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C Blogs of 11/5/11 and 11/6/11 + SilverDragonisms


Tomorrow is my 32nd birthday, and I have to say that I'm a little sad to leave 31 behind. It was easily one of the best ages of my life. I got married, visited St. Croix and Costa Rica, saw tons of friends and family, sold my house old house, and bought a brand new one all in the span of one year. Yeah, there was some shitty stuff thrown in there as well, but the majority of the year was awesome. It will be an age that's hard to top as I get older. For now, on the evening of the final day of being 31, I just want to remember all the awesome memories I have of it.

So this week I've been playing Uncharted 3. I haven't gotten very far in it though because I've spent most of my spare time painting my house, trying to get it ready for a bit housewarming / birthday party my wife and I are throwing next weekend. I'm only about 3 hours into the game right now, and I must say that it doesn't start as fast and furious as I was hoping. It's kind of been a little slow and I'm a little bit disappointed by that fact. I'm waiting for it to get as epic as everyone says it is.

Before I get to the recaps, I just want to mention that my college team, the NC State Wolfpack, beat our in-state rival, the UNC Tar holes, in football this weekend for the 5th straight year in a row. We actually completely shut them out, not letting them score a single point. Since they were favored to beat us, it was a wonderful surprise to kick their ass instead. which has made my entire weekend great!

Now let's get on with the recaps shall we.

*-Swishie has created a new sandwich called The Gobun, and he shows us all how to make it here.

*-Peripherals: Many tentacles pimpin' on the keys

A-I've never seen anyone analyze the Modern Warfare story so deeply as Andre Navarro does in this piece.

S-Karutomaru uses pictures to score a game, instead of using actual numbers, because a picture is worth 1000 words.

S-Check out these shirts that SmileyBarry got at Eurogamer Expo 2011

I-Is this an actual introduction blog? I honestly can't tell if it's fake or not.

R-MathewRD reviews Xenoblade Chronicles.

R-Crackedbat shares his review of Professor Layton and the Last Specter

T-World of Harvis shares his "interesting" theory for GTA5.

T-Uncharted 3: Film Critiquw Corner.

T-Sunflylopez is excited about SKyrim coming out soon.

T-Fuzzet15 is not happy that Lego Universe got canceled already.

A-Karutomaru is celebrating Viewtiful Joe Day. Are you?

R-Chester Fuller thinks the Foot Clan is much cooler than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

F-I'm failing this blog and the next 5 listed below this one because you don't post 6 blogs back-to-back at once.

F-Fail #2 by Filthcardia

F-Fail #3 by Filthcardia

F-Fail #4 by Filthcardia

F-Fail #5 by Filthcardia

F-Fail #6 by Filthcardia

F-This is a tweet, not a blog

F-There's suddenly a lot of fail at the end of the weekend.


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