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C-blogs of 6-18-09 and Qalamarisms


Good evening, Destructoid.

If I may, I'd like to share a story that happened to me over the weekend. I went with my girlfriend to visit some of her family, some I had met before, several I hadn't. She requested that I bring my Wii along as sort of an icebreaker, to see if the family might be convinced to try out Wii Sports and Boom Blox. I was happy to comply. Unfortunately, as I was packing the console, I neglected to remove the sensor bar from the top of the TV. I didn't realize it until I was unpacking the thing, of course. It was a two-hour drive from my place to where we were going, and there weren't really any stores around that would sell that kind of thing.

In some dusty corner of my brain, I had stored some of the Youtube experiments people did with the Wii upon its initial release. In particular, I remembered that the sensor bar does not transmit any information to the remote, instead it simply transmits infrared light that the remote uses to calculate its position. So what do you think I did?

Well, when my girlfriend's grandmother heard me asking for candles, I'm sure she understandably thought I was crazy. One of the other relatives asked if I was making a shrine to my console, and still another called it a combination of the medieval and the technological. But two dime-store candles worked well enough as a sensor bar to play with the system pretty much all day. If you want to impress your significant other's relatives with how smart you are, this may not be the worst way to do it... and when it worked, I felt like goddamn MacGyver.

Anyway. Several good blogs tonight, I highly recommend reading Megastryke's at the very least. It will give you new insight into Jonathan Holmes, or triple your money back.

*-I have such a man crush on MegaStryke right now, this is absolutely brilliant. Remember, Avenue Q says we're all a little bit racist.
*-SWPM risks mockery by sharing some of his favorite game soundtracks. A good song is a good song, no matter where it came from.
*-Walkyourpath's Musing for this month looks at the untapped potential of protagonist evolution. Great read, this'll probably show up on the front page soon.

S-Thursday's the day for Gemsi's EU release list. I've heard he ain't afraid of no ghost.
A-KyleR007 created a pretty epic blog that attempts to explain why he loves Earthbound so much.
A-SuitcoatAvenger starts what he hopes will be a new series called "Make This Game Now." The first entry takes a good hard look at the Punisher IP and the ideas he puts forth sound like they could be a lot of fun.
A-Flydream gives Tetris some love. I'm thinking waffle tetris might be good for breakfast tomorrow.
M-Wry Guy's Musing pleads for the opportunity to nurse back to health his shattered testicles.
P-the FSA podcast released episode 13 today.

E-I think this might be intended as an entry into the Damnation computer contest... but that ended three days ago. Still, we now have a warmup fight for the Chad/Rev volcano battle when MechaMonkey and MechanicalMonkey settle their differences like robo-simian men.

S-Sentry runs an independent game store in the Denver area, and in this post he shares some of the trials and tribulations of starting a new business... and what's in a name. I promised myself I wouldn't make a "Spy sapping mah Sentry" joke, even though the post is titled "A Case of Mistaken Identity."
I-Welcome to Destructoid, Demetrious.

N-Good: Morrowind & Oblivion are now available on the Steam platform. Bad: Most mods won't work. Good: It's a problem that could easily be fixed, and DaedHead8 would like your help in asking Bethesda to do just that.
N-Zgerhard puts his Swedish skills to use for the power of good, bringing us a translation of an interview Blizzard gave about StarCraft 2
R-ShawnKelfonne reviewed Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled for the DS. I haven't recieved my copy from Amazon yet so I avoided the review to avoid spoilers. Looks like he did a nice pros and cons writeup though, so if you're on the fence have a look.
T-Tazar weighs in on the whole inFamous/Prototype folderol and reminds us that one of the founding principles behind Destructoid is to Shut The F#%$ Up And Just Play Games.
T-Dennen thinks other genres could benefit from an infusion of RPG elements, and shares a game that may have been ahead of its time.
T-Kezziebeat has been playing Final Fantasy 10 recently. I read the last line of this blog in a Dr. Claw voice.
R-BlurryPhoenix reviewed Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for the Wii.
R-He reviewed Guitar Hero: Smash Hits for the white wagglebox as well.
T- Musai shared some thoughts about remakes vs. "enhanced" ports or as they are technically known, blatant cash-ins.
R-Lots of reviews today. Dimly gives us his opinions on inFamous.
R/T-This post by Phantomile is sort of a review and sort of a rant about how he thinks Final Fantasy 4: the After Years does DLC wrong.
R-Whatisdelicious offers up a counterpoint to Destructoid's official review of inFamous with his own.
T-Yet another blog dealing with the inevitable comparison between inFamous and Prototype. I think every blog dealing with this subject should have to use SuitcoatAvenger's drawing.
T-It's moot now, but earlier CrudeDarkness was musing about what Microsoft might price the Natal 360 at.
R-RoninZero posted some cool sh!# he's managed to pull off in Red Faction: Guerilla. No pics though, so as we all know it didn't happen.

A-Step one: Shadowsinthenyte makes hats. Step two: The Behemoth takes notice. I'm hoping step three was profit, 'cause those things look amazing.
M-Crunshii shares a story, but I'm not sure if it's a sad story with a happy ending or a happy story with a sad ending. All I know for sure is that Pixar is awesome.

R-EX35's freeform rambling is hard to classify, but it includes manly tears, Prototype, Gary's Mod and Dragonforce.
V-Oh, Japan. You wacky funsters.
?-Seamonkey420 lets you know how to bypass something on the PSP to play FF7 This whole article emits the unmistakably musty aroma of hax.
R-Pinksage tried some "Gamer Grub" at E3. Mmm, tracheas.

S-This might have been relevant two weeks ago.
F-I have a very low tolerance for fanboy bullshit. This post did spawn some more reasoned discussion, however, so I guess it's not a total loss.
S-Well, duh.
F-This isn't worth a blog, but I suppose at least it's short.


Surfing after looking for the Macgyver video led me to this, which I found far too awesome not to share.

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