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C Blogs of 06/11/13 + Wrench's B-day-isms!


Welp. I was wrong.

I wrote a blog three days ago where I outlined some of my hopes and expectations for Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo coming into this E3. Sure it was a sort of dream-list, but I expected to hit at least a little closer to the mark then I did.

I thought FOR SURE the narrative of this E3 would be doom, gloom, and Sony's inevitable betrayal. I thought that Sony had merely managed to stay in shadows while Microsoft bore the unenviable task of outlining the confusing, restrictive, digital future of videogames - that this E3 would be the reveal. The moment when Sony stripped off the mask and laid bare their true villainy and malice.

Instead they put on a white cloak and became the champion of the common gamer.

No DRM, no online check-ins, no complicated licence transferring schemes. Used games fully supported and endorsed, lending to a friend as easy as handing them a disk. They undercut the Xbox One's price tag by a cool $100, shared gushy love notes with indie devs, and spread out a glittering hand of games with enough variety to have something for everybody. It was a clean sweep.

Where I expected betrayal and cynicism, I got loyalty and optimism. Where I believed I'd be relishing schadenfreude, I felt strangely ashamed of the impulse in retrospect. Heck, the one thing from my dream list that came true was Sony hooking back up with Square for an exclusive, and they even out did my expectations on that.

Maybe it was a fools hope, but I kinda convinced myself that Microsoft and Nintendo would have a better showing.

Sure, abandoning their keynote slot was embarrassing, but I really thought Nintendo could have been the surprise underdog winner of this E3. They've had an extra year to get over the luke-warm launch titles, to get their Zeldas and Metroids in order. Nintendo had to be smart enough to recognize a weak spot from a limping competitor, surely they would come out with a smattering of games and a cocky "system for the gamer" attitude, right?

Instead, Nintendo futz around with a Direct show that would have been yawn inspiring in the best of conditions and downright depressing at E3. Delays and non-announcements were the order of the day. A new Donkey Kong is great, but not the red meat the Nintendo die-hards have been craving and the non-believers needed to convert.

And Microsoft? Oh dear. Monday morning it seemed like they could still turn it around. Their presentation was solid. Not mind-blowing, not wowing like I wanted, but solid. They managed to show off plenty of games. Getting a hold of Metal Gear is a coup for them, Titanfall looks very promising, and plenty of people seem excited for Killer Instinct (which I admit always held something of a Bonestorm style charm to me).

But geez, that $500 dollar price tag? And the European prices? Ouch. Also, where was the Kinect stuff? They've been talking up this fancy camera, and it certainly seems to be adding to the tab, where were the games that proved it was as every-bit amazing as they've claimed it to be?

Their presentation was a solid base-hit when they needed a grand slam. But the knife wouldn't fall until later that night when Sony plunged it in, scooping them in every major way gamers care about.

Just crazy.

Who knows, maybe Microsoft is totally cool with this. Maybe they've crunched the numbers and have faith that the customers they'll pick up as a media hub featuring cable TV, movies, social apps, and fantasy football will more than make up for the loss of the "core gamer" market. I don't know anything about business at that level or in those markets. Given how shaky my predictions/hopes for this E3 were, maybe I don't even know much about this business. But I do know what console every gamer I know wants right now, and it's not the Xbox One.

Oh well, this story is already becoming a dead and beaten horse. In other news, it's also my birthday! I celebrated with excessive amounts of food and craft beer, it was good. My sweetheart and fam was super good to me, and I also treated myself to a little piece of Scorpion DLC for Injustice. Ahh, to finally play a top-tier character.

* - I should really fail this non-blog, but fuck it. MEGA MAN IS SMASH BROS! I love everything about this trailer, from the CRT monitor eyes, the replication of 8-bit sprite proportions/animations, to just how determined the little guy looks. I swear to God, this stupid trailer probably just cost me $400 for a Wii U and Smash when it comes out.

* - Speaking of Smash, TroyFullbuster has a massive blog dissecting Brawl's successes and faults and what Nintendo can learn for the next one.

* - Taking a look back to previous E3's, this isn't the first time Sony has dominated.

* - I don't agree with every point in RenegadPanda's blog, but I think he sums up a lot of peoples fears about the next generation and what a digital future represents.

A - Sony drank Microsoft's milkshake, DRANK IT ALL UP.

M - Shout outs to Aladdin and Bart's Nightmare on the SNES. Mid-90s
gaming 4eva.

A - Some people may sneer, but graphics really mean something to a lot of gamers. Germaximus explains why he loves a pretty game.

A - Wow, the PS4 is ONLY going to be $400!? Wait a sec, that's still a shit ton of money! Crackedbat reminds us that a lot of great games are out and will be coming out for the current gen, you know, the one you already own.

A - Cheaper, cleaner, and with a bunch of big name games Sony stole the show.

A - I'm not sure if the PS4 "saved" consoles, but it seems pretty clear they've made a lot of people happy.

A - Let's sneer at "Johnny Halo" and talk about how sad we are that games are too violent. Super.

A - BeerBelly was essentially the villain in a children's adventure movie and was duly deposed by a curly haired little hero.

D - Mega-bro OpiumHerz is hooking people up with some Steam giveaways. Make sure to say thanks!

T - ZombiU still fascinates me. Really hoping Ubisoft continues the series and builds on the weird horror-survival and Dark Souls-ish elements

? - I was too scared to check in on what this is.

R - So many games, not enough time. Hope Rev's paitents don't mind if he diagnosis' them between respawns.

C - Brother, I hate the fucking new blog editor too. All the same, sometimes you just gotta know when to hold off on that publish button.

L - When it comes to snarky parody vids, the internet ALWAYS has
you covered. (Also, fuck Ryse.)

V - The Wii Fit trainer isn't as cool as Mega Man, but she comes damn close.

F - Yay console trolling.


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