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Cblog Recaps of 1/22/14 and HATCHIN-ISMS


Motherfucker I cannot get this theme song out of my head.

When Michiko to Hatchin first came out, I was offput by the weird Japanese voice acting. I've watched a bit of anime in my time and something sounds off about how everyone enunciates in Michiko to Hatchin. Except Hatchin though. Hatchin is awesome and her name is awesome.

It sounded like this is what bad voice acting in Japanese is like. But after seeing one single, solitary post about how awesome and female-empowering it is on Tumblr, I gave it a second shot and now I'm stuck in the classic video streaming loop: start watching something good that's available online and you don't know when or how to stop for a break.

Voice acting aside, Michiko to Hatchin screams unique pleasure. It takes place in a sort of South American/Brazilian vibe and the animators go that extra step to make all text including title cards and subtext Spanish. None of the recurring characters have a stock appearances, as they all wear different outfits in nearly every episode (almost as if they have a wardrobe, like normal people. WHODATHUNKIT?), and Michiko and Hatchin are stand outs as cool female characters. Michiko is, as wikipedia found sources quoting, a free willed sexy diva. She takes no guff from anyone and dresses how she wants while still kicking down anyone who gets in her way. She breaks out of a supposdedly inescapable prison, to tip you off on her past and capability. Meanwhile, Hatchin is quick to escape her previously oppressive foster family and quickly picks up a knack to naturally adapting to the seedy world of Michiko to Hatchin with equal parts guts and moxie thanks to years of suffering under a maliciously slave driving foster family, though she's still determined to be the straight and narrow type despite tagging along with his more loose with the law mother.

Michiko breaks out of the hoosegow in order to pick up her estranged daughter, Hatchin, then Hana Morenos. Together, they embark on a journey to find their thought-to-be-dead father and husband, Hiroshi Morenos. Course, Hana doesn't like being called by her name since all her previous family wanted from her was her presence which allowed them to rake in the child support checks. So Michiko just comes up with Hatchin out of the blue and it sticks.

Obviously, I'm watching the show for the title namesake characters, Michiko and Hatchin. Michiko has this sort of Beyonce aura around her, if Beyonce did priors in the clink. She dresses how she wants and never pays any mind to how anyone thinks of her, probably including the audience. And if you got a problem, she'll knock you to the ground and call you on your asshattery. Hatchin on the other hand is a morally upstanding child thrown into a whirlwind mix of self-discovery, crime, violence, and family. She's a contradiction in a world full of selfish crime mafiosos and underworld types, with her desire to look for the right thing as opposed to the easiest thing. And since she's so used to be beaten down by the people above her, she grows a natural strength to pushing against those in power and authority.

Michiko to Hatchin is one of those cult animes. One that's obviously got a gleam of quality that's hidden under the piles of anime that appear every year. It's on Hulu so it's not difficult to watch. And if you have a preference, both the dub and sub are up too.

I'm just on it for anime right now. I'm having a difficult time focusing on games, let alone some quality blogging time. Heck, I tried muscling through some Fez only to find the quality game just isn't my cup of tea. It's charming as hell and the worlds are amazing but I'm want some shithead friendly instant gratification action. Phil Fish is probably fuming right now as these thoughts traverse the astral plane into his nexus. I finished Ghost Trick, keep dying in Donkey Kong Returns 3D, Project X Zone's fun has worn off (just as I'd finally gotten X & Zero of course), and PokeBank still isn't out.

At least I'm making headway on Dual Destinies' DLC case. Ain't no orca going to be put down today.

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~ Michiko to Hatchin

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