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Cblog Recaps 11/10/08 +Randombullisms


Say randombullseye, you've not been writing about old school games lately have you? I've been working on a couple actually. The problem is, I'm replaying those games and they're not exactly short games. Castlevania 2, Dragon Warrior 2, and a couple others are getting write ups. I'm also still looking for that Colecovision I had as a kid. Any of you guys ever play that thing? Zaxxon, Donkey Kong, Mr. Do, Ladybug. And those are just the ones off the top of my head. Also my time usually spent towards writing is going towards a certain video game. I really would love to have a new blog to post everyday. That's my goal.

It has been over two weeks since my last blog post on my name and it was about Bonerquest.

On another note:
Anyone want me to write a review of Fallout 3? I'll only write it if you guys care to read it. Probably just be the same as my Mega Man 9 review where I talk about my experiences with the game and how I felt about it. So if you want to read that, tell me and I can put aside some time to write it.

*- Brandon Crisp died from falling. Video games proven innocent.
*- Whatever happened to 4 player screen.

A- Friends who don't game.
A- Yojimbo's been here a year. Then wrote this long post about it.
A- Dear Clifford Bleszinski,
A- Music and Rhythm Games: A Classically-Trained Pianist's Perspective.
A-On spoilers and the spoiler aversion limit. (no spoilers)

E- Redzie jacked up contest entry for samit.
E- emotoaster jacked up contest entry.
E- Milobrin jacked up entry.

E- Attention UK Dtoiders let's go get drunk.
?- Penny-Arcade Childs play Charity - Alder Hey Children's Hospital
B- Possible 21st Birthday Party(NVGR and shortblog)

N- Loco Roco 2 EU Leaked. A picture and a sentence. Not exactly a blog post.
N- Something about an interview about Mirrors Edge.
N- Guitar Hero v. Copyright Law.
N- Radeon HD 4850 Overheating Fix
N- Rose spotted in SFIV - Roster complete?
R- Fallout 3 Review
R- Pew Review: Call of Duty World at War campaign (360).
R- Exit DS review
R- Cannon Fodder: A Review of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
T- Left 4 Dead Awesome Much
T- Little Big Planet Impressions
T- A time to build the freedom of PC game modding will never come to consoles.
T- World of Warcraft -- The Death of the MMO Genre
T- Tubatic says Save Early, Save Often. Frustration with Hardware/Software Quirks and Failurer
?- Megatron0016 writes about their week in gaming. 11-02-08 to 11-08-08.
T- Uwe Boll is making a game WTF from Unstoppable Juggernaut.

A- T-Shirt Time: Hadoken

?- I think they're replying to comments from another post of theirs, but its formatted kind of iffy. I couldn't get the gist of it skimming it over, can you?

F- ! An attempt to copy paste from another blog something about gamestop.

Look for my post this week about Bonerquest. Otherwise, see you guys next weekend.


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