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C-Blog Recaps for 7/7/13 + Jinxisms


Currently listening to the wonderful FEZ soundtrack. But I'm confused... I swear haven't heard most of this music in the actual game. Seriously, a lot of the game is silent, is that a bug in the PC version? Regardless, I'm glad I got the soundtrack edition.

You can finally list videogames as an "activity" on Facebook. About freaking time!

I don't usually do this, but I wanted to start by plugging a couple sites/programs worthy of attention. I apologize that today's "isms" are a bit PC-centric, but I am kinda the PC guy around here soooo....

PC Gaming Wiki

This site is a great resource when you are looking for bug fixes, compatibility fixes on old games, the location of a game's config/save files, and info on just about any other technical aspect of a game. If you have some lesser-known tweaks/fixes for a game, definitely make an account to share them. I've even made a few minor contributions myself. Definitely beats scrounging through forums and Google.


Not sure how I lived without this program. It more or less replaces the regular Control Center for AMD video cards, and offers a ton of extra options. We're talking FXAA, SMAA, Ambient Occlusion, Dynamic Vsync, and various other tweaks. If you have an AMD card, you really need this program to get the most out of it. I'm a little disgusted that AMD's own control panel fails to provide so many of these options.

Here's a perfect example of RP in action - you can use it to add ambient occlusion (a type of subtle shadowing) to Mortal Kombat Komplete in this tutorial. Which brings us to my "game of the week" as it were:

Mortal Kombat Komplete:

Yes, the PC version is finally out. You might want to read the original game's review for gameplay impressions. Was it worth the wait? I'd say yes. It looks gorgeous, and at a mere $30 avoids the price frustrations of the console release. There have been some issues with bad framerates and slowdown on some machines. Seems related to conflicts with other programs like AVG. The game's files have been decrypted, though, so fixes and other tweaks and mods should be incoming soon, even if it isn't patched directly. Enjoy some 1080p screenshots if you want a closer look.

One thing, though. I hate to bring up anything gender-related because it always starts a shitstorm here any more. But as much as I like attractive women in games, MK made me a little uncomfortable. Most of the women's breasts are ridiculously out of proportion, they are barely wearing anything, and battle damage means even parts of that get torn off. I mean, we're talking Dead or Alive ridiculous, it's just over the top. Sonya was my one of my favorites in the original game, but they've just ruined her:

She used to be athletic and badass. Now she just looks like an idiot with a terrible boob job.

At least Kitana still seems fairly believable, and is a bit more clothed (relatively speaking). She's always been my favorite, so I guess there's that at least.

I'm Kitana's biggest fan. *ducks*

Okay, onward to the Recaps!

* - Valkyria Chronicles - Demeris's first blog is an excellent discussion of the Valkyria Chronicles series, covering both why it has meant so much personally to them, and the problems the series suffered such as games not being localized.

P - Zero Cool Episode 73: E3 2013 and Other Cons. This podcast covers a huge number of games, check out the blog entry for a complete list!

I - Amlabella introduces himself by telling us about some of his favorite games. I'm impressed by the variety; too many people obsess about just a couple genres.

R - Ouya Kovalski's had a Ouya for over a week, and gives us a good idea what to expect if we pick up one ourselves.

R - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Scrustle provides a detailed analysis of the game's flaws and strengths.

R - Lost Odyssey KingSigy, in part 2 of this series of 4 blogs, describes the next part of the story and gives some reactions in this extended review.

T - Memory Card Death Yizzus talks about the death of their PS2 memory card, and losing all the Final Fantasy save games contained therein. Ouch.

D - Duke Nukem Forever Bennyby talks about the long and tortured development history of Duke Forever, and considers why the game could never be "done" enough.

T - Zelda and Feels ThisIsTheUltimate talks about finally popping his Zelda fairy errr cherry, and what an emotional experience it was for him.

T - League of Legends JoshThor, "only" a gold rated player, gives some advice to new and aspiring LoL players.

T - Used Games Solid Boss takes on the issue of used games.

M - Music Worth Howling About amxwolf talks about the track "Heliopolis" from the relatively unknown GameCube title Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

C - Mario Kart 7 Retrofaction has some questions about the game for readers.

There were no fails this week. Why? Because Kitana has no time for any of your shit!

See ya next week, peeps!


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