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C-Blog recaps of 10/13/12 + 10/14/12 + Phillarygasms


Sooooo, who wants to teach me how to change my blog header? I want that back dammit. Anyways, I have missed you motherf**kers. Damn, I've missed you. I've been out from recaps for two weeks and just had a full plate of life lately. I have discovered the Twitter though. It's actually pretty cool. It's like texting with people, you don't trust with your real phone number. A lot of you folks are on there too and I definitely dig that.

So what have you all been playing? I'm still plugging away at BL2, have XCOM sitting on my shelf (have played the crap out of the demo though) and am assed on pc stuff, due to my rig taking a dive (she's up now though). The busy season of gaming is speeding towards and I find myself shrugging mostly. I have everything I could hope to play already and stuff I was excited for (AC3, P4G, ZOE HD, Hitman), has kind of fallen out of my head. BL2 and XCOM are more than enough gaming for me the next few months. Anyone else feeling that way?

I'm never much of a blabber, so let's get on with the caps, but first:

Oh, I love the new site. Yes.

*- Excel updates his how to fix Capcom blog. Still spot on. Read. Learn. Act.
*- MisterDonut files for divorce from Pokemon and outlines the problems with the series..

A- ReeceH92 gives us a fantastic list of the top 5 most innovative zombie games. What, no Land of the Dead? Pfffft.
A- The ManWithNoName shares his thoughts on how Mirror's Edge could be improved. I'm praying we get a proper sequel. PRAYING.
A- Kurosaki lays out whats wrong with Sony's handling of cross-buy. Oh Sony...

C- Some dumb bag of dicks, is giving away RE 1-4 in some lame contest. I bet he even likes Smurfee. *vomits* Y'all got until the 17th

I- New community podcast Low(er) tier says hi. I hear the guys doing it are a bunch of dicks though :p
C- BWA removes his tin foil hat for a minute and gives us.......... this. Buried under all the crazy is a point. I think.

T- Eternal Death Slayer shares his thoughts on RE6. Hey Mikey! I think he.... Oh no. Never mind. He does NOT like it at all.
R- StealthMaster reviews Dishonored and has a bitching blog header. For Gilead!
T- Bibbly shares some love on survival games.
R- Casey Baker busts out some haiku reviews. Pt. 1
V- Jebus has risen again and this time brings us a let's play of Dishonored.
R- Mr. MacGregor shares some short reviews/thoughts on his current playlist of games.
T- LevelSeeker shares some thoughts on LBP Vita. Seriously, the game feels at home on Vita. I tore through it in a week and am waiting for more community stuff.
T- Mister Gray shares why XCOM is so f**king awesome. BUY IT NOW FOOOOOLLLSSSS
R- Haiku reviews pt. 2 The Haikuening with a Vengeance
T- Papi shares what he's playing with some cool trailers for them. I swear I could watch the Runner and Muramasa trailers over and...

L- ElectNigma shares another story with us.
F- TheKodu begins a sketch comedy show. Needs Dave Foley. Everything needs Dave Foley. Naw, good stuff man.

C- Kwamouflage brings a new series Suntoid. I like it, but I feel it could use more substance, more wacky, just... more. Awesome potential.
C- Papi I'm not failing you. But format a little better and maybe spice it up with pics. Other than that, good thoughts on the Wii U launch.

Yay, I didn't have to fail anyone! That always makes me happy. I'd attribute that to Andy doing his job, but something tells me otherwise. I bet he's sitting in a lounger, sipping fuzzy navels and dreaming of boners. All the while, a young El Salvadorian boy fans him with used boxers. Boxers stolen from the local gym. Used boxers. You disgust me Dixon. *spits on ground*

Shit, I have to clean that...


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