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Cblog recaps 11/09/08 +Randombullisms


I'm so angry and frustrated. I got Fallout 3 for until Sunday night. I've yet to receive an important phone call. My free time has been going less and less towards Bonerquest. I'm getting close to sending out a test version to people. Not set in stone, but maybe next week some people can test play it for me. I must warn you, that test will be more about looking for bugs and glitches, spelling errors, and making sure enemies don't murder you. I also want to see how the testers react to the game. Bonerquest is probably not suited for anyone who doesn't laugh at scatological humor or someone that doesn't like video games. I'm curious to get a reaction from people. I will say that the boss enemies and monsters I showed off have gotten strong reactions. Again, don't want to show off everything at once. You gotta play the game to see it all.

Will you accept the Bonerquest?

Look for a full post from me about it soon with more screen shots and information.

*- The 8-Bit water pipe makes me smile. No matter how much I've seen it.
*- A Zombies Bite... (write up about zombie bites in Resdient Evil not turning you into a zombie.)
*- Big post about never being satisfied with Sonic The Hedgehog. I couldn't read it all and thought "I'll pick it. That's the nice thing to do." So if you want to read about Sonic, go ahead. This also has a "part 1" attached, so I assume there are more parts.
*- This post is in response to a kotaku article, I think. The length of this one made me actually groan out loud. It is late at night, I want to play Fallout 3, and I have about four more posts to recap. Do any other recappers read all these posts or just skim them with a good once over?

A- Altered Beets has a thrd game idea: Kari's Kleanomat.
A- Excuses Developers use for avoiding the wii.
A- First time through Final Fantasy III (VI) Intermission.
A- World War One 2 This Time It's Personal.

C- Beard contest canceled apparently.
C- Dance contest *Contest*
C- Custom Katamari shirt + win your own.
E- Nintendoll Blitz II The League Entry.
E- Jacked up contest entry. (another Blitz II entry, I think.)
V- Vitalle is back with a message contest video.

?- Infinity's End selling some games. Final Fantasy VII, Phantasy Star Online Complete, Rockman & Forte, Virtual On Ontario Tangram. They are also selling We Ski. This goes under community, I guess.
FrogMan has a Joust T-shirt for sale. Hand printed by robit studios.
E- SOCOM Dtoid Clan needs (or maybe needed) you tonight.

I- XxBloodFaceXx joins Destructoid and made a post about it. In a comment about the X's they say "its not to be cool or scary or hardcore, there just there ok? cant you morons just deal with it?" Welcome to Destructoid!
B- SilverDragon1979 posts why their 29th B-Day was the most memorable ever.

N- From Pedro Blandino comes a post about Dr. Light being playable Street Fighter IV? Destructoid's editor in chief comments "This is actually kind of old; it may have just appeared in the new Famitsu, but this in a book that Capcom had distributed at this year's TGS. I actually just threw mine out. :-/ But I don't think Dr. Light will be in Street Fighter. I'll eat my words if I'm wrong, though!"
N- Something about a new Tomb Raider.
N- Pc Splitscreen in Left 4 Dead on PC.
N- Interview with Marcus Fenix (and Bender on Futurama) voice actor.
T- A post about Gears of War 2. It says 24 hours of gears 2, so I'm not sure if I missed something or what.
T- Mortal Kombat vs DC Don't Blame Ed.
T- Nintendo Purple. Short post about purple nintendo consoles.
T- Surplus Gamer writes about their new PS3 first impressions.
T- Unstoppable Juggernaut posts Tomb Raider Underworld demo impressions since they can't afford real games right now.
T- DeadHead8 writes their NXE beta impressions.
T- Choices choices choices. Gabe Sylar can't decide what to buy.
T-unstoppablejuggernaut says F*ck GOW2, Ive got Mirrors Edge time trial code!

A- A post about a popular vampire book and movie, Twlight.
C- A post about cosplay characters. Used the word Fandomania.
F- Cosby Movie month with Genki JAM. 100% more Thundercats, Fat Albert, Kenan & Kel, and Pokemon.

V- Something about quitting making videos, then they mention at the end they are going to keep making videos.
?- Why do Stephen Spielberg and Will Smith want to do a remake of the movie Oldboy? Michiyoyoshiku posts about it saying "Steven Speilberg wants to anally rape a beloved korean classic."

F- Really bad joke from a friend. Somehow also excuses Naim Master for not being in FNF, I guess?

If you want to play the Call of Duty World at War beta with me tonight (yes, late night/early morning is acceptable) or tomorrow add me, message me, whatever. I use randombullseye as my gamer whatever on xbox live, so if you want to do that, ask me and I might play with you. Hopefully that last's throughout monday as well as tomorrow. I'm trying to play it and play my rented Fallout 3. I'm leaning towards keeping Fallout 3 an extra week to finish it up, but that means I might not buy it goes down in price. If you want my opinion on it, it's a great game. I really am liking it a lot. If I find myself with an extra sixty bucks, this would be worth buying. Might do it just to play through it a couple more times. So much to see, so much to do. What's really creepy is that I've been to D.C. and some of this stuff looks familiar. Not exactly to scale, but the metro tunnels look enough like the metro to give me a bit of a chill.

We should seriously start recaps at noon instead of midnight.

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