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C blogs of 5-17-10 and Qalamarisms


(Image courtesy of Thor's Videogame Lookalikes)

Good evening, Destructoid. I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. I spent mine in an all-too-rare frenzy of gaming, finishing up some titles that have been on my stack for some time now. Most notable among these is God of War 3. Without venturing into spoiler territory, could someone explain to me wtf was up with the ending? The one after the credits roll, not the one that plays after you beat the final boss. I saw the bird etched into the ground, is that supposed to be a phoenix or something? The sequence didn't seem to make a lot of sense, and gave me the impression that I was missing something. Still, I had a lot of fun with the game and once I beat it I started up another playthrough immediately. I can offer it no higher praise than that.

I also "finished" Wario Land: Shake It! "Finished" is in quotation marks because while I may have seen the end credits roll and defeated the final boss (who despite the game's colorful appearance will have no trouble kicking your fat purple ass), there are still dozens of treasures I haven't collected, and probably hundreds of level challenges I haven't accomplished. If you're looking for an excellent old-school platformer with pixel-perfect precision and replay value out the wazoo, I can't recommend this one highly enough. And did I mention the spritework? It's worth the price of admission on its own, in my opinion. At $20 or less, this game is an absolute steal, one I'm willing to bet will become hard to find in the future.

I also did some Steam gaming over the weekend, doing a full playthrough of Serious Sam HD 2nd Encounter with my brother in co-op mode. I have no idea how anyone could beat that game solo... without the infinite respawns a co-op game affords you I can't imagine how anyone would have the reflexes to deal with the increasingly silly monster hordes. I enjoyed the game though, it reminded me very much of my time playing the original DOOM with friends over a 28.8 baud modem. IDKFA, bitches.

Finally, I finished my playthrough of Trine, which I bought during a Steam sale a couple of weeks ago. It's a very polished little game, the music and environments are both lovely. It reminded me quite a bit of the old Blizzard game The Lost Vikings, with the twist that all three players and their abilities were available at all times. However, I couldn't help but feel that the physics engine it utilizes sort of breaks the game. Still, a unique experience and well worth the ridiculously low sale price.

So that's what I've been up to. What have you guys been playing?

Lots of good stuff today, not a lot of bad. I like this ratio. Let's get to it.

*-If Beyamor's blog is any indication, the Monthly Musings of a post-Burch Destructoid will be just fine.
*-In commemoration of RetroforceGO!'s 3rd birthday, Odber put together the most awesome poster you're gonna see all day.
*-This is a repost, but a very good one. Magnalon helps you stretch your gaming dollars to their utmost.
*-BallsOfDuty wrote a great first piece about an affliction he shares with our own Ashley Davis. Welcome to Destructoid.
*-Kinjiro's blog is about the pain thoughtless remarks in online games can inflict, and his personal experiences dealing with them.

A-Prrulz posted his personal list of the best games/series of all time. A solid list, to be certain.
A-ME55ENGER did the horizontal limbo with Tali in Mass Effect 2 and was disappointed not to have seen her face. "Pink Gaseous Hair" would be a good name for a rock band.
A-Om Nom On Souls had a really interesting idea-- what if the concept of character creation were extended to voicework?
M-Knuta's Musing about Rayman and how it brought him closer to his sister.
S-It's Monday, time to let NihonTiger90 know just exactly What'd You Get?
P-The great Internet Aether ate half of Podsumaki episode 5, but while they work on getting it back, what would you like to see from the hosts?

W-MrRandyDixon's banner has been chosen. The winner is...

F-nilcam's hosting a Super Street Fighter 4 tourney on the PS3, there are still 6 days before the first battles if you'd like to sign up.
I-Greetings to ME55ENGER, who gives the people what they want.
I-A welcome is also in order for Daan Timmer, who joins us from an unpronounceable city in the Netherlands.
R-Ronnie James Dio assumed room temperature today. Rest in peace, Holy Diver.

N-For fans of the fightin', S0lesurviv0r brings word that BlazBlue:Continuum Shift will be hitting the HD systems this July.
R-CrimeMinister got to play Lost Planet 2 at the Dtoid Headquarters over the weekend, and shares his thoughts on the game. Dude, call me next time, I'll split gas with you.
R- ChrisSmith9c reviewed Mario Hoops 3 on 3.
R-DavidFoundation77 reviewed Ferrari GT Evolution.
T-Chris Bradshaw pondered the wisdom of releasing Kirby Super Star on the Virtual Console so soon after the DS remake came out.
T-Phantom Spaceman sold back a metric bitchload of games recently, and felt compelled to justify his decision with this blog.
V-Mike Wuest is excited for Red Dead Redemption.
D-Brain Candy studios are moving to swanky new offices. What should they do with all that extra space?

A-GON plans to render a battle-damaged Mega Man. What would you like to see?
L-RetroSoldier wrote a game-inspired poem. Not bad at all IMO.
S-KJohnson shows off a most impressive collection of early-90's Mario merchandise.

R-George Carlin used to do a bit called "Free-floating hostility." Occam's Electric Toothbrush does the same thing, but replaces the hostility with a pleasant mixture of randomness and awesome.
C-Posting rumors is fine, but you might consider hiding the blog when they're proven false. Or, y'know, do some research before blogging.
C-Reviewing a hundred games like this would be OK, but if you post each one separately you and I are gonna have a problem.

F-It's great that you got an article up on Cracked, but shilling it here would make more sense if it had anything, ANYTHING to do with gaming.


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