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Cblog recaps 11/30/08 +Randombullisms

Today I tried something different for the community blogs again. Rather than just do the usual, I decided to write little topics unto themselves about each blog mostly. I say mostly, because soem I did the usual posting about. Some however I tried to start discussions in the comments here asking questions. Others I just sort of went off about a topic. I also built de posts today about completely without any sort of template. I say about because it is sort of in my head now. Although I will say that occasionally I'll forget other or culture are seperate sections. Which I think I may have today done. Oh well.

If you wants to playing games with me, you know hw to find the randombullseye.

*- Q*Bert artwork. I was stunned when I saw it. Q*Bert is a fun game, and this artwork makes me want to play it.
*- This post for the monthly musings was really awesome. It makes me want to play what they've built and I hope they do a follow up post with their games included Also their avatar is awesome, it reminds me of Bucky O'Hare. Looking at it glancingly made me think it was Bucky himself. That has nothing to do with their awesome post though. Go read it.

A- Something about drugs, I think, and video games. Includes a picture of the KFC new variety big box and mentions all the fixings in it.
A- Article about hype. Some awesome discussion going on in the comments section, seriously, read this one. Good stuff.
A- An article about the choices in video games. I'm not exactly sure what they were aiming for, but they mentioned Gears 2 story. I'm about two levels into it, and I can tell they tried to do it. Not exactly the action movie plot I wanting, but it is pretty cool. Or should I say epic? At some point in the last few years, cool became lame, and epic replaced it as the new word. Now I feel like those people that used to say groovy. Except for Ash Williams. He's taking it back!
A- Letter to NPC. This is rather humorous.
M- One of the best monthly musings I've ever read, and I must say that I agree with their statements. I too have designed similar things in games and will continue to do so. Ever hear how Beavis & Butthead laughed?
S- That destructoid member on a trip to Japan for school writes about day one. Contains a photo of the toliet.

?- This goes under community for a few reasons. I had just listened to last weeks Retroforce Go this morning and this post makes it all the more hilarious. I'm sure if you listen you're well aware of how Chad felt about a certain name. The Retroforce Go influence spreads again.
?- Another post for community. This excellent and consistent community blogger is leaving us for a while. I will miss reading all their posts.

C- Are you a bad enough dude to beat Haxan? They're offering up the fourth entry to a certain street fighting game.

N- Left 4 Dead mod version of Shaun of the Dead. If this actually was awesome, I'd love to play it. On podtoid they mentioned how some said that Left 4 Dead was like a mod, and I'd like to take this time to state some of the best mods ever. Counter-Strike for one would be the best mod ever. Just playing Call of Duty 4 online made me feel like I was playing something directly inspired by Counter-Strike. Another good one is Team Fortress. I'm more familiar with Team Fortress Classic, the Half Life version, but I have played the Quake version as well. An excellent game. Lastly I will mention something lesser known and not as popular, a rome total war mod that I found that let me make the Spartans in game look like the ones in the movie. You know, the one based off taht Frank Miller comic? Yeah, that was an awesome mod. I miss playing Total War all day everyday, but you know, there are other games to be played. What a rant this is.
R- A review of Manhunt.
R- A Far Cry 2 review.
R- A review of Pyschonaughts. I've yet to play the game myself, but everyone seems to love it. I've yet to play Beyond Good & Evil either. As a guy who isn't particularly into story, should I do so? I probably will eventually, but it could be as long as a year or more before I got around to doing so. Someone think they should light a fire under me to play those? And Earthbound, that's another on just sort of sitting there not getting played. I feel bad when I don't play games I like, that other people have recommended, but then something else comes along and I move on to something else or get busy doing other things.
R- Two reviews: That new Castlevania on DS Order of Ewordida and N+. N+ being a ninja game on xbox live arcade and a few other systems.
T- A five step plan for Sonic fixing. A hilarious picture at the end makes this all worth reading. Of course, I just kind of skimmed over it, but I got the general idea of it. Question: Are/is that photo of Sonic 2 the HD ones some fan made? I had heard about those but I guess I never saw them. Soon as I'm done recapping, I might take a look at some of those. Seemed like I heard about them last year, but missed seeing them.
T- Gears and God of War compared to each other. Personally, I like both games and have them both in my memory pretty well. I can't awit to play God of War 2 and Gears 2 seems to be what I wanted. Considering I liked the first without playing any multiplayer, other than splitscreen, I think its a pretty good game. Of course, I like shooting things and third person shooters are among my favorites. Not to mention the beat em up feel that the God of War series has. Did anyone play the PSP one? Was it worth playing? Oh I seem to have gone on again about something.
T- I'm guessing this is their thoughts about this cover they posted. I'm putting it under games and I don't know what else to say about this post. Other than the usual "Whenever they post I hear that cartoon parody from youtube speaking."
T- I agree with this post. New games that are old, but new coming out is awesome. Just the idea that a new Mega Man came out makes me happy. Even if this poster didn't mention Mega Man 9, I will. If you like Mega Man and somehow didn't play Mega Man 9 yet, do so. And in a hurry. I'm somewhat excited to be buying Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Turbo Hyperfighting Edition Fourth Strike Alpha Gaiden if only because the title is easily parodied and makes for a quick joke. No seriously, I want to play some Street Fighter 2 online. The game looks great from what I've seen and I've heard online play works pretty well. I'd pay fifteen bucks for Street Fighter. As for Chrono Trigger, the other game this post mentions, I'm a big fan. I might buy it for my lady for christmas as she hasn't played it and she has a DS. I was going get to her that new Yoshi's Island that was on DS as well. The one that has Donkey Kong and Princess Peach as well as Mario riding Yoshi. I'm guessing she won't read this. Any thoughts about that? Oh hey and old new games are awesome. Thanks capcom and square.
T- Some complaints about Call of Duty World At War.
T- Someone wishes they could quit that new Street Fighter.
V- A video link to the Black Mesa mod for Half Life 2's Source Engine. I liked Half Life, and I bet it will be pretty cool with the source engine features. I didn't watch the video, but I've a pretty good imagination on what would happen or look like in this new version of Half Life. I'm curious about some things, but erased what I wrote for fear someone might not have played Half Life. Would hate to spoil the surprises for you.
?- A member gives us their week in gaming.

And I sort of also combined it with other, so just check other.

A- The doodletoid number two. I thought at first this was just a concept for their next one. I read the title wrong, silly me.
F- Top ten movies for the xbox netflix. I was surprised by some of their choices. No clockwork orange or movies involving the words "Look out he's got a knife!"[
?- An ebook converter?
?- Mothers against vault dwellers?

94.phtml]S- Short blog that asks one question. Comments are hilarious.

Once again, correct spelling was thrown out the window. I left it AS IS for the most part. Thanks for a nice weekend Destructoid. Almost failed posting the fail section, fo some reason I typed over the bannar link inthe middle of the post. Maybe my eyes aren't what they used to be?
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