of course, being a lifelong gaming devotee, that's effectively -never- the case. I'd progressed about 80% through Yakuza Kiwami and was venturing forward in a couple other products when this long-term loan of DW8 plopped into my lap. The instantaneous switch rarely occurs for me, yet here it is: my gaming curriculum, interrupted.

It's an easy dance: the new sparkles attract; the new journey beckons; the new tale spins. Yet it's remarkably uncommon for me to just go drop everything in pursuit of the newest release, regardless of its franchise or temptation. In general, I adhere to what I begin, long enough for it to simmer and stew. Bouncing between bundles of games hasn't been my forté. I'll motor through two or even three concurrently, yet even then, they tend to stick. This instant and all-reaching interruption's rare enough that upon taking these few moments to reflect upon it, I really am left mystified at the behest.

Is it far more common in gaming these days? Going by Steam play rates and backlog histories, it does appear to be more common to bounce between addictions with nary a breath to zero in on one encompassing purpose. Massive hype trains like BotW and Persona 5 aside, even those favorites of countless professed fanatics see under 10 hours of solid playtime - or even less. It's as if playing for an hour or two solidifies a new "favorite" even if the whirlwind romance fizzles in a vapor. That's never really been my style...


 [...in fairness, neither has *that.*]

Yet here we stand, with DW8 eradicating my current playthroughs - or, at the very least, pausing them for long enough to notice. So how about you? How do you find yourself bouncing between sparkly new shinies? How do (or don't) you stick with what's currently playing when distractions and diversions arise? Finally, and most urgently, will these double Larx recap shifts expand until all 7 days fall under my runaway power???


...let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Please, if you've spunk and spirit, speak about your gaming interruptions and the flightiness of mind, as recaps arrive in the Nick Jr. of time! (I'm honestly excited when double-digit recap shifts arise. Teehee.)


* - Dinosir launched Aftermath Y2K to global critical acclaim and trillions of sales, or so I like to entertain. In reality, the man who's become one of our actual game developers offers a glimpse into the parallel structure of problem solving, a topic which rarely sees as much sunlight as its prettier cousin "Problem Solved." Consider how innovations and refinements fuel our most favored of game mechanics and playstyles. Even in tasks as simple as a sprite-based dodgeball animation, the game architects construct solutions to a range of decisions. He thus presents the parallel solutions with their consequential benefits and drawbacks to unveil why he chose his particular solution. That's the sort of lucid thought I like to toast. Top dino, sir!

* - For the 18th entry in the 31 Days set, Agent9 casts lens upon the hollowed desertion of Dead Space, which sadly fittingly embodied its name after EA eviscerated its carapace and discarded it with not so much as a shred of reflection. Really, the list of studios the giant overlord has left stranded (or actively clobbered to death) sobers a cheery heart. Westwood? Mythic? Maxis? Who's next? Oof. Thank you doubly, then, Agent, for expressing your discontent and paying heed to the duality of gain and loss. Not all's despair, yet not all's joy, either. May their casualties find stable employment and a hardiness to sojourn onward.


A - Greenhornet214 lays down the law, and the law involves dispelling myths that creep up to populate public gaming discussion now and again. Regarding #1, while certainly I've tossed cash toward a handful of companies in appreciation for their continual delivery of richly enjoyable products, I've never really ever "fanboyed" for any of them and do agree with the assertion that they operate more or less solely to profit themselves (and, for the big boys, their stakeholders). This goes for corporations in general, of course. All those Pepsi vs. Coke wars only line BOTH their pockets with currency. So enjoy what ya enjoy, but keep mindful! You're their loyal *consumer*. Not buddy. (Also, Half-Life 3's confirmed by Executive Order when I become President. Mark it.)

S - "The Voice of the Nameless God" sounds stirringly Souls-esque without lifting directly from From's jargon. This tune that our gallant Agent9's highlighting in the 17th of 31 SPOOKY October horror-song entries totally attracts my listening ears with its persistent deep synths. I'm just gonna leave it running as I continue recapping. Oh! And, as ever, thank you for your service, Agent. (I feel like I'm mis?-quoting Deus Ex with that one, but I can't quite place it...)

