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C blogs of 12/20/11 and Wrenchisms


I've got a lot of Holiday traditions. I know that most people can say the same, but I tend to collect them. There is just some stuff I really like to do every year if I can find the time to do it. I've got to hit the annual Christmas light show in nearby Simcoe with my family, even if they rarely update the displays. And to me it just isn't Christmas without the traditional Christmas eve pizza, so every year we've got to rally the family and find a place open and serving. Of course there are also about a hundred Christmas specials to I like to watch over the course of the season everything from the classic White Christmas to not so family-friendly Bad Santa.

Then there are all the holiday games I play with my bro.

Chalk it up to years of playing side-by-side on the couch. Over the years we've amassed quite a collection of Holiday favourites. Some have fallen by the wayside while others continue to this day.

For years we had to make time to dip into Paragon City and check out the City of Heroes Christmas content. CoH was always great about spicing things up for the season. Gift boxes scattered over the rooftops, seasonal costume pieces, and the quest to rescue Baby New Year from evil Snowmen (yup, it was a weird game) kept us coming back year after year. Sometimes resubscribing just for December after long hiatuses. But all things must end sooner or later and as much as I'm nostalgic about CoH, I just don't have the time or interest to go gallivanting in the snow dressed in tights anymore.

Our seasonal trip to hell is another one that has slipped into ages past. Way way back we got a copy of Diablo 1 for the Playstation as a random gift from an uncle. We didn't know much about the game at the time, but it sure as hell killed the entire holiday period for us (I'm sure half the time was spent on load screens). Descending under that creepy church became a holiday tradition for us, carrying over to Diablo 2 and a solid run through the first Act or so. Fun for a few years, but the game just got too old and routine to hold our interest. Here is hoping we see Diablo 3 next year and we can re-ignite this completely seasonally appropriate tradition!

An enduring classic that is still in effect today is Season's Beatings. Yes, we were calling it that before we ever heard of the fighting game scene and its annual tournament. We've both been huge Street Fighter heads since we were old enough to mimic a hadoken on the playground, but Season's Beatings really took off when we received a copy of Alpha 3 back in '99. We played the hell out of Alpha 3, and it still represents the high watermark of our fighting game ability. We always make a point around the Christmas season to get a few rounds in. The great thing about fighting games is that the game's evolve, but the basic concept stays the same, keeping it fresh and traditional! We played Alpha 3 for a few years before switching it up, going through a variety of fighters like Guilty Gear, SFIV, and Blazblue. This year is all about the UMvC3. My bro has developed a shockingly mean Thor!

We may not have the disgusting amount of free time that we used to have growing up, but its nice to keep at least some of the classic traditions alive.

* - Survival horror, where has all the terror in our relationship gone? We go through the motions the beast snarls, I twist my ankle running to the car, fumble the keys but ultimately prevail thanks to enormous firepower. Its so predictable. I miss the old feelings of dread, can we get that back?

* - The fact that Gobun puts his giving where his mouth is and is handing out free beta codes to Tribes would probably have been enough to get Toupsauced. That he takes his shirt off just seals the deal.

* - Wait, they still print CDs? Stahlbrand satisfies both his urge for a physical totem of his Steam copy of Skyrim and his desire to be a patron of the arts and an upstanding citizen of the interwebs. Full disclosure, Stahl is my brother but I would have Topsauced this well written shit if a stranger wrote it all the same.

A - Logic Incarnate argues that Skyrim has a subtle meta-multiplayer design - as a machine to make and share stories between players. Given how we are STILL seeing Tales of Skyrim posts, I'd say he's right!

M - nebones thinks he's cool cause his dad was a pirate. Well mine was a robot, BALL'S IN YOUR COURT PAL.

M - Noaxzl grandparents probably didn't know they would be the starting point for a life long passion when they gave a gift that kept on giving.

A - Nobody seems really impressed with the recent changes to Netflix on the 360, Skid Row Trash certainly isn't.

C - Zack, do you remember the time we had to redesign the cover of a beloved cult classic so we could win those trading cards? Now that was a case.

E - A charity drive for disabled gamers is a noble idea!

T - Holy Arkham addiction Batman! Heiyu has been keeping Gotham city safe from brain teasers and trivia for over 100 hours now.

R - FrDougal9000 reviews Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue released all the way back on the PS2. I never even heard of this game before today, weird!

T - StealthMaster finishes his summation of the thrilling (and convoluted) Metal Gear series.

R - KingSigy has been hitting the hootch and wants to get a few things off his chest.

F - Jedah is guilty of "crass promotion." SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?

S - Bilby hates on DmC, a game that has yet to come out. Maybe this was supposed to be an ironic gag. Didn't work.

F - Getting your virus security from a spam bot seems like a poor life decision.


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