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C-blogs of 1-05-09 and Qalamarisms


Hey you. Yeah, you. C'mere. Someone needs a hug. D'awwwwwwww. (pat pat)

I was gone most of the weekend, so I missed the majority of the festivities. From what the veterans have been telling me, this is nothing compared to the great Not my Turning Point Gaming Rig blizzard of aught six. I have a duty that needs fulfilling however, so I shall begin to climb Mount Cblog with all haste. For tonight only, the H under Communitoid stands for "Hug," not for "House." In actuality, the bulk of the hugstorm landed on the weekend, with just a few stragglers and slowpokes coming in today... people who like myself missed out on the frivolity when it was in full swing, and those who were basking in the afterglow and didn't want it to end. My condolences to RandomBullseye.

You will no doubt be pleased to discover that I finally figured out I wasn't supposed to bold everything in the entire goddamn post. Better late than never.

There's a Steaming copy of Left 4 Dead percolating in the background, a late Christmas gift to myself. If I time this right it should be just about ready as I get the recap done. If you're looking for a partner who knows how to duck and doesn't call dibs on anyone, look me up on Steam.

I'm going to do something a little different tonight and add a forum post to our Topsauce. Even more unconventionally, it's going above the banner. I'm a rebel. Don't try to change me, I'll just end up breaking your heart. *-If you wondered where Heretic and Reaprar were during the Hugstorm, educate yourself here. Also, insights into running this crazy community we all love.

*-Hey kid, want a job? Muddy Waterz voluntarily recapped the entire Hug phenomenon.
*-Tactix unveils a new series: Dtoid Community Discusses. This week, the topic is DLC.
*-At their best, these two Youtube videos remind me of "Duck Amuck." I can offer no higher praise than that.

A-VonNeuton has a few thoughts about game piracy from a point of view we don't often see.
S- Taterchimp's series on the best endings in games continues. Which of the dozen in this game is the best, though?
M-Blehman takes a look at the decline of split screen multiplayer in his Monthly Musing.
P-FAILcast episode 22 went up today.
S-dTunes #61 will be about music from a bunch of dead guys.
S-The eternal question from NihonTiger90: What'd you get?

C-Haxan's Street Fighter contest is in the closing stages.
W-Daxelman won HPV's Score Whore contest.

E-Nintendoll is about to leave New York for the land of crumpets and monocles. Wardrox, please give her enough alone time to pass her classes.
I-MizzGoth's header has boobs in it. Atlas wants her to cover them up. Welcome to Destructoid.
I-theGuildy introduces himself with a bunch of last year's 4chan pictures. Welcome to Destructoid, just remember rule 1 for next time.
S-Bloodylip modded a Hori stick in anticipation of Street Fighter 4. Looks nice!
C-NihonTiger90 would like to set a world record. How should he go about this?
B-Skull13666 just finished their birthday and is feeling kinda emo.
B-Someone said this is Samit's birthday. I don't have confirmation, but if it is, Happy Birthday, sportsguy!
H-A look back on the weekend of hugs, and props to the community. Topped with a picture of several oily, mostly naked men.
H-Sharpless hugged... the return of Pedospy? That can't be good.
H-Nick Chester was a bit perplexed about the Hugstorm.
H-Bloodylip hugged Pokemon #79.
H-Ok, yeah. It's over.

N-Fallout 3 was the deal of the day on Amazon.
V-BlindsideDork posted a video of Street Fighter 4 from Magfest.
R-JadedWriter reviewed Need For Speed: Undercover.
T- ParaParaKing picked the right day to be sad. There's open arms everywhere.
T-Here, for example.
N-Steve Jobs is just fine, and I want to go watch Short Circuit again. Your momma was a snowblower.
T-Lamer's introductory post calls out the Real-time Strategy genre for lack of innovation. Welcome to Destructoid.
T-I had trouble following this one, but it seems to be a piece on the current state of this console generation.
N-Vitamin Awesome says Radiant Silvergun may be in consideration as an XBLA title. Somewhere, Topher is running around pantless.
R-NinjaCameraman reviews Gears 2.
N-There may be a clerical error involved, but Shin Oni found Arcade sticks for less than 50 bones.
R-Gears of War 2 needs a patch. Stuart Scofield is a trifle overdramatic, but gets the point across.

S-Tubatic received a World of Warcraft Figureprint today. L. 70 NIGHT ELF HUNTER LFG if I'm not mistaken.
F-Michiyoyoshiku has some strong thoughts about the current state of western Anime.

L-That shrieking Wii kid actually has some pretty fresh moves.
R-ZenAlbatross also went to Magfest. This is sort of a teaser for what he saw there.
V-Craineum took Mega Man to visit Santa. Adorable.
V-This video may be the apex of Nintendo's "Blue ocean" strategy. I hope Fred Willard was well compensated.
?-I'm with Zombutler. ...........what?
V-Drumming along with Mario 2 and others. It's old, but still pretty good.
?-I know more about Pokemon than any grown man should, but I still don't understand this.
R-More about Magfest from JoeCamNet. Sounds neat but nothing rivals PAX in my affections.

S-This has been kicking around for a while now.
F-I think he learned his lesson.


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