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Cblog Recaps of 04/17 & STRIDERISMS!


"I will cut you if you don't do as I say."

Whoa whoa whoa. Look at this Nintendo Direct. Not only is Animal Crossing New Leaf on our horizons, but we also have games like a new Mario & Luigi called Dream Team, we have Earthbound coming to the Wii U Virtual Console (significant despite me not having a Wii U), a new 3DS Zelda, a new 3DS Yoshi's Island (OOOOHHH FUUUUUUUU), a Mario Party for 3DS (WIRELESS PARTIES ERR'WHERE), Super Luigi U, and brand new spanking 3DS units with more innate goodness than you can shake a stick at?

Remember when the 3DS first came out? I barely remember because I wasn't an early adopter. But from what I remember, the 3DS had a pitiful launch year, especially when compared to it's previous iteration of the DS. Sure, the DS should be used as more of a yard stick for success than something you should compare to because honestly, when will lightning like that strike ever again? But I bought my 3DS XL back in December and and things are really starting to heat up for the 3DS. It's still a ways off in terms of lifetime sales to even begin comparing to the DS dominating sales staying power, this year is getting crazy for the 3DS. The same kind of crazy I would've normally associated with the DS.

Now hopefully my girlfriend doesn't read this because I'd like it to be a mild surprise. Hopefully she's preoccupied with listening to the 11th episode of the Fapcast starring yours truly to remember reading tonight's caps. But I'm thinking of getting her the Animal Crossing bundle 3DS that was recently announced.

A long distance relationship is really tough. You wish you could see each other more often but the relationship is long distance due to difficult realities like living situations, available jobs in the area, and the realities of moving out and transitioning into independent life (read: bills). We see each other every month but where as I'm a guy and have duller emotional needs, it still tears me up that we live so far apart and we would want nothing more than to just cuddle on a sofa together watching TV or something. We call each other nearly everyday, text each other, and Skype whenever we can. But of course it's not enough. It's never enough.

So what I wanted to do is get her a 3DS too. In all likelihood, she'll just binge on Crashmo because it is her fucking favorite game in the whole world. But Animal Crossing New Leaf might be the shot in the arm we need to get us through our long periods of loneliness. I'm not saying it's a replacement to actually being together physically. But if the day is particularly being hard on us and it seems like the world is beating us down, hearing each others' voices and seeing each other over Skype won't make that pain go away. Certainly its difficult to say anything can make the pain go away. But having a real solid interaction with each other, something that seems more tangible compared to hearing or seeing each other, I think would be adorable.

I want to come to her cute little town and plant some flower beds near her house while she's away.

I want to bury little surprises like gifts or even notes and listen to her as she comes to me the next day with them and thanks me.

I want to design clothing to bring over to her town so her and her little animal neighbors can wear them proudly.

I want to invite her over to my town and just converse together over Skype alongside some of my favorite animal neighbors.

The price of the bundle pack is $219. I cringe at spending so much money in one sitting. But it's also love. I want to because I love her. And I want to because I know it's something we'll both enjoy.

I know it might sound like a lot but summer is quickly approaching and I know hours will be in abundance for the time leading up to Septemeber. Disneyland has periods of off-peak and peak season and if there's one time where everyone's busy as a bee with a huge influx of guests, it's summer vacation. I'm not even mad at looking at what's going to be a pitiful 18 hour work week next week. Because I know this is just the calm before the storm. Summer peak season is hellish, tough, and demanding. But it also feels right. The time after Christmas wore off, it felt like no one was in the park and that's never true. The Disneyland Resorts always have at least hundreds of people in them at one time. But that just goes to show just how real peak season actually is. A time when guest activity isn't in the hundreds but in the thousands

My body is ready for summer because with the hours I can expect this year, $219 will be a single pay week compared to the rest of my paycheck for the summer.

So after you take a look at the 11th episode of the Fapcast, the episode where I go it alone and pick up the spiritual mantle of the Write Stuff (The Fapcast is essentially the Write Stuff in audio form guys), you should seriously give Injustice a try. I feel like I've written enough tonight, so my thoughts on Injustice will have to wait until a proper blog on it on my own space. But know this that when I bought Darkstalkers: Resurrection, I felt out of place and didn't know where to go in terms of progress or satisfaction. I know I'm going to love a fighting game when I turn it on, jump into training mode, and lose two hours of my life to just trying to learn new characters. Yes, I lost two hours exploring the characters and settling on the characters I wanted to concentrate on, who are Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl (fly cancels!?). And like every fighting game, I'll also dabble in the lulzy grappler, in this case, Solomon Grundy (Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday).

Oh God, it's Persona 4 Arena all over again.

* - Dreamweaver wishes for his enemies to be driven before him as he uses their glorious death as a trophy

* - Gliscor is a total fucking badass and if you don't agree than you're a total pussy

* - How do German gamers get their uncensored games? Herr Opium lifts the veil once again in his series

* - Eloquently worded OH GOD THE HORROR violence thoughts courtesy of Wrench

A - Variety is the spice of a lively gaming palette

A - ToiletDuck is angry at today's anti-consumer business but I think he reaches too far in aspects of his argument

M - Kodu gets that violence is a choice for the consumer, not some kind of restricting bar

M - Troy has made a business of replaying good games since he's fairly frugal with his money

A - Somewhere along the line, I think BreadStick God lost sight of his argument in why people hate popular games

A - Oof! All kinds of wrong up in SwanSong's sexism argument

R - Joseph reviews Swam. Yay.

T - Whoa. Check out Zombie Estate 2. Looks like ball busting, Smash TV'ing good time

N - COFFEEwithMOTHERFUCKINGGAMES goes over the new Wii U patch and other wish list ideas

T - Know your place in Dark Souls because Dark Souls is unforgiving. Thanks GRabbit

T - Crackedbat is worried about Link to the Past 2 and how samey it might be

~ StriderHoang

In case you haven't noticed, we need a new fucking banner. If you're interested in helping us, feel free to PM any of the recappers or the Cblog Recaps account directly. Or you could PM me, StriderHoang, because I like to feel important.

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