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C blogs of 10/06/12 & 10/07/12 + Surprise mcgeeisms


C - stubbleman has some Destructoid shirt designs he'd like to run by you.

S - Kwamouflage hasn't been around the c-blogs the past month, but I say he had pretty valid reasons.

S - Not an entirely unfamiliar feeling. Roberto Plankton takes me back to better times with his light chronicling of a Borderlands 2 binge.

T - So...I think Videogamecharactername (har har) wants to see some sexytime games, so that DOA can't rely on boobs to sell it? I think. Also, DOA games aren't bad fighting games.

T - Here's another #mcgeetip: stop buying games. It will help you focus on actually playing them. :P

T - Some rather tasty copypasta. siegarettes is lying to your mask of a face, this time about Persona.

T - A vague metaphor perhaps, but what do you think?

T - Taking a moment from making games, Project MILITARY shares with us his/her story of finally beating Metroid Prime on Hard Mode.

N - levelseeker also drops in to tell us what he's been playing.

R - At least this one is newer than Bioshock.

R - Alasdair Duncan reviews Cards Against Humanity. It sounds like a riot! Like a riot? When the hell was the last time I used that phrase?

R - Seor Digestive reviews...Sonic The Hedgehog? He sure does.

T - Videogamecharactername's interesting, but brief, blog on the all-too-common videogame trope: death.

F - I pray that Paul W.S. Anderson never looks in Monster Hunter's direction, even though it wouldn't really matter.

A - Remember people: Monthly Artists Wanted! This one here is from noobspoon; it's Pikachu, but crossed with Mario. Just how is it crossed? CLICKY CLICKY and find out!

A - I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's a pretty cool animation of Mario Man!

L - See what happens when you deny the GlowBear? She plays other dumb games, sexes questionable parties, and throws money. GIVE IN, EA!

C - I get cross-posting, but there really isn't much that's unique about this. It's a review for Bioshock, which has had its day. And its reviews. Lots of em. There's not a new, interesting perspective here, or an overlooked feature being highlighted; it's just a plain old review. Plain and old. You could at least choose a game that hasn't been looked at ad nauseam. /mcgeetips

? - Party in San Fran you guys! Niero teases us with a pic of people taking pics.

F - Cody Kings wants to play DOA5 and talk about it. A good place for this: Friday Night Fights. GO TO IT, SIR!

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