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CBlog Recaps of 11/28/2017 - Meteor

This past week has DEPLETED me between job tasks, house tasks, and life tasks. I feel as though a meteor has walloped me as it hurtles through the friction-averse emptiness of space. It's actually almost as though multiple meteorites ...


CBlog Recaps of 11/21/2017 - *Hello, Planet.

When life last left us, dearest readers, life deemed it unnecessary for becalming resolution to intrude. Life sat, flatly, perfectly contented to permit chaos unbound. It looked as if the axis of time and space itself dared unwind at ...


CBlog Recaps of 11/14/2017 - Gigantic Girl

Not so very long ago, an unassuming transaction at an unsuspecting Panera Bread shoppe involved the exchange of a Cobblestone Muffin for digital payment via physical gift card, itself arriving via physical mail as reward for digital s...


CBlog Recaps of 11/07/2017 - Streaming Heart

I remember when Let's Plays burst onto the scene, dizzying the Internets with an array of yappy overload. Sure, full-length text+screencap LPs spawned within the ranks of the old Something Awful vanguard, which to this day grace the s...


CBlog Recaps of 10/31/2017 - Happy Halloween

The ghost of Gamesmas Future, draped in coins Of Bit, and Loot of Boxes, bade me hear, Upon this Halloween, from ear to loins,For futures writ may games in nexts of year: Aghast! Shook I, as brash transactions strode, Their micro cl...


CBlog Recaps of 10/24/2017 - Continuing Dream

Whenever I replay a favorite game from ages past, I immerse myself back into the known and the knowable. Much of the allure of media in general lies in discovering the unknown and mysterious, the fanciful and the distant - the great v...


Cblogs of 10/16/2017 + A Course on Bullshit

You know when your company takes you away from important work to spend 5-weeks in some HR bullshit course? If you don't, it probably means you don't work for a company that cares very little for its resources. I don't exactly love my ...


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