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C blogs of 05/07/12 + mcgeeisms


Sorry about those late caps, readers. There was a small pile-up in the recapping section. Fry sauce had to be mopped up and the floor was re-tiled. Thank you for your patience.

(・ω・`) How are my cbloggers doing today? It's good to see you. Did you get that thing I sent you? Did you like it? I hope you liked it...I'm so self-conscious about it... I really went out on a limb finally sending it to you... I was so worried I would scare you away. I just felt it was time to finally confess my feelings for you. I couldn't hold it inside anymore. I felt as if I could've burst at any given moment. I feel so good now that it's finally out. Since I sent it to you, it's more like my glass is half full, rather than just feeling empty again. (・ω・`)

Games. They happened a little. Bits of a few games here and there. mostly putting finishing touches on stuff.
Maybe it's Rockstar's talk of crews and the upcoming (great-looking) Max Payne 3, I'm not sure, but I got back into Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer pretty good this week. I didn't really touch it too much until I got Undead Nightmare, but once I did, I got mad at myself for not playing more. Cus, you know, it's good. I forgot how much fun it is to even just jump into free roam and shoot each others horses. It's got me even more excited for the new crews stuff, because you know Dtoid is gonna represent. Hopefully you can make custom tattoos or something.

I also forced myself to finish Epic Mickey, because I was so close. It was a fucking chore and got unfun at the very end, but it was nice to finally see my actions have an impact on Wasteland. There's alot of beautiful things about that game. It really makes me happy, even though the game's mechanics/gameplay aren't much to talk about. I'm crossing my fingers that they really tighten up the sequel, because I will be playing it. Also, put some goddamn cartoons in the SE. How is that not super-obvious?

What happened on Monday? Cappa.

* - Episode 52 of the ZeroCool Podcast. They get extra points for talking about Enter The Matrix. Time for bullet time.
* - Bosses in videogames. Clearly, the most unbeatable boss is Corduroy Turtle's gym teacher. Episode 16 of Secret Moon Base is here to traumatize us all. (Ffeaturing tthe wwonderful bbain)

S - Dave is unfortunately not feeling well and doesn't have musings for you today. Get better, sir!

A - stubbleman is here to remind you about a neat-looking PS2 game called Nightshade. It's...a sequel to Shinobi?

I - A damn fine proper intro from L3ED. (Psst. There's Red Pandas in here)

T - All work and no play can make you billions of dollars.

P - jenrai is still going strong in the Firefall beta. Here's a great breakdown of new things, including a full-on profile of the Medic class.

R - grataxe has a nice review of iOS game Triple Town, a fun looking puzzler.

T - KeithTheGeek has an idea for a new Avatar game. (That's the Airbender kind, you guys)


F - Meh, but it's simply copypasta from your website.

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