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C-blogs of 4-02-09 and Qalamarisms


Hello, Destructoid. How've you been?

I had thought about writing a bit about my experience with Fallout 3 here, but I think for the moment I'd rather play the game than write about it. Damn if it doesn't have its claws into me, and deep. I know it's not for everybody, but I have enjoyed nearly all of the 100+ hours I've put into it so far. I just hope Bethesda soon realizes that PS3 owners are willing to shell out for premium DLC too... I'd love to play through the expansion packs once I finish the main game, and the level cap is beginning to rankle me. I'd love to write something brilliant and clever here to close but the 3-hit combo of work, school, and sleep deprivation has taken its toll on my humor emitters.

Today was a good day to be a recapper. There was a positive Rainbow of great art posts, and the Reading material on display was of a similarly high quality. You'll see for yourself shortly, but there were an abundance of great art posts today, an embarrassment of riches, really. Top that off with some well-written, thought provoking articles and a smattering of funny, and we have the makings of a pretty damn good day in the Cblogs. But... ya don't have to take my word for it. Check it out!

*-Rhadley scores Topsauce honors for this entertaining look at weapons the real world is not yet prepared for. Nice 'shops, too.
*-Why is there rage about the PS3 firmware update? Mushman goes in-depth about how Sony fanboys are once again trolling themselves.
*-Speaking of trolling yourself...
*-Anyone who's enjoyed Super Smash Bros. Melee enough to play against Giga Bowser should check out the amazing Sacred Combo .gif that SpinsEffingCool made.
*- Necros stirs up the beedog's nest by complaining about Dr. Mario. The game shines in multiplayer, dude. And back in the day, 2-player simultaneous games were few and far between.
*-Lots of art posts today, but this is head and shoulders above the rest. No disrespect to the others, but... LOOK AT IT!

A-Jonathan Holmes posted a naked old man as his header image. If the article he wrote to accompany it hadn't been so good, this would have failed hard. Dammit, I just wrote "naked old man" and "hard" in subsequent sentences. I can't wait to see what Google ads does with that.
A-In this well-written piece by ZombieKiller13, he asks what games you've managed to master, with all achievements unlocked. Good luck with those Karma ones in Fallout 3, bud.
A-GeorgieBoysAXE makes a pretty solid debut effort with this blog about the history of the much-maligned Quick-time event.
A-Whether or not the story BunnyRabbit2 posted about Vavatron is true, it makes for an entertaining read.
S-Gemsi helps out the EU folks with his weekly roundup of European releases. Slim pickings this week.
M-The first Musing for the month is from Half-Left, who takes a look at the Aperture Science tripod defense turret.
M-The second Musing is from PedroVay2003, who examines the unlife of the Las Plagas victims from the Resident Evil series. We salute you.
M-Pedrovay's blog saluting the stickmen in Defend Your Castle may be a joke, but it's not a bad one.
P-Robot Far.... Ah, I mean Puppy Licks and some other Aussie Dtoiders got together to record this podcast. Looks like a good start guys, keep it up!

W-Bwark-Kupo's contest is over, and the winners are announced. This could have easily been considered another artblog, as well. Good stuff.
E-Necros apparently really would like to win Egyptian Dental Fair. Didn't some other game have the initials E.D.F?

S-Technophile checks in from the forums to let everyone know about the new features being implemented. I wish I had more time so I could make better use of the forums.
S-I agree with Gawii UK, RetroForce GO! (as well as Podtoid and Podcastle) certainly make my mind-bubblingly dull day job more bearable.
I-Aleph F Zero makes an introductory post about how he became what he is today. Welcome to Destructoid.
I-Greetings to GeorgieboyAXE. Welcome to Destructoid, please enjoy the complimentary Ear Rape.
S-Clyde would like to play some Magic: the Gathering with other Dtoiders. Who's with him?
I-Sendarian checks in from Conrad's couch with an excellent introductory post. Welcome to Destructoid.

N-Stuart Scofield reports that FileFront has been purchased from Ziff Davis by the original site founders, and will remain open for business. That's some good news right there.
N-Amidst the April foolishness from yesterday, a new .HACK game was quietly announced. Crocbox has the story.
N-NihonTiger90 brings us the news that the Sniper class will be the next to get an overhaul in Team Fortress 2. It'll be fun to play Scout and Spy once that patch is released. Heavy maybe not so much.
N -The ScrewAttack Gaming Convention made a pretty big announcement today, and EX35 was kind enough to share it with the rest of us.
T-Aborto TheFetus wrote some afterthoughts on Resident Evil 5. The picture of Sheva about halfway down must be seen.
T-It is not without irony that this video clip is from a movie called "Troll 2." The Reborn weighs in on the PS3's 2.70 update.
D-Entrager got some numbers from XNA on the sale of his game, Remote Masseuse. He has some advice for others looking to make use of the platform.
R-Shockingly, SparkThatBled says that Bob's Game ain't so good. Maybe Bob can get a job in marketing. Or demolition.
R-JusticeDude does an in-depth review of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. SUGC isn't the best acronym.
R-Daxelman reviews Killzone 2. Apparently it neutered him, as he is feeling less manly.
T-TripleZer0 is awaiting the crash of thunder and the sear of lightning after daring to say Fallout 3 just might not be for everyone.
T-Meanwhile, Ran24 shares what he thought was the creepiest part of Fallout 3. I bet it'd be even creepier if you were Garison.

A-Medium:Oil on canvas. Subject: Pixeljunk Eden. Artist: Primo. Analysis: Freakin' sweet.
A-"the artistic equivalent of your cousin that eats sand and no one will talk about in polite company." To quote Mr. Burch: Fair enough.
A-Lots of art today. Karar2K shows off a one-of-a-kind TF2 Demoman doll his wife made for him.
A-I'd have topsauced GrumpyTurtle's latest artblog if the drawing of Tingle hadn't freaked me right the ♫♫♫♫ out.
F-Coming soon to a theatre near you: the twisted tale of one sports fan's undying rage. Also he's a house that kills people.
M-Synth band Freezepop is kicking off a new tour starting Friday. While it wasn't entirely their fault, having them sandwiched between the power awesome of the Oneups and Jonathan Coulton at PAX last year has left me with a somewhat disfavorable view of their work.
A-Hard to believe how many artblogs there are today. Adultswim81 shows off the Halo energy sword he made in woodshop.
A-And the art just keeps coming, with Togail's step-by-step process-- from concept to final picture-- of a Licker from the Resident Evil series.

R-Niero: Why doesn't anyone blog about the hopelessness of chloroplasts? You heard the man. Get to it.
C-This link doesn't seem to point to anything. I think the video showed up on the front page later though anyway.

What? Not one Failblog? Inconceivable!


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