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C-blogs of 8-03-09 and YTMoNDay


This was an excellent day to be a recapper. There were a ton of introductions from all around the world, Togail, Suitcoat Avenger, Grumpyturtle, AND Mikey all decided to do art blogs today, The return of dTunes, plus this month's Musing topic was announced. Believe me when I say there was a lot of great stuff, so it was hard to choose just a few to recommend for topsauce.

It's my first recap for the month, so as promised, it's time for some YTMNDs.

A wild Diglett appears!(NSFW audio)
You never hear the one that gets you.
You played it for her, you can play it for me...
They're makin' Tron 2!(NSFW audio)
Toad's Turnpike
Ninja Golf 3, for the NES.
An epic showdown.
Chuck Mangione: NES version.
Is this really more far fetched than an Asteroids movie?
Someone went and crossed Metal Gear Solid with Dolemite.(NSFW audio)
The URL and music really sell this one.Leave it open on a coworker's desktop for maximum hilarity.
What if Pixar made Katamari Damacy?
Samus dances with a Metroid.

And a YTMND post just wouldn't be complete without some Random Man Now, Dogs.

Beach balls were banned for a brief period following the American Revolutionary war.
Joey Pants feels snubbed.
You will not remember this YTMND.

*-WalkYourPath did an amazing interview with the owner of one of the last operating arcades in his Austin Hometown. This is a great read, I can't recommend it enough to fans of the cabinet culture.
*-Mikey's been incredibly busy lately, but this art dump of his character models for the Destructoid comic is beyond fantastic. As a bonus, there's some Mario, Sonic, & Pokemon images too... he's planning on drawing every critter in the original Red/Blue Pokedex.
*-Ron Burgandy's dTunes was an underappreciated feature in my opinion. The reboot gets off to a good start by featuring some spectacular chiptunes.

A- TSuereth responded to the Burch/Jaffe debate with his observations on Assassin's Creed's gameplay.
A-Nessie returned from a long absence, posting an in-depth look at the recent MMORPG Aion.
A-Ali D took a hard look at Activision's decision to charge extra for Modern Warfare 2. His findings might surprise you.
A-Kauza had an epiphany while he was on vacation last week. Mother Nature is a beautiful, wicked temptress.
A-GeneticFoil wants to change the way you deal with consequences in your games. What do you think?
A-Mr Dillinger thinks you should let Destructoid... well, I'll let him tell it.
S-NihonTiger90's weekly quiz rarely has the same answer. What'd you get?
S-Tanukitsune continues battling his backlog. This week, he got through Matt Hazard and Saint's Row 2.
M-This month's first Musing was by Jivemasta, who has a problem many of us can relate to... not finishing his games.
M-Stryffe's Musing took a look at that bane of the busy gamer-- the JRPG.
M-Ninja in Distress posted a great Musing about how he discovered fighting games are not his jam.
M-I have a feeling Fighting games will be popular for this month's theme. BlindFire loves fighters, but they don't necessarily love him back.
M-D Sane's pet hate is the first-person shooter.
M-TripleZer0 loves Command and Conquer, but sucks at Real Time Strategy. Read about his conflict here.
M-PedroVay2003 admits his shortcomings at the RTS and strategy RPG genres in this well written Musing.
P-The aussie podcast Refused Classification is recording tonight, so make with the questions. Also, that header image is HORRIFYING.
P-This week's Backwards Compatible podcast is now available... it's rather appropriate that it's Shark week, innit?

C-Remember, you can win AbortotheFetus' San Diego Comic Con swag. All you've gotta do is write a blog describing your ideal tag team.
E-And lookie there! It's Zombie Platypus's entry.

I-Greetings to The Legendary Star, who is apparently posting blogs from a DSi.
I-Welcome (Or should I say Bienvenidos?) to Gabapenteado, who makes cell phone games from Brazil.
I-Buenos tardes to Danzflor, who enjoys Destructoid from Chile.
I-And salutations to Dexter O, coming to us from the dusky fog of London. Welcome to Destructoid. Mr. Dtoid is global, y'all.

V-MXS102 posted a link to some new Final Fantasy XIV footage.
R-Nilcam has a long history with Bust-a-Move, so he's well qualified to deliver this review of Space Bust-a-Move for the DS.
R-Though the Gamestop sale on Bionic Commando is now over, many Dtoiders took advantage of the lower price to have a swing at it. Here, AdamBlue gives his review.
T-GuuZilla aims some vitriol at Square for their treatment of the Mana franchise. Hard to argue with anything here.
T-Subenu is glad that the pack-in on his Mega Drive (Genesis) was one of the better compilations ever made.
P-VVVgamer got to try Forza 3 early, and shares his experience here.
R-Christopher J Oatis already played through and reviewed the Mothership Zeta DLC for Fallout 3. I guess this one won't be on the GOTY edition?
T-TheRealist871 was disappointed in Afro Samurai, and explains why.
T-Tgammet blogged about what he's been playing recently.
T-Canti sama laments the death of the single person FPS. I wouldn't start diggin' a grave just yet.
T-Even with all the AAA games being pushed back into 2010, the end of the year looks expensive. Trev guides you through the minefield.
T-Patters has been playing some indie games, and briefly wrote what he thought of each.
T-The Legendary Star foresees some problems with the Bringit service. Remember, it's 1-800-GAMBLER.
T- TheRealist871 "came out" in favor of ambiguity. Steel Squirrel gave him what he wanted.
D-If you have a British accent and would like to be in a game, Gabapenteado could use your help.
D-RandomBullseye dropped some suggestions for an up and coming racing game that sound fanTASTIC.
$-GoldenChild started something called "CheapToid." I've gotta say, I like this a lot.

A-Faith continues to create awesome Perler Bead pixel art at discount prices. Have a look at some of her latest.
A-Suitcoat Avenger's 60's advertisement art style is strangely well suited to this electrifying representation of the Brazilian Biter. It's a great looking piece.
A-Grumpyturtle returns to the c-blogs with some terrific-but-terrifying drawings of your favorite game mascots.
A-Togail's been busy, but he returns to the cblogs with an early look at a piece commissioned by a WoW player. I think they'll be happy with the result.
L-GamingGoddess brings us a book review of one of the high/lowest concept books ever: Of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
F-Kjohnson1585's screenplay adaptation of Ratchet and Clank continues. Part 3 is available for your perusal.

R-McBennet found a local bar that rents out NES and Genesis games on the cheap. Sounds heavenly.
?- "What would you ask Tim Schafer?" asks Ben PerLee. Daedhead's response echoes my own. "What would you ask of God?"
R-In recognition of Shark week, our resident selachimorph (look it up!) posted a link to Metal Gill Jawesome.
C-This has the stench of an ad. Other podcasts may be more worthy of your time.
C-Grammars and spellchecks and content, oh my!
?-I'm not sure quite how to classify this, but Altered has been doing a Let's Play style series that goes very in-depth and into detail about a game called Pathologic. It's well written, so have a look if you'd like to know more about what looks like a unique game experience.
?-Covah found a hidden feature of the latest NXE update: smaller installs.
C-Cross-posted blogs generally aren't welcome unless they meet a certain standard of quality or the poster has ties to the community.
C-You meet neither of these requirements. Keep it up and you'll end in the fail.

S-Ron said this was slow. The ending was pretty spiffy though.


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