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C-Blog recaps of 3/9/13 + 3/10/13 + Too busy to gasm-gasms


What up party people? I feel like shit. Don't worry, that pic isn't real dookie. It's a Halloween recipe for kitty litter surprise. No, really. I can't wait to make that for people. Just slurp one of those brown bad boys up, while being stared at. Good times. But seriously, I am burnt out. Been doing a lot of stuffings lately. Doing that podcast thing still (we had some hiccups again), trying to write something actually worthwhile, getting into game development, working, raising the kids, taking care of my house... eesh. I'm tired just typing that. Yet somehow I still have time to play almost 60hrs of games in two weeks. How the fu..? Oh yeah, I don't sleep much. Damn you Civilization... and XCOM.... and Super House of Dead Ninjas... and... It just keeps going! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! At least I have fun with it all.

I am just one of those people that doesn't stop. During my surgery I chilled the hell out and I think I started going nuts from all the free time. IT WAS TOO MUCH! I thrive off of stress and deadlines and all that. I'm my best under pressure. Just how I was wired. Sometimes though, I really wish I wasn't that way. Like today. I just want to sit on my ass and do nothing. Not even game..... for maybe a few hours :p I think a lot of it is due to when I was a kid, being in the situation I was in, I had a lot of downtime. No toys, no books, no nada. That drove me crazy. So I started taking things apart. Figuring how stuff would work and creating projects for myself. Took apart my first calculator at 4. Put that bastard all the way back together too. Except for that one button, but we don't talk about that.

What's the point of all this rambling? Absolutely nothing. Just blowing off steam. Venting if you will. I saw some dick nozzle on the front page say that we didn't truly have a community here. What an ass. We totally do. I feel comfortable sharing my inner thoughts with you guys. I love reading your own inner workings as well. We all thrive off each other and help each other. Good or bad, we stand by our own. If that isn't a community or a family, I don't know what is. Maybe I should go sleep for an hour....

I hate you brain.... I think I'm manic.....

*- Chez Dispenser gets my hot sauce for a lovely blog that went into another direction than I thought it would. It's about tropes and women.... maybe a pig... I don't know. Read it.
*- Azureliske throws out an excellent blog about violence in games and the misdirection of the whole debate.
*- SongSeven may have copypasta'd this, but damn it's a good read about the search for true tolerance.

S- Another PS3 FNF recap from Ckarasu.
P- Scary Granules rubs stuff on GB's face in episode 10 of this lovely, accent filled podcast.
M- JohnnyViral shares some Dtoid memories.
A- PenguinFactory talks about SimShitty (I'S SO WITTY) and the review score problem.
M- Troy "I HATE OKAMI" Fullbuster has some Dtoid memories to share as well.
S- Some more Weapon of Choice from Nathsies. This time: WRENCHES! WOOOOOOO! One of my favorite melee weapons ever.
M- Jesse Cortez shares some Dtoid memories. This guy is so damn amazing.
P- Pocketoid does some Fire Emblem and Paper Mario in episode 30.
P- Zero Cool has episode 68 out and it's Neato!
S- Next up on Jordanlloyd's Obscure Arcade series: Black Tiger.

I- Say hello to Shwa and read this awesome EX Troopers blog.
E- Weekend Warriors did some stuff. On the weekend. They were Warriors. It happened.
C- MonkeyBlood has some thoughts on the changing interwebs.
I- Say hello to Velocity in this nice intro blog.
C- Samsneeze has some thoughts on story driven indies.
C- Yes Considerably wants to know if a video game speech has ever inspired you.
C- A nice little update on goings ons by Pixielated.

D- Twisted Jenius has an interesting dev blog on morality.
T- Oculin shares some thoughts on Pandora's Tower. Looks pretty cool to me.
T- Uzi Bazooka reminds me how damn old I am, by talking about the underplayed Heretic. Underplayed if you weren't from the Doom generation maybe...
V- The young and British AQsnail ponders whether Super Mario Galaxy was too good.
P- ReturnerMike gives us this awesome Shadowrun Returns preview. Sooooo happy I backed this. It looks so damn good.
D- ArkCo weekly news 13! Watch them on the weekends for a trial key to Edge of Space.
T- VredeGaming has some thoughts on the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect. Looks damn fun to me. I always enjoyed the light hearted stuff in the series.
V- RantingRobots have an early review of Luigi's Dark Moon. Dicks.
V- Calling bs on Ranting Robots. I think they are using preexisting footage. But here is their Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate review for Wii U. It'd be nice to proved wrong on this too. I just have no faith in people these days.
T- TroyFullbuster gives Skyward Sword a tongue lashing. From what I've heard he's pretty spot on, but to each their own.
T- Leigh Davidson shares a kind of review on Tomb Raider '13 with us.

F- Phantom Spaceman is a moron.
F- Mags puts no effort or work into this one. Well, there's a picture at least.

Well, that's all for this week folks. I have road maps to make (game design), podcasts to plan and finish editing, kids to feed and love and a dog to walk. I know I haven't been around a lot lately and that makes kind of sad. I mean I'm here on the site all the time for my mod duties, but the actual interaction has gone down. I'm just super busy atm and loving it. Mostly. WOOOOOOOOOOOO! I LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS!


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