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Cblog Recaps of 06/26 and Striderisms


My lust for comics has cooled off significantly this past few months. What started as a bender for any comic I could find that offered the value of a free digital copy has simmered into a Spider-Man fest and Ultimates-in-general kind of following. Let's go down a small list of disappointments, in one way or another.

Uncanny Avengers - make no mistake, everyone loves this comic. Except me. After reading around #4, I got tired of the absurd levels of exposition and narrator lines. It's not enough to draw Sunfire running away from a space station exploding. They have to Shakespeare the whole thing. Not to mention Uncanny Avengers demands a certain level of familiarity to it. I don't know who these Kang twins or whatever are and I don't care. It's why I latched on so tightly to the Ultimate universe. At least I could start bonding early there.

Guardians of the Galaxy along with Nova, make no mistake, I actually like these series. But I'm waiting so goddamn long in between issues, I forget these titles are even on my pull lists. Two weeks ago, GotG #3 came out and I went through what? 6 issues of Superior Spider-Man. What the heck man? What are you doing? I can't even remember when Nova #3 came out but it was too long ago.

Ultimate Wolverine - Oh god, why did I even think this would go well?

I'm still following Ultimate X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, All New X-Men, and picked up that... other X-men. Starring the all female team featuring Jubilee. Jesus Christ I'm reading a shit load of X-Men. Not to mention two Spider-Man comics, Superior and Ultimate, though I worry Ultimate is going to places I'm not sure I'll enjoy. I picked up some Hawkeye digitally even though I already have the trade because there was a Matt Fraction sale going on for Comixology. Had to pass over the Immortal Iron Fist though because fuck I'm not made of money.

But that's all ok because my lust for anime has been at an all time high. Attack on Titan is ramping up with the reveal of the protagonist's main power plus Valvrave is actually good now. Gargantia actually had a fight scene which is weird but cathartic and Hentai Prince is still probably the epitome of my anime guilty pleasure. And then there's Oreimo and Hunter X Hunter but those are givens (Oh fuck Chimera Ants arc shit shit fuck)

I go through anime quickly though, so I was looking for something new during the weekdays as most of these animes update over the weekend. I burned through Hanamaru Kindergarten pretty quickly but it's an adorable comedy dealing with kindergarteners who are too smart for their own good but back off Hiiragi is too adorable as a consistent child-genius-cosplayer (and she can get away with her referential cosplays because the series is produced by Gainax).

Fucking serious-ass business

I looked through Yuyushiki and was thouroughly reminded of the worst things of Lucky Star. Unfortunately, I've already watched several episodes because it contains the moe parts of Lucky Star too so fuuuuck I can't stop watching these kawaii-ass girls do boring shit.

I really struck gold with Sankarea though. A zombie aficionado mixes a reanimation potion to bring his beloved pet cat back to life. He meets a sheltered rich girl with a dysfunctional family background and of course they have a cute relation together as an odd couple. It comes crashing down when she dies (horribly) but not before she secretly ingests some of the potion during a dark time with her family. Now, she's a zombie and the male lead needs to sort out what exactly he wants to do now that his base fantasy just came to life(?).

I probably rushed that synopsis but I stumbled over the manga this past week and was surprised to find such a well animated series on Hulu which premiered last year actually.

And yes, Valvrave improved over the past month when they lessened the high school drama and increased the sci-fi space opera. Who knew?

Also by the way I'm loving the fuck out of Animal Crossing New Leaf I have 45k points from the HHA and I have tons of fucking fruits so badass I'm playing on the tropical island with my girlfriend every night and making mad bells oh my god I can't stop coming back every day.

* - Bring back Blaze from Streets of Rage mostly. I mean, please.

* - You probably can't escape but you're welcome to try and wither away during the process

* - Playing a rousing game of Mario or Zelda with relatives and deadly cutting tools

* - Well THIS is important. How far is too far in moderating content when it comes to the inclusion of LBGT groups?

* - Know your bosses son. Bosses are cool

* - Somebody stop Wrench before he puts his lifesavings down for an imaginary ship he can't even hypothetically fly yet. This is Star Citizen baby.

* - Mega Man X was the best blue ass motherfucker to ever grace us with its presence as a game

* - The fame and fortune of competing in the Le Mans versus the chance to design a really freakin sweet dresser

* - Did you know Microsoft doesn't really hate you? They're just perpetually scratching their heads over what the fuck we like as consumers

P - Go for that Rainbow, for the 12th time! It's all about Corey!

A - Manny Chillds talks openly about that hot gay stuff

A - Analyzing all dat sexism in games shizz yo. Word GTG and his homie-bros. Dig it.


A - Children are dumb. Why would I want to think of them in an argument?

D - Pixie updates us and reveals a Canadian origin

R - The spoiler-less review on Bioshock Infinite

R - If you're still putting off Infamous, you should read Andy L's review on it

R - Revenile is playing Animal Crossing New Leaf but of course he ain't as good a mayor as me

R - Wilza reviewed Tomb Raider I bet

T - If every facet of Bioshock 2's multiplayer is broken, it must be the Marvel Vs. of the MDS world

F - Fuck fuck fuck fuck

F - A corsair is either an expensive piece of PC gaming builds or a pirate. YOU DECIDE.

~ StriderHoang

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