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Cblog Recaps of 1/15/14 and also STRIDERISMS!


Everyone always talks about their backlogs. I've never really thought about my backlog because its never been something that's bothered me enough to complete. But now on this new year, I had given some thought on the games I haven't finished and really should because why pay for one more new game when I have so many unfinished games? And the one that really got me thinking this was Cave Story. Not just 3DS Cave Story either but the DSiware download game from way back when. I transferred it onto my 3DS and I still hadn't finished it.

Well, technically its unfinished. I have beaten Cave Story on the normal ending already. Perhaps twice if I've forgotten. But the real meat and frustration is in the best ending, which involves scratching and scraping through the Blood Stained Sanctuary and beating the hidden boss. Practically three whole rooms of death with a three stage boss without the help of a save spot or health dispenser. It's a ludicrously difficult task but what else could I have expected from something called a Hell run from speedrunners?

I also haven't finished Walking Dead season 1 yet. After getting halfway through episode 3, I was just too emotionally fatigued to continue and never found the motivation to start up again. I already have vague spoilers of what happens at the end due to season 2 existing but the good thing is that I haven't experienced that ending yet. Do I dare find time to exhaust myself after work?

I managed to pick up Fez for discount during the Xbox end of the year sales. 'Nuff saif about that; I hadn't even started one of the best games of 2012 yet? Crazy talk Strider!

There's also State of Decay. Another exhausting game though thank the stars not as bad as Walking Dead. When did games become so stressful? What happened to the good old days of just training Pokemon to be the best they can be in order to smash your friends' Pokemon into a gray pulp?

I haven't even finished Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon yet. I've been playing on my 3DS a lot so it surprises me how mushy my 360's analog stick has gotten over the years. It's been so long since I played a console game for a proper amount of time that I can't believe I once considered getting next-gen.

But continuing on the topic of backlogs, it's amazing to me that I've continued to ignore my iOS game purchases for so long. I just now recalled that on SuperMonk4Ever's tip, I bought the entirety of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective on iOS for $0.99. A super-good deal as each chapter normally costs about 99 cents, but over the Christmas season this deal popped up and I have Monk to thank for that. These past few days have been about catching up on Shu Takami's pet project after finished the Ace Attorney series and I must say, it really is a game Ace Attorney fans must try after getting all they can from the Ace series. It's almost hard to believe this used to be a DS game. I even played this in front of my friend and told them how well it works despite being ported from a system that uses two screens. Maybe the actual dual screen usage was rather mild at best though. I can imagine Ghost Trick being a game where the top screen, where all the action happens, just slides down to the touch screen when you need it, which normally has nothing happening on it.

Sissel's famously graceful death

I must be halfway through it but the mysteries continue to pile onto each other, one after another. Sissel definitely has this air as a cool as beans detective though but I also see why everyone loves Missile whenever he gets brought up.

Speaking of iOS, I decided to download one of those social games we all may take a disliking to. However, if you've seen any movies this past season, you'll know what I'm talking about when I say Clash of Clans had one effective ad running in theaters this season. Watching barbs mindlessly charge onto the field with distance-fighting, emotionally distant archers making cold comments on the action (We don't need any hog riders.) while a colorful cast of units also plow onto the field like the aloofly big giants and the hilariously motivated wall breakers (of course they're skeletons!).

I've played Farmville before along with other social games at the behest of friends and girlfriend like Megapolis and Candy (goddamn) Crush Saga. But the art direction and charm of Clash of Clans really rubs off on me despite it being like a lot of previous social games with in-app purchases. It's your typical you only have so much resources to spend so either spend money to keep going or wait a couple hours but I never get tired of plopping down barbs and watching them zerg rush whatever happens to be nearby. There is a multiplayer component I'm not ready to hit that involves trying your hand at invading other people's lands but since I've just started, I barely have any units to play with while I visit other friends' lands via Facebook connect and see them have things like humongous gold caches and barbarian giants roaming around.

Also my Cblog Interview finally came out with no pictures.

Also, what the heck Terry? What's up with your anti-Pokemon agenda? What's your angle?

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R - I actually use Duncan's AC musical life hack in app form for Google Chrome

F - More to come

F - Pirst fost

~ StriderHoang

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