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C Blogs of 05/28/13 + Wrenchisms


The other day I was daydreaming about a better Silent Hill. I even wrote a few ideas down.

I've always loved the idea of the Silent Hill games. Moody atmospheric works of art. Tense uncomfortable psychological themes. One of the most memorable and iconic settings you can name.

And terrible, terrible gameplay.

I've dreamt of a game that could take the themes and style that make Silent Hill great and marry them to a game that was worth playing. I've burnt up precious brain cells conjuring up my own take on what that could look like (think more Dark Souls and less tank-controls). Something that could be as satisfying to play as it was to think about.

Turns out maybe I should have just been paying more attention to The Evil Within.

Headed up by the grandfather of the horror survival genre, creator of the original Resident Evil Sinji Mikami, TEW has the potential to be everything I've wanted from the Silent Hill series. Trumpeted as a return to "pure survival horror" TEW supposedly is going to focus heavily on the meta-physical and psychological aspects of horror. A protagonist haunted by an unknowable terror, reality warping on it's head, the surroundings twisting into a grim reflection of a diseased mind and all that. Exactly what I enjoy from the Silent Hill games.

But, Shiji Mikami is the guy who made Resident Evil 4, the ur example of a game that successfully married fun responsive gameplay with horror. He's the fevered mind behind the hyperactive and buttery smooth Vanquish, a modern SHUMPers delight. He made the notoriously difficult and mechanically deep God Hand. This is a guy who knows how to make a gamers game. Hopefully that means there won't be any of this "the combat is supposed to be rough because the character isn't a warrior" nonsense in TEW. That we can have a horror game that is scary and distressing without relying on intentionally broken controls and poorly designed systems to artificially ratchet up the tension.

It's early of course and I don't want to get too excited. But looking at some of the early impressions journalists are having with the pre-E3 demo has me excited. When you start tossing around comparisons to The Shinning you have my attention. Hoping to see more from this title when E3 hits.

Speaking of references to The Shinning, Hannibal is pretty great. You should probably watch it.

* - JoelCouture looks back at some of the games and moments that have inspired him and shaped his life. Fantastic first blog, well worth checking out and saying hi.

* - Butt physics are always glossed over in reviews, so it's nice to see someone really dig into the idea. I know I'm really looking forward to The Phantom Pain and 10 hours of Snake-butt peaking out from behind his hospital gown.

A - No surprise, people continue to hate the idea of an always-online console.

A - Magiteknight makes some fine points the Wii U should definitely be on the offensive and reminding people that it does what Xbox-don't. Too bad it's all dust in the wind until they get some games worth playing on that thing (other than Monster Hunter).

A - Getting kind of tired of Bioshock Infinite being singled out as "oh so terribly violent." It's a game set in an oppressive theocracy undergoing a violent cultural revolution. You play as a strike breaking Pinkerton agent. The main technological advancement of Columbia is been the ability to shoot ravenous birds out of your hand. If you expected Infinite to be a waltz through a flower patch that's on you, not Ken Levine.

A - My boy Ccesarano gets what's going on in Infinite. Still, I find all the hand wringing about violence in game stories to be a little overwrought. I totally support games asserting their narratives in ways that don't involve shotguns, but I don't want to diminish or snub a legitimately great shotgun story. Ask Billy Shakespear, Hamlet ends with everyone dead in a bloody heap, Othello a double murder-suicide, Romeo and Juliette? Dead kids all over the place. Just because a story has some violence doesn't mean it has to be juvenile.

A - You gotta break the chains buddy. You're not a slave to your gammerscore!

D - I'm always super wary of people posting their Kickstarter projects on the Cblogs, but this dude seems to actually know the community and be involved in something interesting.

N - The Mysterious Cities of Gold is on it's way to the Nintendo console of your choice! I have to be honest, I don't really know what this is, but other people seem real excited so that's cool!

R - Alternate title - JESUS CHRIST WE HOPE YOU LOVE COLLECTING COINS. Our friend TroyFullbuster reviews New Super Mario bros 2: HyperCoin Edition. Check out the awesome .gifs he's put in there to illustrate his points, SHOWMANSHIP.

R - Checklist Refer to Lara's breasts and ass as a game feature, check. Single out DmC for hatedom, check. Use a super-funny "random" rating scale, check. Yup, this is a shitty internet game review.

R - She's the perfect girl, except for the part where she's freaking useless. TronKim takes a look at Rukia Kuchiki's character in this well written intro blog!

L - Just in case you were wondering, yes, Japanese games are still weird.

V - What the Plok is this?

C - Dear lord! There is a solid 2 minutes of intro reel before the actual meat of this video begins! SHUMP fans are way too hyperactive to sit through that! LHPB looks lovely and hypnotic though.

L - I want to see Eiffel 65 and Deltron 3030 fistfight over the right to own the protoculture. (If you get any part of that joke I want you know that I'll love you forever.)

V - I wanted to make more fun of this game, but I kind of like the idea of throwing first person Destruct-O-Disks. I'm not even a DBZ fan, what the hell is wrong with me?

C - I don't want to be a jerk, but I find TheKodu's blogs super hard to read. They're just these massive blocks of text peppered with typos and stitched together with some of the most awkward sentence structure I've ever read. I can tell he's passionate and wants to write, but I just wish he would put more time into proofreading and less time into making 4K+ word novellas.

F - Painfully unfunny. The scientific opposite of funny. If funny and this blog were to collide it would split the universe in twain.

F - Hey, speaking of painfully unfunny...

F - Kickstarter spam.


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