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C Blogs of 8/13/11 and 8/14/11 + SilverDragonisms and a word about Elsa


My wife and I spent this entire weekend packing our life together up into a box so we can move into our new house later this week. It's always amazing how much crap you find out you've been hoarding when you try to move. We took 8 full bags of trash to the dump today, and 6 other bags of junk to good will, and after all of that we still have TONS of boxes of stuff to move. We don't even have kids yet and we just have way to much shit.

With all the crazyness going on of trying to buy and move into our new house, I haven't had much time to play any games or even pay much attention to the Cblogs. I can say that there were A LOT of great Cblogs this weekend. I highly recommend you check out the top sauce section.

Also, I would like to say one thing before I go. I did manage to catch the tail end of the whole eSports debacle that started when Elsa's monthly musing blog was promoted to the front page. A lot of people said some rude stuff about Elsa this week, and I think it's important to point out that she has NEVER intentionally tried to stir up drama or get hits on her blog just for the sake of getting hits.

She's also never written anything with the intention of hurting anyone else's feelings. While I don't know her personally, I have been reading her blogs a long time and I've also chatted with her multiple times about various topics. I've even gamed with her, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Elsa is an extremely kind and pure hearted person who has easily written some of the best Cblogs in the history of Dtoid. I always get really excited when she posts a new piece, and you should as well. While you might not agree with her on every topic, you should at least treat her with respect, because she's earned it damnit!

Now that that's been said .... let's get on with the Cblog recaps shall we.

*-Golden Avenger explains what a Magnetometer is, and why we should care that there's one in the Wii U controller.

*-AlphaDeus updates us on the progress of his Destructoid Community Music Album.

*-Lori Navarro writes a great article about the Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard voting issue that left a lot of gamers divided.

*-Source & Sorcery: Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

*-Beverlynoelle writes a MUST READ article about how Ubisoft is allowing the Frag Dolls to misrepresent female gamers.

A-Sevre tells us about some of the new MMOs coming out in the next year, and why we should pay attention to them.

A-ManWithNoName lists the Top 7 accessories and stuff gamers should own.

A-Games are not art: but don't worry about it.

S-Promoting Thought #6 - Community Done Right.

M-East vs. West: How to Spell Western ... W-I-N-N-I-N-G!

M-East vs. West: Why the Difference?

M-East vs. West: On the limits of Japanese Influence.

M-East vs. West: Glorious Nippon

M-East vs West: A Shameless Worship of Heroes.

M-eSports: Mind Over Matter

S-ManWIthNoName posts the first chapter of his choose your own adventure story.

E-MAG: Free to Play or Free to Pass?

E-Rexwolf2 needs someone to take his avatar to PAX.


S-Chapter 19 and 20 of Game Designers fan fiction are finished.

R-IrishFists reviews Crysis 2. and needs to learn how to imbed pictures.

R-IrishFists posts his Bulletstorm review, once again without knowing how to imbed pictures.

T-Abritish tells us about his Fallout New Vegas character.

T-N7 thinks the Collector's Edition version of Skyrim is a rip off.

The Cblogs have no culture this weekend

R-Hippieppieces found proof of Destructoid being in Zelda LTTP.

R-This started out as an "East vs West" blog but turned into something entirely different.

F-I feel like there's an inside joke I'm missing here, and while it did make me laugh, it's still a fail blog.


F-Why pay for console games when you can steal them?

F-My eyes are bleeding!


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Last week, in the quick posts of Destructoid's community, we saw the rise and fall of community manager Wesley J. Russow. He rose to prominence with his immutable power, only to see it come crashing down as the working class clambered beneath him and tore him down. Truly, the life and times of Westopher G. Raggamuffins was a lesson in live fast, burn hot, crash spectacularly.

Wes went from community darling to lovable despot over the course of a few days. It was a thing of beauty to behold. Truly, nothing is better to witness than a real-life heel turn. Wrestling is nothing without these terms after all. A "Face" is a good guy wrestler who fights the man, stands up for the little guy, and fights fairly while still winning. A "Heel", on the other hand, is a despicable, dastardly villain or even anti-hero. I loved Kurt Angle's antics as this gold medal Olympic winner turned wrestler who wasn't necessarily as likable as his gold medals imply. I loved hating that guy! A good heel is fun to hate, and there's nothing quite like the gasp of shock when watching the turn, when a face uses dirty tricks and turns into a heel.

Let me ask you this: is Kratos a hero? Before we see Kratos return in what I'd call Dad of War, let's not forget Kratos’ sordid past as a hero. In the first game, it was a revenge tale. It was a story of a mythical Spartan warrior who wanted revenge on the God of War who betrayed him. But as the series went on, it became a story about the lengths Kratos would go to justify his vendetta against people who wronged him. He would literally destroy the world just to destroy his enemies. Sure, we played as him, and we were taken on a ride, but would you really put your bet behind him and say, "Yeah, look at that hero!"

This month's Bloggers Wanted is about your favorite heel-turns or anti-heroes (in case a heel turn is too specific). Do you like it when Ryu turns into Evil Ryu? Or maybe you like Injustice, with its built in heel-turn Superman? I won't claim to understand the time line of Revolver Ocelot between Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriots, but I love that knucklehead.

To participate, just start a blog in our community section and title it "Heel-turn: [your blog title here]." Write to your heart's content, and if its up to snuff, you'll see your stuff published on the front page! Just remember, you're telling us about your favorite heel-turns and anti-heroes, not becoming one yourself, like Wes. Rest in spaghetti, never forghetti.

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