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C-blogs of 16/03/11 and Beyamorisms


Happy birthiversary kids. What an occasion. It's like Arbor Day, only the trees are alcohol and fireworks. If you got a minute, check out the Meme Page for a hit of Dtoid straight to the heart.

Given my all-too paltry talent, it's hard to imagine I can give word to the great spirit of our site, but stay with me as I stumble through. This place is about more than games; it's about community. We came here because of the first, but I don't think it's wrong to say that we've stayed together because of the second. Everywhere one might cast their eyes, camaraderie grows like virulent weeds. Seeds planted in this HTML garden spread out across the whole of the world, sprawling across everything from the communal roots of Friday Night Fights to the leafs of a certain journal. It's a sight fit to rival the grandest dreams.

There's too many thanks I can give, too much praise I can offer, simply too much glory I could throw at your feet, so let me keep this brief. I didn't choose my possessive adjective lightly up above – this is our site, born of Niero, but raised by the passion, humor and love of each and every one of you. Oh, and of course, also cocks.

Anyway, all the birthday blogs get topsauce because I'm feeling jaunty. Deal with it.

* – 321God JohnnyViral spins the legend of his time at Destructoid and all the folks he's met.

* - Om Nom snags some pictures of Destructoid's birthday suits through the ages.

* - Gareth has felt some warmth for the community and a couple of games over the last year.

* - The Momerator. Description: defied.

* - Dixon's kid is almost as cute as he is. Happy birthdays abound.

* - Ah, what the heck. It's brief, but there. Topsauce for FatPursely and his other stuff.

M - Knutaf? Lock's Quest? You got chocolate in my peanut butter!

P - Nostaljourney covers Jet Grind Radio. Ladies everywhere swoon over the collective cast.

C - A reminder – Meteorscrap is running a contest that ends on the 26th. Do it you jackanapes, swag is on the table!

E - jfisco316 got a kick out of PAX.

E - Gaming in Public also hit up PAX.

E - Son of BaconsSandwhich goes gallivanting with Krow off to PAX.

R - Spoilers. Bulba didn't hate Pokemon Black.

T - For jc83, it's time to wear tinfoil hats and chew bubblegum.

V - Alexei Nikov shakes that groove thang.

N - Aiayla takes a moment to reflect on the camera's moments of reflection in APB. Also, there are pictures.

T - mratomix is looking for more than a pretty face.

R - personz gives Homefront the thumbs-sideways.

M - I don't really know how to describe the music AlphaDeus makes, but if I had to try, I'd say it's like if those EGBDF notes were Power Rangers.

R - Our boy Epic updates his gamertag, and then us, about that.

L - Meteorscrap turns to a life of crime, but keeps it close to home.

No fail? Yeah gang, way to kick this year off right!

- Bey

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Last week, in the quick posts of Destructoid's community, we saw the rise and fall of community manager Wesley J. Russow. He rose to prominence with his immutable power, only to see it come crashing down as the working class clambered beneath him and tore him down. Truly, the life and times of Westopher G. Raggamuffins was a lesson in live fast, burn hot, crash spectacularly.

Wes went from community darling to lovable despot over the course of a few days. It was a thing of beauty to behold. Truly, nothing is better to witness than a real-life heel turn. Wrestling is nothing without these terms after all. A "Face" is a good guy wrestler who fights the man, stands up for the little guy, and fights fairly while still winning. A "Heel", on the other hand, is a despicable, dastardly villain or even anti-hero. I loved Kurt Angle's antics as this gold medal Olympic winner turned wrestler who wasn't necessarily as likable as his gold medals imply. I loved hating that guy! A good heel is fun to hate, and there's nothing quite like the gasp of shock when watching the turn, when a face uses dirty tricks and turns into a heel.

Let me ask you this: is Kratos a hero? Before we see Kratos return in what I'd call Dad of War, let's not forget Kratos’ sordid past as a hero. In the first game, it was a revenge tale. It was a story of a mythical Spartan warrior who wanted revenge on the God of War who betrayed him. But as the series went on, it became a story about the lengths Kratos would go to justify his vendetta against people who wronged him. He would literally destroy the world just to destroy his enemies. Sure, we played as him, and we were taken on a ride, but would you really put your bet behind him and say, "Yeah, look at that hero!"

This month's Bloggers Wanted is about your favorite heel-turns or anti-heroes (in case a heel turn is too specific). Do you like it when Ryu turns into Evil Ryu? Or maybe you like Injustice, with its built in heel-turn Superman? I won't claim to understand the time line of Revolver Ocelot between Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriots, but I love that knucklehead.

To participate, just start a blog in our community section and title it "Heel-turn: [your blog title here]." Write to your heart's content, and if its up to snuff, you'll see your stuff published on the front page! Just remember, you're telling us about your favorite heel-turns and anti-heroes, not becoming one yourself, like Wes. Rest in spaghetti, never forghetti.

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