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C-Blog Recaps: "Why I love Destructoid" edition

It's been a while since I've had to dust off the Memetoid banner, but this meme unquestionably has its heart in the right place. I love Destructoid just as much as anyone, it's why I volunteered to help with the recaps. Contrary to what I posted in the regular nightly recap, I really don't mind recapping a day like today. Not to say that I'd like to go through this every week, but when the reasoning behind the meme is an outpouring of love and respect like this, it makes me proud to be a part of the site, if only tangentially.

I've been coming to Destructoid for over 2 years now, and no matter what time of day I log in, it's easy for me to spend an hour or more catching up on the front page and my favorite community member's C-blogs. There's soul here. People share their passions, their drive, their art and their writing. Through all of these things in addition to podcasts and videos, this website and its community has become a sort of family to me-- albeit one I don't get to spend as much time with as I'd like. I may never have the time to be an A-list member, but I hope my contributions enhance your browsing, at least a little.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Think nothing of the numbers by the individual posts. They are listed chronologically, nothing more... the fact that they are numbered is only due to my own intellectual curiosity about how far this meme spread.

Before I get started, here are some of the best pictures posted in relation to the meme.

If it were a graceful option, I'd mail these out to my family.

Horrifying, and yet I cannot look away.

1-Arkhon started this meme...
2-Then came CountingConflict
3-And... wow, that's racist.
4-Then came Blehman,
5-And FusionTR,
6-And Cartman,
7-and Nick Chester. I always thought a "monkey bite" was semi-harmless. Yikes.
8-Tsunamikitsune lieks mudkipz.
9-SuitcoatAvenger drew something earlier, so I guess this is OK.
10-CypherVR says we don't need a reason.
11-Pendleton loves it enough to permanently engrave it into his living flesh.
12-Technophile loves it more than a hellbike.
13-Then came CrocBox,
14-and EternalPlayer,
15-and Avalon51,
16-But then Cataract's finger slipped. I still have the mental acuity to know that a "That's what she said" joke is inappropriate, so far so good.
17-TimtheTerrible tried to combo break.
18-Cwal37 got all depressive.
19-But the guy behind the scenes got things on the right track again.
20-GuitarAtomik loves Destructoid.
21-As does Suff0cat,
22-Puppy Licks is a little slow, but loves Dtoid anyway.
23-Daxelman still loves Destructoid. And Bayonetta.
23-A Very Drunk Panda is new, but still loves Destructoid.
24-Topher loves Destructoid, and the new PS3 slim.
25-Magnalon loves the responses he's gotten.
26-Sam Spectre loved the forums.
27-Arttemis loves funny videos.
28-Bleach Boy loves DtoidSF.
29-ScottyG loves DtoidLA. Or he will soon.
30-Flaming Burrito loves DtoidNY.
31-Arkhon returned to the scene of the crime.
32-Chooly loves anteaters and Nighthawks.
33-Evil Cheese loves the PS3 Destructoid gave him.
34-PixelPunx loves Destructoid so much he wants to marry it.
35-Unangbangkay loves odd Japanese videos that are strangely compelling.
36-BunnyRabbit2 loves that Destructoid keeps him sane.
37-ZombiePlatypus loves... wow. Big as her head.
38-Loogibot loves Destructoid in general.
39-Collette loves some very cool pictures.
40-Nukka JDav tried to hate Destructoid but failed.
41-Gatorsax loves the community.
42-Krow loved... Wiisucks?!?
43-CelicaCrazed loves YOU!
44-Tubatic loves paradoxes.
44-Tubatic loves paradoxes. Oh sh!t!
45-The GHost loves cards!
46-Phantomile is a recent convert but loves Destructoid all the same.
47-GrumpyTurtle loves DtoidPortland in addition to drawing strange and spectacular art.
48-Reverend Macro loves Destructoid even though he never calls.
49-Bbrigg1 loves giggles and farts.
50-JoZo just loves the site in general.
51-Aurion loves thrash metal.
52-Brlito loves.... Waaait a minute.
53-Naia loves Kristen Bell.
54-Jim Sterling has some excellent reasons to love Destructoid.
55-Neonie loves me, who believes in you. I think.
56-Chronoswing wrote How rather than Why. Oh my.
57-DarkAnubis loves being lazy.
58-Zero Atma Loves Naia. He'd better, since they're married and all.
59- TheRedPepperofDoom loves everything about Destructoid.
60-CTZ loves that hosted images will finally display properly!
61-UsedTaBe loves the funny pictures.
62-Tactix loves Roller Coasters. Or not.
63-de BLOO loves fighting with y'all.
64-Crunshii loves the PS3.
65-Zac Bentz loves Japanator.
66-HydroTonix loves hating Destructoid.
67- Mr. Dillinger loves reposting why he loves Destructoid.
68-Zodiac Eclipse loves jumping bandwagons.
69-sickNasty lusts after Destructoid. Appropriate post number, no?
70-Trebz loves being a name, not an age.
71-Knives loves Dexter345 and OH GOD PLEASE STOMP UPON MY RUINED EYES
72- Dronkmunk is another cheater, but Inglorious Basterds sounds good.
73-DanzFlor loves Destructoid from Chile.
74-Ace of Knaves loves Kotaku... for making Destructoid look better. I see what you did there.
75-WanderingPixel loves RetroForce Go!
76-PenKaizen loves 'splosions.

