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C-Blogs of 9/2 to 9/8 + Mega Manisms



So how about that new Mega Man game? Everyone’s getting excited for it. There’s even a demo available. It’s great to see Capcom pulling their heads out of their asses with Mega Man and actually addressing their audience for once. We could use that with a lot more of their other franchises. But for now, I’m glad to see Mega Man fans getting a bone for once.

That said, I still don’t like legacy Mega Man.


I’ve expressed my distain for NES-hard sidescrollers before. I’m not denying how influential some of these games have been. Unfortunately, a lot of these “classics” haven’t really aged that well in my eyes. And games like Mega Man represent some of the worst aspects of that era. IE, pixel-precise movements being required almost all the damn time, levels and attack patterns that require future vision to predict on the first try (if they even have patterns), the overly-punishing lives systems, and just generally being obnoxiously difficult to pad out the microscopic runtime. In other words, a Mega Man game.

But hey, I played the Mega Man 11 demo to give it another shot…and then immediately blew it off after I ran out of lives. While the Double Gear system is interesting, this is still just another Mega Man game for me. IE, not fun.


I went back and played Mega Man 2 on my 3DS for comparison, another game I blew off out of frustration. To its credit, the level design is pretty intuitive and the equipment you get all have great uses. The movement controls are a hell of a lot better than Super Mario Bros, that’s for sure. But it’s still a Mega Man game, so there will always be a bit of obnoxious difficulty here and there. Thank fuck for save states, or I never would’ve had the patience to get past any of it.

Still, I’m glad that the franchise is coming back. I’ve long since accepted that these games just aren’t for me in the same way that Metal Gear Solid, most first-person shooters, and all horror games aren’t for me.

The Battle Network games were pretty fun, though.


Here’s what you guys wrote this week.


* - Remember when there were a bunch of games trying to be the next Pokemon or Tamagotchi back in the late 90s? Pogoat certainly remembers. Should’ve used some pictures to illustrate his points, but I’m letting it slide this time because Monster Rancher.

* - Lootboxes. You know ‘em. You hate ‘em. Now Guerilla wrote a haiku about ‘em. It doesn’t even try to follow the 5-7-5 rule of syllables, but I’ll let it slide this time because fuck lootboxes.






C - There’s a game out about the Spidered Man. Go tell Strider how much you like it! Or how much you hate it! Either or!


R - SaiTatter reviews Daemonical, a co-op survival horror-em-up not unlike that there Friday the 13th game. Apparently it has more of an emphasis on actual teamwork instead of screwing over your teammates at the last minute.

R - Sapato64 gives his first impressions of Octopath Traveler. It’s only the first 25 hours, but apparently it was enough for him to give very high praises!

R - Kerrik52 is back with another Travellers in Playtime. This week, he takes a look at a 2006 action RPG for the PC called Chantelise: A Tale of Two Sisters.


A - That Mega Man 11 sure is getting people excited. So why not draw some potential robot masters, as Adzuken is eager to? Is it putting the cart before the horse? Probably. But hey, at least it gives us Spoon Man!


V - Gamemaniac3434 is back with another Gallerytoid. This time, he and his crew talks about Dead Space 2.

C - Blanchimont reviews the Wolfgang update for Closers. It would’ve helped if there were screenshots or footage of the game in question, though.

C - Ever wanted to be a security guard during a graveyard shift? Of course not! But don’t worry, Boxed Swine has a strategy guide for a game called Grave Shift Security Guard. It’s a pretty good guide, but has the opposite problem of Blanchimont and has a few too many pictures.


F - Did you know that DTOID is dying, apparently? Dwavenhobble thinks the lower amount of C-Blogs as a sign. He wants also everything to stop being so political, despite being the only one getting up in people’s faces about politics.

And remember: the early bird may get the worm, but the early worm gets the bird. With a bazooka.




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