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C Blog Recaps of 01/03/12 and Wrenchisms


You know what my resolution for the year is going to be? To stop watching games and start playing them.

Over the past few years I've become a fiend for watching games on YouTube. Personally, I blame Team Fortress 2 and its overly talented community. I got hooked on watching YouTube way back when I was just learning how to play Spy and desperate for any tips I could find. Informative and snazzy tutorials like Lt. Cyndi Lauer's height advantage guide not only made me a better Spy, it also introduced me to a whole world of easily accessible entertainment that I could relate to way more than any garbage found on the TV these days.

If you looked through my viewing history you'd see the depths of my depravity. Fighting game tournaments, Giantbomb Quick-Looks, SOFLAM and Javelin guides for BF3, it just goes on and on. Heck, you would see that I watch stuff for games I don't even play! I'll watch tutorials for KoF characters, MW3 kill streak selections, and Terran vs Zerg strategies on big money maps – what the, WHY AM I WATCHING THIS STUFF!?

The problem I'm having these days is that I seem to spend more time watching than I do actually playing sometimes. If I'm going to waste my leisure time, wouldn't it be better spent on actually enjoying these games myself? I mean, if I actually played Star Craft 2 for even a 1/5th of the time I spent watching it, I might be able to win a game myself! All the tutorials in the world won't help you level up your game if you never actually sit down and try to incorporate them into your own play style.

I play a mean Doom thanks to Maximian's Online Warrior series.

So that's it, that's my resolution. Next time I find myself sitting at my computer about to watch some YouTube star wreck a server or body a player, I'm going to close the damn browser and turn on my Xbox instead...

Well, unless I'm eating at the time. Or if I'm really tired. Or if its the video is really interesting or of a game that I don't really know much about myself... See I like a lot of high action multiplayer games, but its not like you can play TF2 or MvC3 halfheartedly and have any fun. I feel like I have to be awake and sharp enough to put in a semi-respectable game or I'm just wasting my time. When I get home from a long night shift, sometimes I just don't have the energy to join some 12 on 12 battle for the East Coast, I just want to relax and take it easy. Watching some YouTube gameplay action lets me get my fix without draining me dry.

And that's another thing, my schedule. I work nights, so during the peak evening times for multiplayer games I'm usually taking care of chores or getting in some social life. Even when I'm not working I tend to be a night owl. You ever try playing an online game at 3:00 am? There is nothing but the sharks and no-life-kings playing at that time of night. If you log on hoping for a few quick casual games at that time of night, just be ready to be disappointed. Lets say there have been a few times when I found myself on the end of a bitter losing streak and come crawling back to the welcoming arms of YouTube for solace.

Besides, some of this stuff is just too amazing not to watch! Like this 14 minute long video of some of the most impressive Dark Souls PvP jerkass-play you will ever see. Not only does this guy pull of some unbelievable stunts, but the video capped off by a self effacing fail montage of the dastardly invader receiving his comeuppance set to Boni Taylor's "I Need a Hero"! How cool is that? Or this SSFIV tutorial featuring low tier favourite Hakan and the most badass Turkish beats soundtrack. This is the sort of thing that really makes me want to try a new character and get creative with my game. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention DrGamerz ongoing series Street Fighter is Hard, which stylishly presents the pain and suffering of online ranked matches. The production values and music choices alone put this series head and shoulders above most of whats available on TV and on YouTube.

So lets see, in the space of a few paragraphs I've managed to justify my YouTube habit, offer good excuses why watching games may be more convenient than playing them in my life, and after looking up these links, now I just feel like watching half of them again. Hrump. Resolution fail?

* - Like there was a chance this wouldn't get topsauced! Knutaf brings us an amazingly well fleshed out guide to being the jolliest co-op fellow you can be in Dark Souls. This is great info for anyone playing Dark Souls to read, and if you aren't playing Dark Souls yet, you're doing it wrong.

M - In the future, video games will only exist in the clouds... If OnLive really takes off that is. The whole thing makes me uncomfortable, I'm just too old fashioned to like the idea.

M - Chatia looks into her crystal ball and sees that Final Fantasy 13-2 will disappoint Western fans while Mass Effect 3 will delight us all. Um, pretty smart ball there.

A - Euthanasian has an opinion piece on the most recent Jim shake-up, this time about non-stereotypical gay characters in video games.

A - Konnery takes a look at two notoriously difficult games and tries to discern why one made him feel accomplished and rewarded for his efforts while the other just made him feel lucky and relieved.

A - Is anyone else ready to shell out another $500 plus for a new console? Yeah... StealthMaster thinks there is still some life to squeeze out of this generation before we pony up for the next.

C - Ckarasu is putting up his copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne in this review based contest. Go write some opinions about vidja games!

E - Get your ducks in a row for MAGFest X! Jon Bloodspray has helpfully posted the schedule so you won't miss out on any of the awesome.

T - Errol is looking forward to a few games coming out in 2012, including the triumphant return of Tony Hawk and the 1080 McTwist.

T - Gunsage continues to examine games you didn't get to play and the reasons why.

T - Leigh Davidson weights in on Portal 2 but also takes some time to dump on the TV show Life's Too Short. Man, TV is taking a pounding in this recap eh?

R - So this review for Sonic Generation's has a laundry list of complaints and problems, then gives the game a 8.8/10. I am confused.

R - NoctisDragon has been a busy guy with real life attacking with a vengeance. He is looking for some assorted help with his dissertation.

L - When I was young slot car racing worked by putting a car on the track ya damn kids! Also, I only knew one kid with a slot car set and it was boring as hell after three minutes.

R - Some interesting early concept work for Parasite Eve for the curious. I always love seeing early production work, neat stuff.

L - Back in the day, stoner kids in my neighbourhood would sniff glue. Now they just read Welshedderz blogs. Wait – S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 got cancelled? FUUUU-

F - Am I hateful now? Or do I just not like crummy troll blogs?

F - I don't hate poems, honestly! I just hate stuff that belongs on other blogs!


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