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C Blogs of 12/06/11 and Wrenchisms


In celebration of a month of literary insanity, my Nanowrimo (National Writing Month) group had our "Thank God its Over!" party on the weekend.

Let me just say right off the bat that I had a great time at Nano this year. I met an entire group of amazing, smart, and geeky people that were a joy to hang with (particularly one charming young lady who I've been spending quite a bit of time with). I would have been thrilled to do anything with them for a TGIO party – but when the idea of laser-tag started being tossed around, I knew "shit just got real."

In the black-lights of the arena, my "TRON-ish" tracksuit pulsed with energy. Vibrant neon cords of colour stretched over a empty field of obsidian black from my shoulders to my, well to my jeans which were not as cool (what? Its not like I was going to wear track-pants all day). When the battle was joined I moved through the lightly misted labyrinth like a digital ninja in a brightly coloured somewhat uncomfortable vest (which seems to be de rigueur for digital ninjas). I immediately set about putting my years of FPS play and light cardiovascular exercise to work. Camping isn't an option for me, call it ADD or death-seeking behaviour, but to me there is no fun in just picking a high spot and holding it down for the duration of a game. So I briskly walked just under what could be considered a rule violating run for the entire battle, relying on my caffeine boosted reflexes to see me through the day.

My (non-existent) strategy paid off. Scores of nine-year olds and chaperoning vaguely bored parents fell to my onslaught - the laser cannon in my hand an extension of the Grim Reapers scythe.

Yeah, big man.

This is how I think I look in my tracksuit

So we all had a great time with the laser tag. The arcade in the lobby was something of a disappointment to me however. Creeping on the wonderfully copy-right infringing site earlier in the week, I had spied a Simpson's Arcade cabinet and a old-school Rampage machine. It was my expressed intention to buy like ten dollars worth of tokens, smack them down on the Simpson's cabinet and guilt my friends into playing through the entire game with me ("oh you don't have to play, but I did already pay for the tokens...") then use whatever change was left to terrorize a few fictional towns as Ralph the giant werewolf.

Tragically this little slice of heaven was not to be. Neither game was present at the facility. When I registered my complaint with the 16 year old cashier I was met with only a vacant stare and the knowledge that "um, you can buy tokens from the machine, we don't do that at the till."

In the end we were reduced to playing the Terminator: Salvation light-gun game. I think its hilarious that you can have a game based on a movie nobody watched. It was a horrible dollar-sucker, shoot the incoming missiles all you like they will still hit the screen and inflict damage. You put in your money and an invisible clock begins to rapidly tick down to your next payment regardless of skill or effort. No wonder arcades all died out.

If a closed and forgotten Flynn's Arcade doesn't make you sad, you aren't a human.

My word count for Nano this year fell embarrassingly short of the goal, but how can I be blamed? This month we saw the release of Saint's Row 3, UMvC3, SKYRIM (full stop), and we had a massive Steam Sale brimming with "can't pass this up" deals. Not to mention the constant background radiation of my gaming life seeping into my cells - TF2, BF3, and Dark Souls are still demanding little gooey slices of my mental pie. I might not even be playing them, but that won't stop me from wasting time checking out the latest items available in the Manncomony or spending a night constructing fantasy character builds on the DS wiki. All time that probably should be used for something more constructive.

So yeah. My poor work ethic and inability to prioritize isn't my fault, its those dastardly game developers and their never-ending stream of perfectly crafted lotus-eater machines, right? Right. Yeah, I'm more comfortable with that narrative.

So I might not have finished my book, but I did make a lot of new friends and a lovely girlfriend.

And that ain't bad.

* - I swear I'm not just topsaucing this because of the cute genie girls. Although they certainly didn't hurt.

* - Pedrovay's passion for the Fatal Frame series really shows through in this musing. Makes me want to buy a Wii, hack it, import the game... and well. Maybe not. But Fatal Frame:MLE still sounds really cool.

* - You will salute the brave soldiers of OPERATION: ROLLING-HELL. Or so help me I'll revoke your citizenship of the interwebs.

M - Lord knows I love me some synchronicity. MowDownJoe discusses a particularly impactful moment during his time with Mother 3

M - My man ScottyG has real dedication to his games, I respect it.

A - Gamepro got shot. Till it died. Randombullseye remembers the good times though.

M - New blogger kaizokuonii tells us how Star Ocean way back on the SNES (or rather, Super Famicom) set the course for the rest of his gaming life.

M - Another new blogger! NoctisDragonGamer muses on his love for Earthbound and the current (sad) state of JRPGs.

P - The 321GoCast team hit us with a triple billing this week! They even got a brand new Canadian, how exotic!

M - I have to admit to a little ignorance here. Before reading Gunsage's blog, I was unaware of any direct follow-ups to Secret of Mana, one of my favourite games on the SNES. Thanks man! Now if only it could see some time of western release.

M - Dragons are so hot right now! TriplZero hypes up Baphamut Lagoon and its incredibly ravenous flying lizards.

M - In Pxl's homeland of Greece, there is nothing so exotic and refined as a riveting game of Family Feud.

P - The 321GoCast guys want your input on- OMG IS THAT THE PROTOMEN!? *swoon*

A - Want to get payed to play games? Don't be a tester, that is a horrible job. Be a focus group participant. Strider did, and he got 50 bones for playing MW3 a little while. Not worth it in my opinion (FLAMEBOT MODE ENGAGED)

This is how I actually look in my tracksuit
C - Say goodbye to the hardest working man on the c-blogs, he shall be missed.

I - The Astros joins the community bursting with excitement. Be sure to swing by and welcome him in by reminding him of how much the Astros baseball team blows. He'll love it.

I - More introductions! CloudNine might have a problem with his attention span, or maybe RPGs just aren't his style. Either way lets give him a nice welcome!

E - Drachula64 gave out a free Arkham code! What a swell guy!

R - More love for Saints Row 3 in TikiGhost's review.

T - Jebusssaves88 has been working overtime clearing his backlog. He shares his (lengthy) thoughts about some of the titles he has been playing.

T - New guy th best thing ever zeros in on one of the things that makes Skyrim so cool.

N - Public service announcement from The Sama. Read those EULA's people.

T - Luckresitant is trying to pick a class for Star Wars:TOR. I say stick with the smoking hot bounty hunter.

L - Ready for some Skryim story time with Chafed?

? - Is it news? Is it looking into the abyss of madness? Can't it be both?

S - I think this is Becca Roberts in the shot? You know, replaced Hollie back in October, hasn't posted anything since... yeah. Maybe she's active with Brittoid or something and I'm just not aware of it. In any case, Barry might have wanted to provide a little context for this post.


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