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C-blogs of 9-07-09 and LATEST RECAPS EVER


So, PAX happened.

(I hope you don't mind my using this image, Woody)

I can't compete with what Ted went through at the show, but I can tell you some of what happened to me, in no particular order.

Chad Concelmo sang my name (well, avatar, anyway) in the closing moments of the communities panel. I had to wait outside the door until somebody left to get in, but hearing that made my week. I made a Chad face of my own when I heard it.

I creeped the hell out of Garison because I forgot that while I knew what he looks like, he had no idea who the hell I was. PROTIP: when meeting internet people, make your introductions early.

A man in OfficeMax thought I was an employee because I was wearing a red and white Destructoid introduction nametag. Do I LOOK like a Qalamari?

CTZ told me, in no uncertain terms, to suck his dick.

Dexter and I totally geeked out at the Elephant and Castle pub, having a seriously epic pokemon battle in the middle of a crowded bar. It was a true battle of equals, coming down to the last move on each of our last critters.

I got to meet Samit, and seeing as it was his birthday, I brought him a card. I was in the middle of my battle with Dexter at the time, so The GHost was nice enough to give it to him for me.

Despite my caution; drinking Airborne, taking Zinc, Echinachea and Vitamin C every day, carrying hand sanitizer and washing up before every meal, I believe I have gotten a mild case of the con SARS. For this reason (and certainly NOT the self-inflicted sleep deprivation over the duration of the expo) I needed to sleep for about 16 straight hours once I got home last night. That is why this recap is so late, and I beg your indulgence, just this once.

I got to meet a whole lot of fantastic, amazing people from Destructoid on the last day. I brought the friend I was traveling with to the meetup, and he was seriously impressed by how genuine and nice everybody was. I'll go more into detail on my own blog, of course. Although this is my first post of the month, I'm going to put off doing YTMNDs until next week due to the lateness of this post and all the PAX stuff I've already written here.

One last thing... this happened.

That's me, Pendleton, Garison, ScottyG, and Funktastic. I wanted to get a picture of all the recappers who were at PAX, and fortunately, we were able to do so. I heart you all. See you next year!

*-KoKoo Psy made a flash game tribute to our own Warrior of the Arctic. This will no doubt be a topic of discussion on tonight's PodToid.
*-Not to be outdone, Dead Movie Star ah.... reworked the classic Chad Punches Old Ladies In the Face.
*-Kauza wrote a great retrospective on the death of the Dreamcast just in time for the tenth anniversary of the system's North American release.
*-Megastryke is the guest DJ for dTunes this week, and the Mega Man inspired jams he dropped really start the week off right.
*-The Burch siblings really can't take a bad photo.

A-Freefall wrote what I hope will become a series on the best support squads in gaming.
A-Y0j1mb0 wrote a pretty good description of gamer rage while asking for help with Persona 3.
S-Stevil's Gamer Obscura series looks at a game that seems to be inspired by Ghubli films: Steambot Chronicles (or Bumpy Trot depending on your region.)
A-Nekobun explains that although he was late to the party, the Dreamcast is still one of his favorite systems ever.
A-Jon Holmes broke a date to give you his impressions of Contra: Rebirth. That, my friends, is dedication.
S-Blinking through his tears, Nihontiger90 asks What'd You Get? As I mentioned, I got ConSARS.
S-Tanukitsune's Backlog is now smaller by one Arcade shooter and one Mega Man port.

C-Nilcam would like you to enter his King of Fighters contest.

E-If you have Wipeout HD and are trying for the Bling Brigade trophy, RyderBackside could use your help.
I-Greetings to Howler54. Welcome to Destructoid.
I-And welcome to Joshhest as well, who came with Tactix to PAX and decided to give this Destructoid thing a try. Good to have you!

N-The Chilean version of [email protected] Th0mpson emerged from the slime yesterday. LaloZero has the story.
V-Unstoppable Juggernaut thinks Modern Warfare 2 is worth getting excited about and offered up a video as proof.
T--the-mole- shared some thoughts about the games being shown at PAX.
R-Molotov Cupcake posted an extensive review of Final Fantasy: Dissidia.
R-HDShadow posted a video review for Beatles Rock Band.
P-Dexter was willing to stand in line for 3 hours to play Left 4 Dead 2. I envy him, but mostly because of the T-shirt he got.
D-Spyn Doctor's game, Kuchibi is now available on XBL Indie. You can also win it free if you follow him on Twitter. Check out the demo and support a fellow Dtoider.

F-Bigby saw Gamer so you don't have to. So don't.
F-Wanderingpixel reports that the live-action version of the classic anime movie Akira may be back on track.
S-GraveRisen spent more time on the show floor at PAX than I did, it looks like. You can check out pictures of his haul here.

R-Some scattered gaming thoughts from Antwhan.
R-Crunshii asked for some help picking a laptop.
C-Thanks for sharing the Red Dead Redemption videos, but a little effort in explaining why we should watch them or what they are would go a long way.

Not one failure! Irish coffee all around.

BONUS! As you may have heard, Knights Of The Old Republic is available on Steam now. BioWare were giving out vouchers if you went to see the Old Republic demo, and I got a couple spares. Would you like one? Call it a sort of an apology for bowing to biological needs rather than powering through them. Below is a code you can enter into Steam for a KOTOR of your very own. Just go to the "My Games" tab, click "Activate a product" and enter in the code. First one to enter the code gets it, so good luck!


Whoever wins, mind making a comment so all the losers can hate you forever? Thanks!


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