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A (short) week of VR gaming

My week (short one as it is) of VR games comes to a close as I won't be around Thursday or Friday night at all.
Elite Dangerous: Beautiful game in VR. I recommend it to anyone with a headset. While I did frustrate the hell out of myself trying to learn mining I don't hold that against the overall experience. Combat in VR is so much more immersive and actually easier than combat on flat screen. The ability to look around and see your targets from all angles is a must for combat heavy commanders.
No Man's Sky: BEAUTIFUL game. Stunning. Buggy as a motherfucker, though. Can't climb ladders more than once in a five minute period and there seems to be no mapping for the survey attachment to the visor. I almost have the hang of flight. I've been playing it for over a year and this game has screamed for a VR port forever. It got it, but it feels very kludged together.
ST: Bridge Crew: Great night of gaming. This was my first VR game and I really should get back to playing it more often. Ron, Alan & I flew several missions and we succeeded on all of them. Though the last one was TIGHT (3% hull!).
There's a couple of VR horror games I've been keeping my eyes on.
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