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C-blogs of 5-07-09 and Qalamarisms


I have a special surprise for you tonight. Older members of Destructoid may remember a regular feature CTZ did called YTMND Thursdays where he would search the You're the Man Now Dog web site for some video game related material and then share it with the community. This was one of the first things I came across when I stumbled upon Destructoid, and I was sad to see it go. I spoke with CTZ quite a while ago about resurrecting the series in the Cblogs, but haven't actually done anything about it until now. You may note that most of the ones featured tonight are older... I've been sitting on this for a while. In my opinion, it's been far too long since we've had a collection of YTMNDs on the site, and I aim to do something about that. Who's with me?

What is Mudkips? Should be "What are," but... eh.
Super Mario's Sleigh Ride. One of my favorite OCRemixes.
What're you drawin'?
Zombie Wario has amazing powers.
Speaking of Wario...
Office Space 64.
Mike Tyson is a filthy cheater. And no, I probably wouldn't say that to his face.
Royal Rainbow Stalin. This isn't honestly that much weirder than the Stalin vs. Martians game.

I also have a few Random Man Now Dogs... these are non-video game related YTMNDs that are just good or funny on their own merits.

Bat Gas.
Legolas has NO CLASS.
Huh? Hmm. Heh hah ha.
Space is smiling. So am I.

If you happen to be perusing the site and find one that you like or would like to see featured, send it my way-- Qalamari {at} Gmail {dot} com. I'll try to do one recap a month with this theme, though I make no promises. Anyway. Lots to cover tonight, so on with the recaps!

*-Kauza wrote quite a good article about Tales of Legendia's soundtrack and included Youtubes of most of the music. Good stuff.
*-Dexter345 took a look at how flight is handled in a selection of games-- specifically, how is your freedom limited?
*-Conrad's hatboobs sound amazing, and he'd make a damn good Oddjob. Thanks for the love at the end, boss. <3

A-Dhalamar's article about those 10,000 in one games is far, FAR more entertaining than the games themselves.
S-Gemsi's European release list for this week is a little light.
S-GeoffUWS kicks off a new series of his favorite games with Shining Force I and II An excellent choice... and a series I'd like to see brought back. Guess there's always Fire Emblem...
S-GeoffUWS' second entry into the top 25 series has a look at Jagged Alliance 2. Never tried that one, but the article makes it sound fascinating.
S-Ckarasu starts a new series today too. It's called "That one Mook" and it takes a look at memorable bosses.
M-Antwhan's Musing heads to Johto for a look at the world of Pokemon. Still waiting on that Pokemon MMO, Nintendo. You don't like money or something?
S-Suitcoat Avenger's stream of consciousness blogs tend to have a few nuggets of gold dispersed throughout. Rest In Peace, Starcraft: Ghost

E-Unangbangkay's entry into the Valkyria Chronicles contest is pretty impressive! Have a look to see what you're up against.

S-Shin Oni attended Topher's birthday ARP and shares some pictures, videos, and other drunken debauchery.

N-There are only two words I want to hear about in reference to the new Red Faction title: Ostrich Hammer. Don't care 'bout nothin' else.
V-Peachboy gives us an update on Twisted Pixel's 'Splosion Man. Lookin' good.
R-IconSam does some 5 word reviews. With no disrespect sir, you are an amateur.
T-Ikiryou is underwhelmed by the latest Saint's Row 2 DLC reveal.
D-E-roder could use some help testing his game. Let's give him a hand, people.
R-Jack Maverick introduced me to Metal Wolf Chaos with this blog. I vow that I will one day play through this game from beginning to end. Alcohol may or may not be involved.
D-4knuckleshuffle is an artist now. This he so declares.
R-LK404 made a cultural exchange in which he agreed to play and review FF Tactics Advance. It's interesting to see the game through the eyes of a complete newcomer to the series.
T-This is not... the greatest game idea in the worrrlllld... This is just... a tribute.
T-Retroman wrote up a preview for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on the PS3. I hope the full version's character select music has something more than a woman singing "Gonna take you for a ride" over and over and over and over and over and over and over and...

A-Faith's pleasant pixel-perfect Perler piranha plants. Phew!
M-Caturrmewn posted a music video he made in tribute to Sonic's Labyrinth Zone.
S-Dragonzigg received something from Capcom that came with a certificate of authenticity.
S-NJSykora made a nice find at his local GameStation.
F-Redface had some thoughts about one James T. Kirk.

R-DanMazkin has been had by the Duke Nukem Forever "Chair story". Truth or fiction, it makes for a good read.
L-Mega64's latest skit deals with exclusivity. And dragging something behind a Jeep.
R-Trev started some discussion about using your PS3 as a media box that is quite frankly just over my head.
V-I don't see RevAnt as a big Mojito drinker. Chad, maybe.
C-Forums, sir, we have them. This isn't bad, it's just not a blog.
?-Uhhhh. Leaf Trombone?

M- PedroVay2003 thought Pierce Brosnan when he saw the latest meme.
M-And then this happened.
M-Husky Hog gets in on the multiwielding tech meme. You're still no match for Techno-Bill.

F-AntiFantastic sure chose an appropriate user name. Blehman feeds the troll.


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