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C Blogs of 11/13/10 and 11/14/10 + SilverDragonisms


After a long and saddening absence, the weekend Cblog recaps have officially made their return, with your very silvery dragon once again at the reigns. It's good to be back everyone. I'm sure you thought the recap team had forgotten all about the Cblogs, but you would be wrong. We have always been hear, watching and reading, but problems with the new version of Dtoid kind of put a kink in our recapping ability. Now that that's all over, we can get back to business as usual.

So since I haven't posted in a while, I have a lot to catch you all up on. I've been a very busy dragon. First of all, I've been extremely busy helping my fianc plan our upcoming wedding. If anyone is interested, you can check out our engagement photos here.

When I haven't been doing wedding stuff, I've been playing and reviewing games. Last month I had the unfortunate opportunity to review The Force Unleashed 2, which you can read here if you like. Suffice to say, I hated it and gave it a dreadfully low score. I've also been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins, and I can happily say that after 80 awesome hours, I finally beat the game this afternoon. Now I'm totally ready for the sequel when it comes out next March.

Well I hope the rest of you have been doing well. Let's get on with the weekend recaps shall we.

*-Funktastic has posted the most epic PAX 2010 recap of ALL TIME! You owe it to him and to yourself to read this RIGHT NOW!

*-Monecraft has taught D Sane an important lesson about forest fires, and why you shouldn't start them, even in the virtual world.

*-Om Nom On Souls writes a great article about how he wishes games could be taken more seriously by the rest of society.

*-Manasteel88 tells us about all the game that are part of this year's Indie Games Winter Uprising.

*-Games on Film: What does 'cinematic' really mean?

A-With a new Splatterhouse looming on the horizon, Furyfire reminds us why the old games were so awesome.

A-the HeartlessNoob wonders why people have a hard time playing games while laying down.

A-Mijo Games discusses the design process for their new iPhone game, Duck Pond.

P-321GoCast Episode 30 records this Sunday. Ask you questions now.


S-Subenu catches us all up on what he's been playing the last month.

S-Teta went and got himself one of those fancy Xbox 360's.

S-Randombullseye tells us about the games he's been playing this week.

S-Nathsies is going to hold off on posting any new blogs until New Dtoid is back up.

S-Swanny loves his racing wheel.

I-Gigglez introduces her bubbly self to the Dtoid community.

N-Xbox live finally launches in Greece. Check out these launch party photos from Marioland.

T-Nathsies tells us why he's not a big fan of CoD: Black Ops.

T-CathalWadding shares his thoughts on how to balance uneven numbered teams in the invasion multiplayer mode of Halo: Reach.

T-MathewRD is beginning to form relationships with certain characters in video games.

T-Prota is not happy that Namco Bandai is not releasing Tales of Graces F in the USA.

T-ZzJoeroar has some mixed feelings about the PC version of CoD: Black Ops.

T-CoD: BLack Ops might have sold 5+ million copies, but that won't stop MathewRD from complaining about it.

R-Brandon Holmes reviews Cod: BLack Ops and tells us why he thinks it deserves a high score.

R-RoverTHX reviews the Wii version of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

R-Jechxior reviews Saw 2.

M-AlphaDeus records some new songs on his piano and shares them with us, as well as updating us on his life.

R-Wow ... here are some interesting ideas.

L-Tonicmole presents the History of Games: Part 1.

L-Tonicmole presents the History of Games: Part 2

?-What just happened here? Did something blow up?

F-I knew we couldn't escape the weekend without at least one failblog in here somewhere.

F-It's an entire blog trying to convince us to buy hats online. Just pathetic.

F-Another shitty blog trying to sell us hats.


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Villains in all media, not just video games, can end up being a dime a dozen. Far too often, a villain's motives boil down to "I am a bad, and so I do bad things. Fear me." While this format has worked for countless stories, at this point in my life (the ripe old age of 20) I’ve become jaded and grumpy, finding myself rolling my eyes when I see yet another antagonist wreaking havoc with no background or reasoning presented as to why they’re being such a butthole.

What’s far more interesting to me is when a villain’s motives or actions come across as justified, perhaps leaving you rooting for them to defeat the protagonist [insert Elder God Tier villain meme here].

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But hey, that’s just how I feel. I’m sure there are folks out there who prefer their villains to be simple. If I ever met one of these theoretical people I might have a panic attack, but I’ll deal with that should the time come. I’m sure after some deep breaths we would get along. Maybe we could even snuggle, should my husband allow such an event to transpire.

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