S - Kerrik52 has shattered the shackles chaining him to From Soft software! (Although he'd already done that, via Legacy of Kain and what-not.) This traversal through time tiptoes through Ghosthunter, a wonky 2003 entry into 6th-gen which yo-yos between mildly impressive and frustratingly untenable, in his experience. (I've never gotten over the protag's dude-bro getup, for my place.) These sort of mid-level 3D explorations occur less frequently with the modern tech, meaning it may be worth one's while to give the game a look-see if only to peer into the era and its quirks.

A - CelicaCrazed, YOU are part of the PROBLEM! By your own ADMISSION! Go ahead, DToiders, and READ the blog of the swankiest Maple Leafs fan this side of EDMONTON! - okay, capping (the caps!) aside, Celica leverages the shuttering (RIP) of Visceral Games by EA as a segue/reflection for the irrationality gamers can exude in spades: specifically, consumptive gamers can validate and even encourage foul and/or borderline-unethical business practices by gaming companies, via poor spending habits. Buy the same game, over and over! Buy the DLC, Season Pass, and micro-pie slices! Buy every little sneeze pack for that next ker-choo! It's a fair evaluation; just don't stay *too* hard on yourself, not-Pelican. (Or maybe play more sub-$60 singleplayer labor-of-love video games! Just a recommendation. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.)



 $2 to whoever can correctly predict 2048's "Dark Souls of X" - heck, scratch that; watch it be "Cuphead of X" by then. (For my part, Dark Souls wasn't overly challenging anyway...)


E - Marcel "Strider" Hoang resurrects the streaming channel Streamtoid at great personal toil and design! Excellent choice with Aria of Sorrow, to boot. The nifty detail here's that any community member can submit their potential streamable games and hours, and this channel can mirror them and broadcast to the wider DToid community! So hop into the fray if you've games to display for the devouring of all. Just be wary: Rico might mis-guide you in Dark Souls III. His direction-giving *isn't* the stuff of legend.


T - The InFamous TMF, who may become even *more* infamous in time, presents an unfiltered perspective on the circumstances pinning the price point of a new video game at $60 in greenbacks. It's more so railing against the practices of the industry nowadays, micro-munching consumers down to the pennies. I can certainly recall the generations before the current price point standardized; SNES cartridges ran $70+ at several shops (seriously, $95 for a licensed bass fishing title?! yowch).

R - Flegma teamed up with our illustrious Orochi Leona, who masquerades as the mild-mannered Chris Moyse, to revisit the grainy, voxel-y realm of Westwood's(!) Blade Runner - as opposed to the films, both classic and modern, the game features plenty of sweeping hallmarks of earlier point/click titles, with terrifying button-pounding to boot! In short, while it sounds like Flegma found a decent enough time, it stands apart from my own interest window. Still represents an intriguing slice of gaming history, I'll say.

T - Lootboxes, you say? If you've yet to flee at maximum speed, screaming incoherently, Dwavenhobble's got ya covered for what our Qualified Enviro-Chemist deems the cream of the loot-ian crop amongst these newer ailments. That's the quirk, isn't it? Even maddeningly daft frameworks can potentially avail positively, at least piecemeal. Just...don't spend a "couple bucks" on a Warframe and expect to trick out like ol' Gabriel. (Penny Arcade ref, ahoy.~)


F - As I've informed before, Gamemaniac3434 defines a truly crazed individual. This is for our community benefit - at least, for those inebriated - as here, he spins his flax of formulating the choicest of Bad Movie Nights, wherein alcohol replaces adrenaline as the chemical of the eventide. The community chatroom's known to play host to his utter madness; mosey on over that-a-way if you seek entry into that inescapable abyss. Just be warned: the true Demon Soul starts there.


V - Not so much a video in itself, but here, The Baked Potato praises the advent of YouTube for its collaborations and interconnections which can lead prying eyes toward the most fascinating of subjects and results. It's not my personal cultural stomping ground, yet I can appreciate the cooperation and reciprocated favors that bounce between channel operators, to the benefit of many. Certainly, it's a newer vector of talent.



 This ONLY hits Failtoid 'cause 1) it's "Lightning," not "Lighting," unless stage lighting can in fact be bottled & 2) Coca-cola YANKS Surge from the market often enough to drive me bonkers (yeah, totally nuts - BONKERS - no ifs, ands, or buts, no...).

Larx out, homeslice~


 Never let your troubles twist your stay.

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