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C-blogs of 7-27-09 and Qalamarisms


Good early morning to you, ladies and gents. As you may have read last Monday, ScottyG will no longer be providing your Monday recaps. Fortuitously, the rest of Team Recap were willing to let me come back to where I started (though MegaStryke did threaten to "wrassle" me for it). I'd like to publicly thank MegaStryke for allowing me to move back to Mondays. In addition to being a fantastic writer and a stand up kinda guy he's now joined the squad as our regular Thursday recapper. This is just a minor cheese-moving incident, hopefully your service will not be affected by our behind-the-scenes machinations. Fear not: YTMNDs will still be featured on my first recap of every month. Does YTMoNDay sound too cheesy? If you're wondering why this particular recap is so late, well, you can blame Xbox Live's version of Magic: the Gathering and the 2-headed giant game I was playing "just one more!" of with a friend. We totally kicked Tezzeret's artifact-slingin' ass though, so it was worth it.

Being as it's so late, I'll attempt to be brief so the recaps won't be any later than they already are. Let's roll.

I love this picture, but I think the Ditto should be named "AutoBots."

*-Suck at fighting games? Want to improve your pitiful skills? Nilcam has some helpful suggestions.
*- And Wry Guy came back with a great counterpoint to Nilcam's blog. It's like they're fightin' or something. In some sort of game.
*-ZippyDuda's blog on how Sony can improve the PS3 sparked all sorts of discussion. And so far, no fanboy bullcrap... which was nice to see.
*-SephirothX clearly put some work into this blog about some upcoming games he's excited (or not so much) about, but I'll be honest: I'm really promoting this because of the Matlock clip about 3/4 down.

A- Drunken Haze provides a way to live without Activision, and a list of alternatives/reasonable facsimiles.
A-Michiyoyoshiku made a list of some games he thinks are underrated.
A-Today marked the twentieth anniversary of the release of Mother in Japan... that's Earthbound Zero on this side of the pond. Happy Mother Day from Monodi!
A-Arch649 breaks down the current state of gaming and asks a simple question... aren't games supposed to be FUN?
A-Christopher J Oatis shared his hopes for the final (for now) Fallout 3 DLC, Mothership Zeta.
A-Nerdy Suit went deep undercover to bring you this harrowing tale of what church ladies think we as gamers look like from the outside. Chilling
S-Every Monday, Nihontiger90 asks What'd You Get? Also, HOLY $#!% PAX IS IN A MONTH!
P-Original Gamer podcast 16 is now available.
P-Backwards Compatible did not record.

Bupkiss. The below video contains some very naughty words, so be aware of that if you're reading this at work.

E-Are you going to PAX? Well why not? Look at how many of your fellow robots are going!
E-Whoa, Dtoid HQ is moving to California? Florida's loss is California's gain... although I live here, and economically, it's a TERRIBLE time to move to the Golden State.
F-TewDee thinks that with all the fighters that've been coming out lately, a dedicated night to play them with others might be in order. Can you help?
F-Krahsh has done the community a solid and set up a dedicated server for Call of Duty Friday Night Fights. Good on you, sir.
S-Kezins found a new, Wilford Brimley approved reason to love his Wii.
S-Perri's been having a rough time of it. See what's been keeping him away from Destructoid for over a month, and commiserate if you would be so inclined.
I-CinciFrag made their introductions. If you live within broadcast range of WKRP, have a look.

N-Covah beat the front page with the news that Fat Princess is finally hitting PSNetwork this week.
N-And I'm not sure who won posting the news that a new The Darkness game has been announced.
N-Diverse shares news that Hammerfall has been renamed to Hammerfight. You can still try the demo, and he provided a handy, hammery link.
R-Tubatic reviewed Bushido Blade for the Wii. Except Nintendo called it Wii Sports Resort.
T-Ausroller ponders: what makes a game a classic? Especially on the N64?
T-Toumouz has a Zoni avatar. Unsurprisingly, he's looking forward to Ratchet and Clank's latest adventure.
T-Patters doesn't care for numbers in reviews. Unfortunately, the system in place makes them a necessity.
R-Caeolos gives a firsthand impression of Rock Band: Unplugged for the PSP.
T-Tigerfangred91 played Passage for the first time, and it moved him to write something. I think that the proof that this game really is art is the fact that some people don't "get" it... just like paintings, film, and literature.
T-Wolfman288 shares his thoughts about Achievements and how they might be better utilized.
V-Unangbangkay posted a Monster Hunter video and shared some thoughts about how the series could gain success on the gaijin side of the Pacific.
T-Javet tackles the old dimensional debate with a stubborn friend. 2D isn't dead, it's just... sleeping.
R-SyntaxError begins what may be a new regular feature called "Memories from my PSOne." The first entry is a solid start.
T-Suitcoat Avenger is looking forward to the special edition of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Balls.
T-Tanukitsune continues to work against his backlog, and got it under three digits this week.
T-Hoborg managed to write a blog without pissing off half the world, asking for advice on purchases later in the year.

M-P4KO made a sweet rock remix from Shinobi 3.
M-Blazblu's music has been getting a lot of attention, so it was inevitable that someone would downsample it into an 8-bit version. Shin Oni, thanks for sharing... I LOVE this kind of stuff.
M-Zen Albatross' Music Monday celebrates Mother's 20th anniversary this week.
F-Kjohnson1585 is writing a Ratchet and Clank screenplay. Gotta be better than Uwe Boll, right?
S-Paul Soth scored big at his local secondhand shop.
S-Altair78 needed some swag-related advice. Bouncy bouncy.

R-It always amazes me how badly screwed people outside of North America, Europe and Japan get screwed when it comes to games. Europe has it bad, but Rafael Arbulu tells how far he's being asked to bend over in Brazil.
R-Reveille wrote some Red Faction fanfiction, but couldn't resist working in some DOOM.
C-So this year's Madden is pretty much the same as last year's? I don't play sports games all that much, but is this really news to anyone?
?-Animated Toupee rolls his own cigarettes. Smoking is bad, m'kay?

F-Everyone is entitled to their own tastes and opinions. My opinion is that your taste in videos is terrible.
F-Don't ever do this again.


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