There are quite a few more, but I hope you'll understand I'm quite tired at this point. I'll try to get the rest of the love meme posts archived in the coming days, unless my recapper brethren decide to help me out here. (Guys, that was a BIG hint.)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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This month's bloggers wanted prompt is something we stole. You see, by stealing this idea, you have no idea how truly inept I actually am. By pretending to know what I'm doing, I have clearly used my ill-gotten status to meet such big-time celebrities as Darlington Woolie "Pie Stealer" Madden or Sara from [insert pixel indie game studio here].

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But this prompt is not just for anime, of course. The video game industry is fractured with all sorts of niche interests that only an insane rich person with no job could realistically know everything about. This month's bloggers wanted is about taking a subject you want to offer advice on faking knowledge about in order to help the greater community, for better or for worse. If this doesn't sound serious, don't worry, you're not supposed to take it seriously. You don't have to be an expert in whatever you talk about any more than Bass is an expert in anime.

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Offer advice on anything you can expand your mind on. Want to help people get into character action games? The more Ss you put into its grading system, the cooler it is! Want to convince people to get into the Neptunia series? Just say "Nep-Nep!" and you're all set to convince people of your technical knowledge! Can you get someone into RTS game by just talking about your APM? Someone's bound to believe some random technical jargon you made up!

To get started, start a blog and title it "Faking it: [your blog title here]." Then you can be as serious or facetious as you want as you provide advice on any number of things: learning how to play fighting games, trying a long-running franchise you've probably neglected, or even explaining a game's timeline. Heck, you can probably seriously try on that last one and we still wouldn't believe you.

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More or less a week ago, the Master Gaming List turned one year old. I had a speech prepared, but the blog editor ate it four or five times over the last few days, so I'm kind of winging it now.

Despite all of the threatening and cajoling I initially made to get you all on the list, I never imagined I'd still be adding names a year later (and by "you all", I mostly mean GajKnight). It was kind of a ridiculous undertaking at first, trying to make a semi-permanent, easily-updatable list of everyone's contact info. I'm not even sure what everyone was being hyped over last year that got me to do this.

That said, I'm glad it came together, and this list has lead to many other things for me on Destructoid; whether it was me becoming our laziest, cuddliest Community Manager, or our laziest, cuddliest Reviews-type-person, I have always enjoyed the full love and support of this community.

In thanks, and with the assistance of quite a few others, I've gathered up a number of game keys to give away to you all.

The Contest

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1. The haiku must not include the title of the game.

2. I will accept any other form of structured poetry if you are unable to haiku but can iambic pantameter (you monster).

3. Please state what key you are going for, and a backup if that one is taken (admittedly, it's quantity over variety here)

4. The tentative end date of the contest will be August 13th, and will be bumped at least once during that time.

Available Keys

-Aporia: Beyond The Valley (Multiple Keys)
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Thank you to all 282 of you who have made the Master List a successful project over the past year! I will continue updating it into the forseeable future.

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