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C-blogs of 5-14-09 and Qalamarisms


I hope you've all seen Star Trek by now. I won't spoil it, but if you've ever been even remotely interested in the series, you owe it to yourself to see this movie on the biggest screen possible.

Not much to say tonight. There were lots of good blogs, several that were on the cusp of topsauce. Most of them have the "Articles" tag in the Wordtoid area. If you have time, most of the stuff in there is well worth a look.
There were many, MANY series updates today, so I moved some of them into other categories that seemed appropriate (Agonofini's SHAFT series was moved to literature, for example).

*-Magnalon called it. Gbreaux wrote about gaming as autism therapy, it's my pick for today.
*-Kpax shot nostalgia juice straight into my femoral artery with this blog. Not bad for a first effort. Welcome to Destructoid.
*-You should look at this one, if only for the header image. Devoslack posted about House Bill 22, which would require convicted sex offenders to reveal their online aliases.
*-Come for Blehman making fun of "g4m3r grllzzzzzz," stay for the comments. Copypasta can be fun!
*-Norm9 asks the question- why does everyone except Samit hate on sports games?
*-SilverDragon1979 wrote about how his nephews have eschewed the PSP and DS in favor of the iPhone. If I were a Nintendo or Sony executive, I'd pay careful attention to what he has to say here.
*-Chad Concelmo gives you the opportunity to ask some Yes/No questions that he might just ask at E3.

A-This may be a repost from another site, but it's well written and I feel the exact same way about Activision. Good on you, Iorisnk.
S-Slim pickings across the pond, but Gemsi has the release list anyway.
S-I'm never sure where to put NJSykora's 5 challenge. Fortunately he's been doing it for a while, so I can call it a series.
A-Crippled Big daddy had ONE weakness-- Stairs. Cloud-1409 takes a look at how BioShock's cover models might have turned out.
A-Etirflita wrote a nice piece about how effective it can be when a game forces you to descend rather than ascending.
S-Cwal37 reviews some more Fallout 3 mods for the PC version. Some of this stuff sounds fascinating, wish my crapbox could run it.
M-ArcticFox's Musing takes a look at the world of Sega's OutRun. I wish every game came with a hot girl and a Ferrari.
M-AKAThatOneGuy wrote about life in Liberty City for this month's Musing.
A-This blog takes a look back at Space Cadet Pinball. Futurama proved that space makes everything better, but it took Jack Maverick to point it out.
M-Magnalon's Musing is a very personal account of how he lost himself in the world of Morrowind.
M-Blehman's musing will be on the front page soon enough. For now though, you can read it here.
A-DarwinMayflower took a look into Square's business practices. Protip: They keep rereleasing Final Fantasy games because people keep buying them.

C-Dtoid Toronto needs a Cblog banner. Design a good one, and you could win $20 worth of game on the system of your choice.

S-Dtoid Europe recently had a Sega-themed mini-NARP. Looks like fun!
F-The Young Scot posted a battle report from the euro version of Bionic Commando's Friday Night Fights. In HD!

N-Walrus linked to some new footage of Killing Floor-- or as some wags in the comments called it, Left 6 dead.
N-Suitcoat Avenger noticed something a bit different about N.P.R. today.
N-Darkair beat the front page with this rumortoid about the new, slimmer PS3.
R-Trueb7ue's review of Rolling with Katamari for the Jesus phone. This won't be good until someone releases a cell phone with 2 analog sticks.
N-The Prodigal Son alerted us all to the PS3's latest firmware update. That reminds me, gotta download that Ragdoll game.
T-Cloud 1409 previews inFamous. I keep getting this one confused with Prototype, but I want `em both.
N-Neonie posted a new trailer for Prototype. I keep getting this one confused with inFamous, but I want `em both.
R-YaMissed reviewed Civilization: Revolution. I liked what I played of this, but I really think it should have had a save option.
T-Agonofinis had a wish list for the recently announced Elder Scrolls V. How many Giga wolves must die?
D-Zanyruki and two of his friends wrote an entire iPhone game during their spring break. Sounds interesting, maybe Dtoid could do an official review of it?
$-Mentok the Mindtaker posted about an upcoming PSP package that includes Final Fantasy: Dissidia as well as Advent children and a 2 GB mem stick.

F-A Guitar Hero TV show? It could happen. Devoslack has the story.
L-Agonofinis' SHAFT series takes a look at The Road by Cormac McCarthy.
S-Have you ever bought a game because of the swag it came with? Shin Oni looks at Atlus' marketing strategy.

R-Destructoid's Chief Executive Officer is arrogant enough to sleep on the job. Bad form.
C-I like the content of this blog, but the formatting makes it hard to read. It's a well-written letter to Square about the Crimson Echoes C+D.
?-Somehow Unangbangkay's post about Valkyria Chronicles turned into a comparison/contrast of Ben Croshaw and James Sterling.
L-SnakeDude4Life's "springs under tension" series takes a look at anti zombie supplies and their in-game equivalents.
R-Tubatic posted some free-flowing thoughts about Prototype, retro gaming, and the Samsung U750.
C-Didn't check for older blogs on the same topic. I think he learned his lesson though.
C-More content next time, a picture, something funny. Anything.
?- Novakaine got a PS3 and asked for some help picking games.

F-This guy flat out sucks. Why do you have to post your crap on MY day?


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I got this feeling about 3/4 of the way into the game. That is not good.

Modern gaming is great in that developers tend to pack in a metric shit-ton of things to do in their games. Modern gaming is also horrible because developers tend to pack in a metric shit-ton of things to do in their games. This tendency to overstuff their games with content is often overwhelming and can cause an otherwise excellent experience to drag. It was less of a problem when I was 18 and had all the time in the world; at 30 with a day job and a family, it's a complete game-changer.

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